How to make French by Dior

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Lesson 30: How to make French by Dior
French by Dior So let’s talk about French by Dior , other French manicure refined and elegant.

Born as a variant of the French Reverse and Ruffian manicure: it is basically the union of the two and the result is decidedly singular and refined.

It is said that this French was invented by Dior , but on the web it is not easy to find certain news about it, so its birth remains a bit of a mystery. Let’s leave aside the curiosities about the history of this cutlery and regardless of its origins let’s just wear it and enjoy the magnificent effect.

There French by Dior It is particularly suitable for those who have round and almond nails, it is also suitable for nails in the shape of a stiletto, while it definitely loses elegance on square and squ-oval nails.

There French by Christian Dior , creating an optical effect on the length, gives the nails an immediate tapered effect, but remember that requires precision and steady hand! Let’s see in detail how to do there French by Dior.

– a transparent base;
– two colored glazes of your choice;
– a top coat.
French by Dior
FIRST STEP: Roll out the enamel of the chosen color on the entire nail. Wait until the enamel is completely dry before proceeding to the next step.

SECOND STEP: Roll out the enamel of the chosen color along the base of the nail, that is on the lunula and on the tip of the nail, the distal edge.
For do a French lighter and more resistant manicure, roll out a top coat.
French by Dior
For do there French by Dior you can avail of the help of lunettes that act as a guide to draw the edges, both on the upper part and on the lower one of the nail. Alternatively you can use the salvabasks by applying them on the nails like the lunettes from French , thanks to the round shape their guide will be perfect.

Another little help will provide you with the use of a fine-tipped brush that will surely facilitate you in the precision of the design.
French by Dior
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