Huda Beauty FauxFilter liquid foundation

Huda Beauty launch the new one FauxFilter foundation that promises to even out the complexion offering a comfortable effect ” second skin “.

We show it to you preview telling about the characteristics in anticipation of the official launch.

Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foudation

Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foudation


Love the foundations that ensure an effect ” second skin “, Promising an adequate coverage of discrepancy and imperfections? Well, if the answer is affirmative, Huda Beauty FauxFilter it could arouse your interest!

The famous American brand proposes a revolutionary foundation from liquid and velvety formula which promises the maximum coverage of discoloration, stains and imperfections even though it is very light.

foundation FauxFilter liquid Huda Beauty

FauxFilter foundation in fact it is characterized by ultra-fine pigments able to cancel any type of imperfection, highlighting the complexion and making it look smooth but very natural.

According to Huda Beauty the result given by the application is very similar to the effect that is normally obtained using the airbrush : impeccable!

The new Huda Beauty foundation is proposed in 30 different shades to satisfy any need and to perfectly match any one undertone .

FauxFilter liquid foundation Huda Beauty


Huda Kattan , founder of the brand has employed two years to formulate the perfect FauxFilter foundation.

It is a liquid foundation with a velvety texture and suitable for any type of skin, from normal to oily that promises maximum coverage of imperfections such as discoloration, spots and small scars.

The merit goes to the formulation made up of ultra-fine pigments that during the application adhere to the skin, making the color uniform without weighing it down. FauxFilter it is also completely free of parabens , sulfates and phthalates, substances potentially harmful to our body.

FauxFilter liquid Huda Beauty foundation

Her liquid and velvety texture it facilitates the application by brush, for an always uniform and homogeneous result. It’s like one second skin without compromising the performance of the foundation in terms of coverage.

Complete FauxFilter one long-term formula to ensure a perfect complexion throughout the day.

The brand has chosen to offer its new foundation in a range of 30 different shades to satisfy any type of ethnicity and incarnation. A chromatic range ranging from very light beige up to the olive and chocolate color.

Foundation Huda Beauty FauxFilter


For maximum coverage, Huda Beauty recommend the application with the brush preferably flatbuki , through light circular movements.

In particular, use is recommended of the specific Buff Blend Brush .

Depending on the preferences, FauxFilter can be eventually layered to cover any type of discoloration.

Huda beauty foundation

If, on the other hand, a lighter but equally uniform coverage is desired, it is possible to opt for the application by using one moistened sponge , dabbing FauxFilter all over the face, and insisting on imperfections.

On particularly oily skins, Huda Beauty always recommends the final application of one translucent face powder that adequately fixes the face make-up.

FauxFilter forms a winning pair when paired with The Complexion Perfection Pre-Makeup Base Primer Huda Beauty.

Huda Beauty Foundation FauxFilter


Thirty are the available shades proposed by Huda Beauty for its FauxFilter foundation. Perfect to adapt to any type of complexion and subdued. Impossible not to find the most suitable one!

Here they are with the swatches official:

  • Milkshake 100B;
  • Angel Food 110N;
  • Vanilla 120B;
  • Panna Cotta 130G;
  • Cashew 140Y;
  • Crème Brulée 150G;
  • Shortbread 200B;
  • Chai 210B;
  • Custard 220N;
  • Macaron 230N;
  • Toasted Coconut 240N;
  • 250G Cheesecake;
  • 300N milk;
  • Amaretti 310G;
  • Tres Leches 320G;
  • Butter Pecan 330N;
  • Baklava 340G;
  • Dulce De Leche 350G;
  • Machiatto 400G;
  • Brown Sugar 410G;
  • Toffee 420G;
  • Gingerbread 430N;
  • Cinnamon 440G;
  • 450G Chocolate Mousse;
  • Mocca 500G;
  • Cocoa 510R;
  • Nutmeg 520G;
  • Coffee Bean 530R;
  • Hot Fudge 540R.

Swatches Huda Beauty Foundation FauxFilter


The new foundation Huda Beauty FauxFilter will probably be available starting from November 2017 at le Sephora perfumeries distributed on the national territory or online in THIS PAGE .

Abroad is already on sale. The price in the United States is of $ 40 for 30ml, approx 35 € in Italy.

And does this new foundation intrigue you? What do you think? We await your opinions!


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