Kit Collistar Ti Amo Italia with tanning land and 3 glazes: review

To celebrate the beauty of Italy and Italian women, Collistar offers the Kit Ti Amo Italia with tanning ground and gel-effect glazes in the colors of our flag, green, white and red, which we present today with a review.

This special box contains, in an elegant package, one Collistar tanning ground and three gloss gel effect glazes , the workhorse of the Italian number one brand in perfumery.

Collistar is a 100% Italian brand and this year launched a series of products dedicated to the beloved peninsula in collaboration with the designer Antonio Marras , with the collection I love you Italy in fact, and also this ‘gift’ kit that is particularly appropriate for spring / summer 2014: soon, in fact, they will start world Cup and there’s nothing better than celebrating this fun moment with a make-up created ad hoc!

Let’s find out this together Kit Collistar I Love You Italy!
Collistar Ti Amo Italia kit

Here are some examples of ‘I love you Italy’ themed nail art suggested by Collistar:
nail art collistar I love you italy

And in detail the contents of the kit: the Silk Effect Tanning Earth 4,4 Hawaii Mat and the three Enamel Gloss Effect Gel in 532 colors Glamor green, 501 French white and 578 Impulsive red.
kit I love you italy collistar

The silk-tanning earth contained in this pack is of a warm and rather light bronze color : I find both the ideal product for people from very light skin like mine, wishing to give a light healthy color the complexion.

The formula of this product is based on ultra-micronized powders Lauroil Lisina therefore the effect on the face is not artificial, the texture is very light and not at all dusty.

The name ‘Hawaii mat’ of this product would suggest a compact opaque powder, however the finish is more than anything else satin , given the presence of tiny shiny particles (no glitter in all respects) that give the product a bright and bright finish , even if not ‘invasive’.

Being, as already said, of a produced by warm color I do not think it is suitable for contouring, the more to warm up the complexion.

Right now I use it with a light touch like a blush when I want to have a healthier air, but in the coming months I think I will become my alliance for everyday make-up going to emphasize the tan in a discreet and luminous manner.
hawaii tanning ground matt collistar
collistar tanning ground

Here is the waffle of the Collistar tanning ground silk effect:
hawaii tanning ground matt collistar

And lo product swatch on the skin.
hawaii tanning ground matt collistar

The enamels of this kit instead, are part of the famous Gloss line gel effect : these are glazes with a three-dimensional ‘plumping’ effect that mimics the effect of semi-permanent gel on the nails combined with extreme brilliance.

I have already tested other glazes of this line and l Excellent result with these products he once again confirmed the quality of this Collistar formulation.
glazes collistar I love you Italy

The Polish 532 Green Glamor it’s my favorite: it’s very covering right from the first pass , the consistency is fluid and the application is very simple. The duration, without top coat, is average, about 3/4 days, and the color is kept shiny and vivid.
glamorous green collistar polish

The 501 White French instead it has a more substantial consistency: to obtain a perfect coverage it needs two passes of product.

The nails of white color will be very glamorous for this spring summer 2014 , and this Enamel Collistar performs its function really well!
Collistar white enamel

The Polish 578 Impulse red instead, it is a red enamel with a blue base, so vivid as to seem almost fuchsia depending on the light.

Also in this case the drafting is simple, although to get the result you see in the picture I had to do the two usual product passes. As you can appreciate from the images, the finish is extra glossy even without top coat.
impulsive red collistar glaze

The price of this Collistar Ti Amo Italia kit is from € 26.95 , and you can buy it in all the perfume shops of the brand, such as Douglas.

You have already seen this special Collistar Ti Amo Italia kit in perfumery? Let us know if you like it.

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