Karmin Salon Pro G3 plate: opinions and proof

Today I will talk about a renowned brand for hair that I recently discovered and for which I tried and tested a new product, or the hair straightener Karmin G3 Salon Pro – professional styling iron limited edition.

The brand Karmin it is very famous, as it provides professional hair tools and excellent customer service. It offers styling products that can be used in a practical and functional way by both insiders , like hairdressers, both from less experienced people , which in this way can to style your hair in an autonomous and impeccable way at home.

Karmin Salon Pro G3 plate

Every woman wants gods beautiful and perfect hair every day, but most of us do not have as much time available or even the manual skills of a professional. This plate is really an ideal solution because it allows you to make a hair fold in a short time and in a very simple way!

Karmin Salon Pro G3 plate It is indeed a system with ceramic plates , studied in the smallest details in design and technology, which offers excellent performance and minimum time of use. Let’s find out the features of the Karmin Salon Pro G3 plate .

Karmin Salon Pro G3 plate

– Sophisticated 100% Pure Tourmaline Ceramic Plates .
– Professional quality element for rapid heating.
Negative ions and infrared heat (removes the static effect) for silky and shiny hair.
– Technology ionic field (fixed in natural oils).
Temperature regulation for each type of hair, from 80 ° C (176 ° F) to 240 ° C (460 ° F).
– 3 m anti-tangle cable, revolving in 360%.
– Drop Safe technology.
– Adjustable voltage 100-240V – Usable in every country.
– Anti-slide edges.
– Thin handle.
– Automatic sleep mode – auto power off after 1 hour.
– Floating plates.
3 Year Warranty .

Karmin Salon Pro G3 plate

Karmin Salon Pro G3 plate

The plate Karmin Salon Pro G3 professional presents itself in an elegant black box with silver decorations. It immediately strikes the attention to detail of the packaging and the imagination that makes it very elegant. Once open we find a wonderful pencil case which incorporates the colors and design of the outer box. The case has a zip and has a detachable part that turns into a rests plate very useful.
Karmin Salon Pro G3 plate

The case contains the real jewel, or the plate, mine is pink and is very chic: on the top shows the Karmin brand and also has the particularity of having the part of the jointed wire that accompanies every single movement. This feature is not to be underestimated because it makes it practical to use.
Karmin Salon Pro G3 plate

The Karmin G3 Salon Pro plate is quite narrow, this is an advantage because it makes it very versatile in use . The dimensions of the plate allow in fact to style the hair in different ways: smooth, with curls but also wavy and wavy. As in fact often mistakenly thought, owning a good hair straightener not only allows you to make straight hair, but also to indulge in creating different hairstyles depending on our needs.

On the market you can find many models of plates, at different prices, but an element to never underestimate is the protection of hair . Using the plate, the hair should not be damaged, dried or dried. Karmin Salon Pro G3 is equipped with plates in ceramic 100% pure tomaline. There Tourmaline it is a very resistant mineral that allows the plate to reach a high temperature in no time with an emission of negative ions to remove hair electricity e infrared for to protect the hair from the stress of heat.

Positive ions are naturally present in the hair and make them electrical. Negative ions eliminate the electrified effect on the surface of the hair, also make the hair shiny and silky. I used the Karmin G3 Salon Pro hair straightener several times the difference with other plates used in the past is very evident . The hair is not dry or frizzy, but rather soft and very smooth to the touch .

In the video that follows, I show you how to create gods fluffy ringlets in a very easy way thanks to this incredible and beautiful plate that really surprised me!


In the video I realize of the very defined ringlets , if you prefer to give more movement to the fold, just slightly tidy the curls with your hands.

In these images you can see the same effect recreated on my hair. The tightness of the fold is also excellent on very long hair like mine:
wavy hair with plate
ringlets with karmin plate

The plate is available on the official website of Karmin at a price of 139.99 euros, but also on the Italian site Beyas.it , a site that offers professional products for hair care and styling.

What do you think of the Salon Pro G3 plate by Karmin? We hope this review can help you, let us know your opinions.

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