Jennifer Lopez Inglot: entire makeup collection

The Latin pop star par excellence amazes us with a make-up line dedicated to her: Inglot presents the exclusive collection Jennifer Lopez !


After decades passed as inspiring muse for the cosmetics industry and being the source of beauty inspiration for women all over the world, Jennifer Lopez it is now ready to present an exclusive limited edition collection in collaboration with the global brand Inglot Cosmetics .

jennifer lopez inglot cosmetics collection

The wide range of colors fully reflects the idea of ​​strong femininity which unites both the American singer and actress and the cosmetic brand. The JLo X Inglot line will therefore offer to all women different ways of expressing themselves through beauty , with a single common denominator: the authentic “JLo Glow.”


“The Capsule Collection we created with Inglot is full of all my to-go products and my favorite colors. We have everything: from mascara, lipstick, eyelashes, blush, eye shadows and of course … the bronzer “.

So the legendary Jennifer Lopez presents her special range of make-up products.

“What I think is unique and exciting is our Freedom System Palette: allows you to create your own personalized palette with the specific colors and products we need. Now you do not have to buy that kit of eye shadows in 5 pieces to get the color you really want! ”

make up jlo inglot

The Inglot JLo collection offers a very wide range of make up products designed for modern women who like to keep up with the times and do not want to give up for any reason to feel beautiful forever.

jennifer lopez inglot line trick

eye makeup inglot x jennifer lopez

The Jennifer Lopez X Inglot collection boasts modular pallets with powders eyes and face, very bright pigments and illuminants in free powder , eyebrow gel, creamy lipsticks, gloss, gel eyeliner extra dark, mascara, Fake eyelashes and glazes.

All declined in warm and enveloping nuances , mainly bright finish, perfect for enhancing the complexion tanned by the summer sun!

jennifer lopez inglot makeup collection

make up inglot jennifer lopez

smokey eyes jlo inglot

Let’s find out together all makeup references proposed by Inglot in collaboration with the amazing Jennifer Lopez!


Available in one wide range of shapes and sizes , the customizable pallets of the Freedom System Inglot line allow you to customize your makeup palette essential for every occasion.

Inside the Inglot palette you can find the eye shadow of the Jennifer Lopez line, but also the face powders such as bronzer, blush and illuminants. One magnet layer in the bottom of the palette holding the product in place and allows positioning of the wafers or easily replace when necessary.

The possibilities are endless, as is creativity!

palette inglot freedom system

customizable inglot jlo palette

palette freedom system inglot

jennifer lopez palette inglot

inglot empty palette customizable

empty palette inglot jennifer lopez

palette jennifer lopez inglot

inglot empty makeup palette

eye and face palette inglot


Bright powders for a crazy eye makeup: i eyeshadows refill proposed in the Inglot JLo collection allow you to create your own personalized palette in the amber-colored shades preferred by the Latin popstar.

Beige, cream, caramel, bronze, taupe, deep brown: these are just some of the shades proposed by the cosmetics company to enhance the look and make it super sensual!

eyeshadow refill inglot


Blush, tan, shine: three moods that reflect the three nuances present in the wafer Freedom System HD Highlighter Trio .

Three bright shades that can be used individually or mixed together for a multi-dimensional effect. They are ideal powders to illuminate the strategic areas of the face and distract attention from small imperfections.

The Inglot Illuminating Trio is available in two color variants suitable for all skin types and can be easily inserted into the Freedom System empty pallets.

illuminating trio inglot jennifer lopez


The bronzer is definitely the key product of Jennifer Lopez make-up!

To recreate a face makeup from Latin pop music star Inglot proposes three shades of tanning beds refill , to be inserted as desired in the brand’s customizable palette.

Sheer powders, delicately luminous, which make the complexion immediately warmer and radiant. The formulation allows an impeccable draft with a velvety finish easy to blend.

In the formula is present the Luffa Cylindrica seed oil , a special ingredient that moisturizes, smoothes and prevents excessive loss of moisture on the skin.

bronzer jennifer lopez x inglot

FACE BLUSH FREEDOM SYSTEM (cost 14.00 euros)

Freedom System can also be inserted in the Freedom System customizable pallets blush refill Inglot.

Wonderful cheekbones like the legendary JLo: ideal for a romantic look or a touch of pop color, this formulation of blush guarantees a modular and homogeneous application .

The matte finish and the three natural nuances , carefully chosen to adapt to any skin tone, will make the complexion absolutely fresh and impeccable.

The Inglot blush formulation boasts the presence of Vitamin E and of Spongy pumpkin oil , which moisturizes, smoothes, and prevents excessive loss of skin hydration, thus improving its elasticity.

blush refill inglot

PIGMENTS IN FREE POWDER (price 25.00 euros)

A look that steals the spotlight with i pigments in free powder by the luminous effect signed Jennifer Lopez X Inglot.

