How to protect the enamel: Nails in Motion

Nails in Motion Goodbye nail varnish ruined a few armed by the application! How to protect the fresh enamel? From America arrives Nails in Motion , a special kit for hands and feet that protects the nail polish and frees us from the nightmare of having to be “with our hands” for endless minutes.

Nails in Motion is a very popular protective kit overseas: the particularly affordable price and the function to say the least ingenious make it a very coveted item, perfect for those who are always running, but does not give up to have perfectly lacquered nails.

The special protective “tip” of “Nails in Motion” , which envelop the nails protecting them 100%, were in principle designed to allow customers of American beauty salons to continue with their daily activities immediately after manicures and pedicures, without the need to wait until the nail varnish it was completely dry.
protect the enamel

How does it work? Nails in Motion it is a very simple and at the same time innovative product: first of all you have to wear the special “cappuccetti” in plastic, which are easily fixed to the fingers without forcing them; subsequently it is possible to apply the nail varnish raising the protective tip, and then lowering the tip you can resume with their activities.
protect enamel
protect enamel
protect enamel
protect enamel

The kit Nails in Motion in fact, it allows the customers of the most fashionable American Nail Saloon to pay for the service, wear their coat, look for the keys in the bag, drive and continue with their commitments.

The team Nails in Motion recommends the purchase to all customers through the centers specialized in nail care, so you can take with them from time to time your kit, for nails perfectly in order without the risk of ruining them.

Obviously, Nails in Motion it can be purchased freely through the website to enjoy perfect manicures at home.
protect enamel

The price of Nails in Motion and of $ 24.99 , although unfortunately for now the kit is available are in the United States .

Nails in Motion It’s a new way to conceive manicure, simple, fast and disaster-proof: think about how nice it would be to put it on nail varnish relaxing before going to sleep and waking up the next day with perfectly lacquered and bright nails!

protect enamel

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