How to make a Nail Art marble effect

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Lesson 34: How to make a Nail Art marble effect
How to make a Nail Art marble effect  Today I want to propose one Nail Art of my simple and cheerful invention: the Nail Art marble effect.

I thought of something achievable with very few materials and of great effect, but which is portable and does not exceed in extravagance.

Considering that there are millions of Nail Art it was not easy to make something new, but who knows maybe I succeeded …

I present you the Nail Art marble effect , I called it because I reproduce the typical veins of the marble , but nothing to do with marble.

Here are all the steps:

– a basic polish;
– a holographic glaze (it can also be done with simple glaze, but for a better effect I recommend the holographic);
– a lacquered enamel of the same color as the first chosen enamel;
– a thin-tipped brush;
– a top coat;
– one Nail Art pen (not essential, but it will help you in the realization).

Now I will explain in detail the steps for do a Nail Art marble effect:

FIRST STEP: Roll out the base on the nails.

SECOND STEP: Make one Side French with the holographic enamel on all the nails less than on the ring finger. I used the wonderful Pupa Holographic nail polish n.033 (if you want to know him better read here ).
How to make a Nail Art marble effect
THIRD STEP: Draw the edge of the French using the second glaze and a line brush.
How to make a Nail Art marble effect
FOURTH STEP: Using a pen from Nail Art , or a fine-tipped brush, draw disordered lines on the nails of the same tone alternating with small scribbles. For this step I chose the Sally Hansen pen, which unfortunately is not easily available in Italy, alternatively you can use the Nail Art pen of Deborah of the Nail Art Collection.
How to make a Nail Art marble effect
How to make a Nail Art marble effect
FIFTH STEP: Roll out a fixing but not aggressive top coat to avoid ruining the design.

THE’ Marble effect It is made! Simple, no? How about?
How to make a Nail Art marble effect
There Nail Art marble effect it can be made on every glaze and with every color … free your imagination!

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How to make a Nail Art marble effect

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