Lemons: with WEDDING CARD, 50% discount on Christmas presents

Lemons Card I want Perfumes lemons have launched a wonderful promotion, which will save us on Christmas shopping!

Who will go in these days in the perfumeries lemons , will receive one PAPER WANT which will immediately allow you to have a 10% discount on a product of your choice, on the whole range, from 28 November to 20 December 2011.

But it does not end here! The more you buy in November and the more you can save in December so we can take the presents of Christmas with the discount of 50% !

How does the promotion work? Until November 27, you can collect the stars that you receive every 20 euros of expenditure, with the increase of stars, will increase the Discount associated with ours PAPER WANT , which can go up to 50% !

Just think it’s nice to get into perfumery and buy the presents of Christmas at half price! đŸ™‚
You also want it PAPER WANT ? Then go immediately to lemons !

We remind you that until November 13 it is possible to participate in the “Make up Your Style Contest”, the competition lemons to elect the Lemons Digital Icon. Voting the make-up of your favorite blogger / tutorialist, you receive a 20% discount voucher valid in all the perfumeries and the 5 lucky ones will receive a Beauty make up!

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