Joan Collins Timeless Beauty: lipstick, palette, mascara

Make up glamor from the luxurious packaging, particular textures and colors of great fashion: this is the secret of the Joan Collins Beauty line, the cosmetic line created by the movie star known all over the world for its cinematographic and television performances.

From Hollywood star Creator of a complete cosmetics line, Joan Collins has chosen to unveil the known secrets behind the scenes of the most famous sets for all women.

Surely you remember the beautiful Joan Collins, born in 1933, in the role of the fearsome and super glamor Alexis Colby in the Dynasty serial , an icon woman who has won many awards for her work, including one Golden Globe.

From his experience on film sets, in close contact with the best make-up artists in the world , Joan Collins Timeless Beauty was born, a personal project designed to encourage every woman in the world feel and become fantastic.

The Joan Collins Timeless Beauty line includes skin care products , make-up and also perfumes, which become for this brand the three fundamental steps towards the conquest of the marvelous feeling like feeling beautiful : because, as Joan says “Nobody is born glamor, but we can all become”.

Let’s find out some of the products in this line: discover with ours review and personal opinions Joan Collins Timeless Beauty lipstick, palette, mascara and even a lip pencil!

Jean Collins Beauty make up Joan Collins Timeless Beauty


The first striking thing about the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty line, which literally means ‘Timeless beauty’ it is extremely refined and glamorous, and fully recalls the style of the ‘Old Hollywood’.

The outer carton packs are black with gold-colored decorations accompanied by iconic images of the famous English actress in the world, while the packaging is of a beautiful worked gold color, thus recalling real jewels, Precious objects to keep in your handbag and show off to amaze.

Jean Collins Beauty make up

The packs of these products are quite solid and well finished, they are very reminiscent of i vintage cosmetics from the 40s and 50s , with a chic and always appropriate taste, fully reflecting the concept of cosmetic brand signed by Joan Collins.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty


According to Joan Collins the lipstick is the queen of make up: just a touch of lipstick to illuminate the face and make every woman more beautiful and self-confident, and I could not agree more!

As you know, lipstick is my favorite make-up product, my hallmark, and trying new ones always makes me very happy. This lipstick Divine Lips in the Helene variant is a beautiful red cold with fuchsia base from shiny and light finish.

I find this product easy to apply and very resistant on the lips despite the bright finish. The coverage is excellent from the first run, although I think it is necessary to combine one lip pencil to avoid the product spiumi, especially for those who do not have a regular lip contour, just like me.

joan collins Divine Lips joan collins Divine Lips

The color is simply splendid: a intense red with fuchsia tones , which makes the teeth optically whiter. In addition, I found an excellent durability on the lips, because after a few hours the glossy effect fades, leaving on the lips a beautiful color much more fuchsia of the initial red nuance that I do not mind at all.

The pack is then fantastic, I find both a little gem , compact and functional but very, very elegant.

joan collins lipstick

Swatch lipstick Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Divine Lips Helene:

joan collins Divine Lips Helene joan collins lipstick


Here is a lip pencil Joan Collins in a completely opaque color , very interesting for this season: Plum, a very nice mauve violet. This pencil includes a slightly pointed soft brush very useful to blend the product.

The texture of the pencil is quite dry, for this I do not recommend using it on all lips , preferring instead the area of ​​the lip contour.

joan collins lip pencil

The rather dry mine allows you to draw the contours of the lips well smudge-free, and the color so interesting makes this pencil perfect for dark lipsticks, so fashionable this season, like the ones I showed you in the video of t endings make up winter 2014 2015.

joan collins lip pencil

Swatch lip pencil Joan Collins Beauty Plum:

lip pencil Joan Collins Beauty Plum lip pencil Joan Collins Beauty Plum

MASCARA CLASS ACT NERO (price 20 pounds)

This mascara Joan Collins Timeless Beauty has made me very curious about the formula that promises longer and thick eyelashes in 30 days of daily use.

mascara joan collins class act

The color is extremely dark and the formula is very pasty, besides the brush is bristled and slightly curved. On my eyelashes the effect is quite good, although I find that the formula so pasty curtain a little to wrap the eyelashes, for this reason, having very thin and short eyelashes, I prefer to apply it over a lighter mascara base , which can separate them for good, or combined with a specific base for white mascara.

With this device the effect is very nice and strong, just like me! I have used this mascara very often in the last period, but I admit that I did not notice a very strong effect of the product. I’ll probably have to test it longer!

joan collins mascara


Here are the ‘strong pieces’ of the Joan Collins line in my opinion, the two palette dedicated to make up eyes and eyebrows , which boast laminated gold houses: precious!

joan collins eye shadow palette
palette joan collins


Very interesting this kit useful to d to define eyes and eyebrows in a single gesture which contains four product pods and three essential tools for a perfect make-up.

In fact, the palette contains a coal-colored eye shadow, ideal to define the eyebrows and also the eyes, a cold brown color, from the same use, and also a fantastic powder pink color, perfect for highlighting the eyebrow arches in a perfect way as well as a wax on which to apply eyebrow products for a lasting and impeccable result.

A brush for blow your eyebrows , an excellent mini tweezers and a double angled applicator brush.

I find this palette very functional and of excellent quality: the nuances are perfect to define the eyebrows and in particular I find splendid the powder pink color, which has become my must have for the eyebrow arch . It should also be noted how the products remain unaltered on the face for the whole day.

Swatches Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Brow & Eye Definition:

eyeshadows joan collins


Also in this case we find four eyeshadow pods: three shades in opaque natural brown tones and a wafer with a particular gold-colored texture with a riot of glitter that give a wet look.

I find this delicious palette because it allows you to create nude look very pretty , those who often prefer to go to emphasize the lips, with a touch of glamor in more given by the eyeshadow ‘jelly’ texture halfway between a powder and a cream with gold microglitter.

This particular eyeshadow illuminates in an incredible way the look, giving a touch of super glamor to the look! The other eyeshadows have a good pigmentation, although not extreme, but they fade very well and I find myself very well.

eyeshadows palette joan collins

Unfortunately, due to the lack of light these days I could not fully grasp the beauty and the extreme brightness of this product, but I assure you it is a blaze of light and glows, really spectacular! I will soon try to do some mini videos in the sunlight that I will show you on Instagram profile of Beautydea to show you the beauty of this product that reminds me of the effect of the Illusion D’Ombre eye shadows by Chanel, with one thinner and more nuanced texture However.

eyeshadows palette joan collins

Swatches palette Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Eyeshadow Quad Moody Browns & Gold:

eyeshadows palette joan collins


You can find the products that I presented in this article and many more on the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty official website and also on the Italian QVC website , which we have recently presented to you with all the most beautiful QVC beauty gift ideas , a special selection of exclusive products that naturally includes the Joan Collins line!

Jean Collins make up lip pencil joan collins make up joan collins

We also remind you that the make up products of this brand are Made in Italy , I’m free of mineral oils and parabens and naturally, they are not tested on animals .

This line of inspiration inspires you Joan Collins Timeless Beauty makeup ? I’m really enthusiastic about it: I found an excellent quality and functionality, combined with a glamor pack that I find wonderful!

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