How to put in order with Foxy Mega


Foxy in order How to tidy up tons of tricks, mountains of clothes and rivers of accessories? Being fashionistas can sometimes be a problem when you are messy.

You end up accumulating objects and maybe losing them at home when it would be enough to follow some simple trick for optimize the arrangement of things to find everything in a moment and naturally in perfect condition!

That’s why we stayed very affected since the last campaign of Foxy , a leading company in the production of products for home and personal care, which with Foxy Mega he teaches us some trick to optimize space and reveal useful secrets to tidy up the house and turn even the smallest rooms into comfortable and spacious rooms.


Foxy Mega , on his cute one official site , guides us in solving the most common problems of space: where to store the glazes? How to better fold clothes without bursting drawers?

Foxy Mega it therefore helps us with the fun system minimize , the first practical guide designed by Foxy to learn how to fold clothing to the best and to put every object to the best of our loved ones, to create space and order around us.
Foxy Mega Minimize

Follow the system instructions Minimize by Foxy Mega it is very simple: as far as clothing is concerned, for example it is sufficient choose the type of garment that we prefer and watch the stop motion video dedicated to learn ingenious folding techniques, the ideal place to store garments in the closet and other secrets to create space in your bedroom. Sometimes there are clothes that we do not know how to fold to make them occupy as little space as possible, such as hooded sweatshirts, skirts or undergarments. Very useful also the solution for fold the triangle bags !
how to fold a skirt
how to fold a bag

Obviously the proposals Foxy Mega they also apply to the bathroom , where we know we accumulate our precious tricks, but also for the kitchen, the real kingdom of every woman! Following the practical advice of Foxy Mega and its colorful mini videos in just a few steps we will learn how to put anything in order!
how to put waxing in order

The revolutionary ideas d i Foxy Mega in terms of order and management of space, they obviously continue on the Facebook page is Pinterest of Foxy, and is connected to the social network Facebook another of the ideas of Foxy organization. A new one is in fact available application which allows you to divide your friends into groups Facebook , to make room even on the most famous social network in the world and to share the best moments with real friends placing among the “favorites” those that actually occupy a place in our lives!
Foxy Mega Minimize

And here is also the very nice video presentation of Foxy Mega , the art of making space:


What do you think of this initiative Foxy Mega ? You are very tidy or messy like us and find the initiative Foxy Minimize is it perfect for you? Sometimes it takes very little to do some order and live better: Thanks Foxy! đŸ™‚


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