How to make the V-Gap Manicure

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Lesson 29: How to make the V-Gap manicure
How to make the V-Gap manicure There V-Gap manicure , elegant and refined, was created by the talented London Nail Artist Sophy Robson.

His debut was an immediate success and immediately became one manicure refined and fashionable. In England and America it’s a real must for a long time, but you know in the “beautiful country” the fads come a little late …

There V Gap manicure , because of its shape has been renamed as Nail scarab , insect considered a lucky door since antiquity. Who knows that it does not have a positive effect even drawn on the nails!

The realization of the V-Gap manicure it’s not the easiest, but groped does not hurt and then sometimes messes up is also fun! Let’s see together how do there V-Gap manicure.

– a transparent base;
– two colored glazes of your choice;
– a top coat.
How to make the V-Gap manicure

FIRST STEP: Roll out the enamel of the chosen color on the entire nail. Wait until the enamel is completely dry before proceeding to the next step.

SECOND STEP: Roll out the enamel of the chosen color along the two sides of the nail without covering the lunula and leaving a small central space to leave visible the color previously spread.

The final effect is really wonderful. To make one V Gap manicure more shiny and resistant, roll out a top coat.
How to make the V-Gap manicure
You can also use another technique for do there V-Gap manicure : roll out the glaze and then draw the typical shape of the V-Gap helping you with a thin brush.

For do this manicure you can use adhesive guides and a thin-tipped brush, but, I recommend, be careful not to ruin the laying of the first glaze. There V-gap it is suitable for all the shape of a nail and creates a beautiful effect that gives the illusion of a longer nail.

It is certainly among the manicure more refined and you are spoiled for choice on the colors to use!
How to make the V-Gap manicure
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