Invisible haircut, new summer trend 2012

Invisible cutting hair It’s driving all the London stylists crazy and it’s the latest fashion in terms of hair , we are talking about the invisible cut or fake cut .

After trend , that you love or hate, of the hair tips in shocking colors , for the summer 2012 also the invisible cut It will be the host.

In a hot season marked by nude make-up and pastel colors even the hair follows the trend and the cut is there but not seen.

It may seem very easy to say and do but it is not so, the invisible haircut It wants irregular lengths, scaled toes and alternating volumes fused in a unique harmonious result that only expert eyes and scissors know how to achieve.

The invisible haircut plays with strands that fall soft on the shoulders, without sharp cuts or too elaborate; the effect must be as natural as possible and minimize the result of a built hairstyle.

Invisible cutting hair

This trend of invisible haircut has many qualities, is suitable for all types of hair, is extremely customizable and if well done can also last twice the size of an elaborate classic cut, the fake hairstyle in fact it is absolutely natural and the touch-ups can wait up to 2 months.

It will then care of your hairdresser to create the natural effect that best suits your face shape.

Invisible cutting hair

Look natural during the spring / summer 2012 fashion shows.

Haircuts spring 2012

Also Framesi has proposed some very natural looks for the spring summer 2012 :

Framesi hair cut

What do you think of the invisible haircut ? Revolution or revisitation?

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