These special colored powders are composed of almost 90% of pure pigment to ensure high gloss and optimal pigmentation.

The delicate bright finish with slightly sparkling particles of the pigment recreates a magnetic effect on the eye. You can also play with the nuances of Inglot pigments, mixing colors to create new ones.

pigmenti inglot jennifer lopez


Extreme brightness to make your head spin: Inglot, in the collection dedicated to Jennifer Lopez, offers two exclusive illuminants in free powder with a spectacular iridescent finish.

Available in two magnetic shades, these free powders emphasize the natural brightness of the skin and highlight the strategic parts of face and body

The must to shine on stage! illuminating inglot in free powder

BROW GEL (cost 19.00 euros)

Perfectly emphasized eyebrows as a final touch to perfectly recreate the impeccable appearance of Jennifer Lopez!

The Brow Liner Gel signed Inglot allows you to redesign the brow eyebrows with ease and precisely delineate the various pieces of skin for an exceptionally natural effect.

Enriched with ceramides, this gel formula waterproof ensures a comfortable and long lasting yield.

EYELINER (price 21.00 euros)

THE’ gel eyeliner Inglot more loved by make-up addicted is proposed in the JLo collection with a pack revisited for the occasion.

This Inglot eyeliner allows you to create a variety of endless looks, from a seductive cat eye to fine and precise lines for everyday eye makeup. The gel formula waterproof it flows easily, leaving an intense and extremely pigmented stroke, smudge-proof.

eyebrow gel and inglot eyeliner

VIVA LAS LASHES MASCARA (price 24.00 euros)

To complete the eye makeup, here is the mascara Inglot X Jennifer Lopez! The rimmel Viva Las Lashes makes the lashes thicker and longer since the first pass.

This mascara presents one precision brush which guarantees an easy application both on the upper and lower cilia, from root to tip. Thanks to water-resistant formulation, it does not crumble, does not stain and does not clump.

The Viva Las Lashes mascara is also suitable for those with sensitive eyes and skin.

mascara inglot jennifer lopez


Do you want to dare even more? For a look in the foreground, the Inglot JLo collection offers a couple of Fake eyelashes super sexy.

These high quality and reusable eyelashes are made of natural human hair and they have a very thin attachment, which remains invisible once the lashes have been applied.

With the thick base and the faded and curled ends, these eyelashes blend with the natural ones to create a voluminous and flirty effect .

Each set of eyelashes is also divided into two parts, giving the possibility to customize their appearance . For a more natural day look, it is in fact possible to apply only the individual pieces to the outer corner of the eye. For a more dramatic and evening look, both sides are used at the same time. jennifer lopez false eyelashes inglot


Glossy lips as wuelle of the legendary JLo: here are the beautiful ones Ultra Shine Lip Glossy signed Inglot Cosmetics, the must for unforgettable kisses!

The exclusive protective and long lasting formula i dred and improves lips , leaving them visibly softer elevated.

In formulation there are exclusive ingredients such as: Vitamin E , Apricot kernel oil boasting moisturizing properties, e rich emollients which create a protective shield on the skin to prevent loss of moisture while constantly moisturizing the lips and ensuring a smooth and polished finish.

ligloss jennifer lopez inglot jennifer lopez gloss inglot

ROSSETTI JLO INGLOT (price 20.00 euros)

Jennifer Lopez likes to alternate lipgloss with creamy lipsticks .

Inglot lipsticks from the JLo collection give life to wonderful and luxurious lips with full and sensual colors . The protective formula for the lips offers incredible coverage, allowing you to create bold and unique looks overlapping multiple shades of color. The application is simple and uniform, while the long lasting formula it does not stick.

Even the Jennifer Lopez Inglot lipsticks are very rich in moisturizing, emollient and nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E and Apricot kernel oil.

lipsticks jlo inglot inglot lipsticks jennifer lopez

SMALTI INGLOT JLO (price € 19.00)

The exclusive limited edition Inglot Jennifer Lopez ends with the exclusives nail polish from nude shades, ideal for a sophisticated and super-feminine summer manicure.

The exclusive formula of the O2M Breathable Enamels Inglot is enriched with a highly advanced polymer allowing water and air to pass through, ensuring healthy and beautiful looking nails.

glazes jennifer lopez x inglot


The spectacular limited edition makeup line Inglot Cosmetics X Jennifer Lopez it can already be purchased in all the brand’s single brand stores and on the official Inglot in website This Page .

What do you think of this exclusive make up collection? Do you love JLo’s tricks? We await your comments!


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