Kaleidoscope Urban Decay palette Kristen Leanne: preview

Urban Decay announces its collaboration with the note Beauty Influencer Kristen Leanne and unveil what will be the new proposal for Spring 2018.

We are talking about the Kaleidoscope Urban Decay Palette that we show you a preview, sure to feed your already nourished wishlist!


Urban Decay unveils the collaboration undertaken with the famous Beauty Influencer e Youtuber Kristen Leanne , known for its colorful tutorials and for its lively image characterized by colored hair and showy tattoos.

This collaboration translates into the launch planned for the Spring 2018 of the colorful Kalediscope Urban Decay Palette.

Vivacissima, the new palette proposed by the brand boasts 10 interesting shades that fully reflect Kristen’s personality.

The new Kalediscope Palette seems to be definitely “out of the box”: the choice of colors, perhaps a bit ‘risky for lovers of classic tones, stars protagonists bright, intense and vibrant shades.

From intense blues, to acid green, from golden yellow to orange, Urban Decay Kalediscope Palette is been conceived in the image and likeness of Kristen Leanne .

Character certainly original and colorful, the Beauty Influencer in fact, it boasts a series of perfect tutorials for those who like to draw attention to their image.

The chromatic choice oriented towards decidedly particular colors, is certainly an invitation from Urban Decay , to venture, to play with the tones and the chromatic combinations more unlikely by extrapolating the best.

Kristen Leanne Urban Decay

Undoubted quality of the Urban Decay eye shadows : once again the various shades are saturated with pigments and easy to blend, characterized by one very silky texture , almost buttery.

Two proposed finishes, diversified between opaque (two shades only) and shimmer: La Kaleidoscope Palette sees the prevalence of bright satinatura and sparkling.

The brand could not assign the most suitable name to its new palette: a kaleidoscope of unique colors and tones, ready to combine with each other in an original and always different way!

Curious to know all shades of the new Urban Decay Kalediscope Palette ?

Kaleidoscope Urban Decay Palette
Kaleidoscope Urban Decay Palette – Pic: @ hotfire.makeup


Urban Decay for the new Kaleidoscope Palette he chose a simple and rather minimal packaging. The palette is in fact proposed in a classic hardbound packaging in shades of fuchsia and purple with fluorescent writing that bear the name of the well-known brand and Influencer.

Inside one large mirror and ten eye shadows, characterized by different shapes and sizes further synonym of originality. The shades are placed on a contrasting gray base that further enhances the intensity .

Original also outwardly, the palette undoubtedly exhibits the creative imprint of the beautiful Kristen!


Ten are the shades selected in total Urban Decay for his new one Kaleidoscope Palette .

Lighted, original and unique, they lend themselves to chromatic combinations absolutely original and strong but always trendy and destined not to pass in observed.

In detail, the palette includes:

  • Spitfire: magenta shimmer;
  • Stay Gold: intense gold sparkle;
  • Tajin: opaque bright orange,
  • Lime Time: green shimmer acid;
  • Leo + Brixton: white opal shimmer;
  • TRM: deep blue and intense shimmer;
  • LCW: turquoise shimmer;
  • Crown: rose gold shimmer;
  • Dye: intense purple sparkle;
  • 13tn Floor: intense black opaque.

Urban Decay Kaleidoscope Palette swatches


The new proposal Urban Decay Kaleidoscope Palette will be officially launched in Spring 2018 in the United States.

Information on the price and the price is not yet available official launch in Europe but in all probability it will be available at all Sephora perfumeries present on the national territory.

It will also be available online on Sephora website as well as all the other references proposed by the brand in This Page .

We will certainly keep you updated if further details are received!

And you like this colorful palette Urban Decay ? What do you think? We await your opinions!


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