KIKOiD Milan: personalized lipsticks in the biggest store in the world!

KIKO Milan opens the doors to the brand new Milanese store KIKOiD inaugurated to celebrate the 20 years of the brand , where there is a real “gem”: inside the room is possible customize your favorite lipstick with beautiful silk-screen prints!

We show you in preview the new personalized Kiko lipsticks and the photos of the new KIKOiD store, the largest in the world located in Milan in Corso Vittorio Emanuele!

KIKOiD store Milan

KikoiD Milan Kiko store


Once again Milan is ready to reveal itself as the capital of beauty. In the beautiful and luxurious location represented by Vittorio Emanuele II, KIKO Milan inaugurates the brand new store KIKOiD to celebrate the “20 years of beauty” from the birth of the brand.

Why KIKOiD? the suffix “iD” contains in itself all the values ​​that for 20 years i Percass brothers the founders of the brand tried to convey through each single reference.

iD means ” identity “And the new KIKO Milan store, through the services offered and the peculiarities that characterize it, commits itself to the respect the different identities answering to individual needs in a specific, personalized and unique way.

KIKOiD Store Milan

Designed by the world famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma with which KIKO Milano has been collaborating for over 15 years, the new store KIKOiD offers 200 sqm of beauty from dynamic design , unique and original.

The dominant color is white, the shade that incorporates all the others: KIKO Milano has chosen it to represent a metaphor, the chromatic variety offer, enclosed within the store and expressed through the extensive product catalog .

Wide interwoven ceilings that recall the “K” logo of the brand, alternating with wide open spaces and bright windows that make the cozy environment and extremely avant-garde .

KIKOiD Milano store

The new store KIKOiD it is conceived according to all eco-sustainability criteria that contribute to making it unique. He has indeed obtained the LEED certification .

This recognition is attributed only to eco-friendly buildings energy efficient and made using high recycled materials.

Functional and hi-tech offers specifics makeup stations and large white shelves where every reference is enhanced and valued exactly as it deserves.

Located on two floors, it also offers a Private Room with three make-up stations, equipped for all those wishing to receive personalized advice or make a makeup session immersed in privacy and tranquility

KIKOiD store KIKO Milan

From the suggestive limited editions , to the consolidated permanent line, once again KIKO Milan offers a unique experience that goes well beyond the simple sale of a cosmetic, but that pleasantly involves our senses.

The KIKOiD store in fact, it offers the possibility of discovering the color at 360 °, through the textures, the chromatic variations, the finishings and the many types of products that guarantee us a impeccable make-up .

KIKO Milan permanent line

Highlighted inside the room, the new stands out Arctic Holiday 2017 Christmas Collection characterized by an elegant and glacial allure where the brightness is the protagonist of the make-up aimed at enhancing ours typically festive look .

KIKO Milan Christmas collection 2017

Games of light and shadow are perfectly suited to chromatic variations proposals, giving life to holographic effects and glowy perfectly in line with the latest trends.

The new KIKOiD offers this and much more: the possibility of, for example, is extremely relevant customize our favorite lipstick selected from 5 proposals of the range Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick with beautiful serigraphs .

Are you curious to know more? We explain this in detail innovative service offered in the KIKOiD store present only in Milan.

KIKO Milano limited edition Christmas 2017


Among the hi-tech experiences offered only within the KIKOiD store, there is the possibility to personalize your favorite lipstick choosing between 5 shades present in the range Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick .

A’ gift idea decidedly original and perfect for this Christmas 2017 : if you are lucky enough to live in Milan or take a trip out of town during this period, take advantage of it!

But how does this original work? personalization service ? Let’s find out together!

KIKO Milan personalized lipstick

KIKO Milan makes available to customers, the advanced technology of a dual-arm robot can customize with high precision screen printing , a series of references proposed by the brand, in this case the lipsticks.

It is indeed possible customize your own lipstick choosing not only the shade, but also the color of the cap, the written text and a design chosen from the wide range of decorations proposed.

KIKO Milano personalized lipstick

We proceed with the choice of our favorite nuances among the five masses available to the brand, belonging to the line best seller of opaque lipsticks Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick .

KIKO Milano customizable lipsticks

KIKO Milan Customized lipsticks

Customizing our lipstick in our image has never been so simple: after choosing the tone , we proceed with the one dedicated to the cap that will close our cosmetic.

KIKO Milan offers 10 different color variations made of aluminum, elegant, luxurious and lively!

KIKO Milan personalization lipsticks

Personalization of KIKO Milano lipsticks

Once established the text, the name or the dedication that we want to put on our product and possibly one decoration among those proposed, the robot gets to work!

With extreme precision e perfectly simulating human movements , thanks to laser technology of the latest generation employed, the robot is able to process one serigraphy perfect in just a few minutes.

Customize KIKO Milano lipsticks

KIKO Milan silk-screened lipsticks

You can take advantage of this service directly in the store, without waiting lists or excessive timing: just a few minutes to get your own personalized lipstick unique and original.

A pleasant one gift idea dedicated to the people we want to amaze with something special and totally personalized.

Among the references proposed by KIKO Milan at the moment it is possible customize lipsticks : soon we will see also the brushes and many other products, ready to respond in all respects to our needs, starting with the design!

KIKO Milan custom brushes

KIKO Milan customizable silk screen printing

We have also chosen ours personalized Beautydea lipstick : our choice could only fall on a wonderful bright red contained in an elegant packaging strictly fuchsia , the color that most represents us!

KIKO Milan screen printing lipstick

KIKO Milan serigraph lipstick Beautydea

What do you think of this personalization of lipsticks? And of the new KIKOiD Store?

We remind you that the new KIKOiD store It is located in the heart of Milan in Vittorio Emanuele II n.10 .

If you are in the area, do not miss this wonderful experience and go for yourself to create your personalized Kiko lipstick!


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