How to cut your hair by yourself: CreaClip

CreaClip to cut your hair Have you ever tried to cut your hair alone? Today we return to talk about a company that produces accessories that could prove very useful.

We have just seen the set CreaNails antisbavature for the correct application of the enamel, while today we are going to discover the set ” CreaClip “, This time dedicated to hair .

It ‘a find that many could welcome with pleasure, but that others would arouse a bit of dismay, it is clip-like clips that act as a guide to to cut the hair at home, so do-it-yourself .

How to cut hair? The strands are inserted into the clip, adjusted according to the small level implanted above and the scissor on the length we desire.
CreaClip to cut your hair

It is well known that hairdressers often charge us a little bit like a full cut, and therefore some have already started to provide one to shorten fringe or tuft. With the kit CreaClip It could be easier to cut your hair alone without risking a mistake.

In the set CreaClip 2 accessories are included: one straight, another longer and curved.
CreaClip to cut your hair

The company ensures that with CreaClip it is also possible to obtain some scalings, but on this it is better to be careful.
CreaClip to cut your hair
CreaClip to cut your hair

The CreaClip Kit It is sold at price $ 29.90 in the basic version, and can also be purchased in combo with CreaNails at an advantageous price. On the site CreaProduct the whole range of accessories proposed.

What do you think? Who of you yes cut it the hair i from one ?

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