How to have full lips to Angelina Jolie

How to have full lips to Angelina Jolie  You would like to have full lips and turgid like Angelina Jolie ? Here are some useful tips to get lips more fleshy and great!

First of all, we immediately reveal a secret: Angelina Jolie to treat his lips he uses an economic balm that costs only $ 4! It’s called Menthe Orange, from the Shea Terra Organics brand. You can buy it in this website American.

This organic conditioner boasts a variety of unusual ingredients, including: raw beeswax, coconut cream oil, African potatoes, peppermint, orange, wild plum and melon seed oil, chamomile flowers, marigold flowers and stevia. They say that Angelina love this lip balm because it also helps to cool your breath and you hate using chewing gum!


More tips on how to have full and turgid lips? Here they are!


Make one scrub to lips using a homemade DIY cream. How to proceed? Add some moisturizing cream or olive oil with sugar, gently massage your lips, then rinse with water.

You can also try to gently rub the toothbrush on the lips to remove the unsightly skin. However, use a toothbrush with soft bristles.

If you want professional products, there are Lip Scrubs or “labbrasivi”, among these we remind Mint Tulips and Sweet Lips of the Lush , or Decoderm’s Sweet Lip Scrub, with jojoba oil.

How to have full lips to Angelina Jolie


Apply some lip plumper , or lip balm and lip balm with filler effect.

Some examples? Also of the incomparable Decoderm brand there are Nutri & Pulp Lip Mask and Hydra & Pulp Lip, respectively a mask and a volumizing cream for lips with omega 3, aloe vera and vitamins A and E. Also others natural ingredients they have a high vascularizing function and help to lubricate the lips with blood making them more turgid and fleshy: p cayenne epe, hot pepper, salt, ginger or cinnamon . You can put some on your lips but you will have to endure the burning, so it is better to use lip balms containing these ingredients.


The trick helps! As the best makeup artists teach, spread the base of makeup (foundation) according to the color of your face also on the lips , so you can trace the outline of the lips with a pencil slightly outside of your normal lip contour. This will help make them look swollen lips . Finally apply the lipstick and the gloss you prefer.

THE transparent gloss they tend to create one volume effect . Remember to get up to the edges of your lips. An interesting secret to make the lips look bigger is to apply an imperceptible lipstick color darker tone on the sides of the lips, while a lighter tone should be applied in the center.

How to have full lips to Angelina Jolie

The “fleshy lips” of Angelina Jolie they will make you a mustache! đŸ˜‰

How to have full lips to Angelina Jolie

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