Harrods Christmas 2017: decorations and gift ideas

Every year at Christmas, Harrods turns into an authentic spectacle for the eyes that can make us dream, offering us many decorations and gift ideas original and unique.

In Italy Harrods has not landed yet, but luckily it can buy everything online !


Harrods , the famous Department stores present in London, every year at Christmas they dress up to party displaying luxury and modernity in a blaze of lights and colors.

If you can not visit them personally, fortunately we have a magnificent e-commerce, able to offer us gift ideas and decorations unique to adorn our home according to tradition.

Also for this Christmas 2017 Harrods offers many offers to give or to give us characterized by an undoubted originality at prices all in all accessible.

We have selected the most beautiful decorations and Harrods gift ideas to warm up our holidays making them unique and refined. You are ready to find out what this reserve for us Christmas 2017 ?

Harrods Christmas 2017 gift ideas


If for you it is not Christmas without a decorated fir-tree, absolutely sparkling and rich in decorations, Harrods offers many creative and refined possibilities.

But the decorations for the Christmas tree they are only part of the Harrods products dedicated to the holidays, which represent nice gift ideas definitely appreciated!


If you love the pelouches you will not appreciate it Bertie , the bear by Harrods dedicated to children but also to us large, which celebrates the Christmas 2017 .

Dress you all point with his tartan shirt and vest with zip, it is definitely a nice and tender gift idea appreciated by anyone lucky enough to receive it!

Harrods bear Christmas 2017


Among the Christmas decorations, a classic is just the Christmas balls, colorful and bright that enrich our fir making it perfect for parties.

Harrods offers great balls from the diameter of 9 cm proposals in different colors: Red, Platinum, White, Silver, Gold, Green, Light Blue, Purple.

Harrods Christmas balls decorations 2017


Among the Christmas decorations Harrods then offers a set characterized by 12 balls diameter of approximately 4.5 cm divided into three colors : White, Red and Blue.

Perfect for decorating our tree with style and elegance, they are embellished with them in silver glitter imprinted on the surface. Sparkling and very chic!

Harrods Christmas balls set Christmas 2017

TREE DECORATIONS FROM € 8.00 to € 12.00

bears, decoupage balls or with floral motifs, and even bells, snowflakes and so on and so forth.

For this Christmas 2017 , Harrods offers everything we could want to make our fir absolutely unique. Create the right one festive atmosphere it will be really fun thanks to the chance to test yourself with taste and creativity!

Harrods Christmas decorations 2017


Worship them shopping bag ? You can not fall in love with the Christmas Bear Medium Shopper , a bag printed in plasticized and washable, suitable for packaging or storing ours Christmas Gifts .

Cheerful and lively she sees painted the Bertie bear , mascot of Harrods and all his friends gathered in front of the Department stores most famous in the world festively decorated.

Harrods Christmas shopper 2017


Bags, wallets, clutch bags, decorated cups: choose gifts for this Christmas 2017 it will be really simple. We are spoiled for choice and the certainty of giving unique objects , glamor and refined, designed for demanding people who love uniqueness.

We see below an overview of Harrods gift ideas !


The clutch represent a gift idea always useful and appreciated: comfortable to keep in the bag allow you to store everything we need when we are away from home. Harrods for this Christmas 2017 , offers several clutch bags, one prettier than the other!

Here are some examples to choose from:

  • Elevators Cosmetic Bag (price 9.21 €): cute envelope bag, laminated and washable ideal to hold our favorite make-up products;
  • Perfume Bottles Cosmetic Bags (price € 34.53): three different-sized clutch bags and a zip-shaped envelope, depicting elegant stylized perfume bottles;
  • Logo Cosmetics Bags (price € 34.53): simple and refined this trio of clutch bags with an oval shape and proposed in different shades, is the ideal gift for those who love sobriety and elegance;
  • Glitter Bows Cosmetic Bag (price € 34.53): finely decorated with glitter printed bows, it is perfect for those who love frivolity but also particularly feminine details.

Harrods clutch bag Christmas 2017


The bags They are undoubtedly the most loved and desired articles by us women and Harrods knows it well! It offers many models, from the most sporty to the most elegant and luxurious, from shoulder bags to shopping bags, perfect to meet every need.

We show you the bags that we consider gift ideas beautiful for this Christmas 2017 !

  • Nano Mini Gold Bag (price € 28.77): small and compact shoulder bag in gold tones, perfect if used for the evening with an elegant look, but versatile and also suitable for livening up sports outfits;
  • Boutique Multi Stripe Grab Bag (price 51.79 €): original with black and white stripes, this shoulder bag is a young gift idea suitable for lively and sparkling women;
  • Botanical Shoulder Bag (price 20.14 €): dedicated to original and unconventional women, this shopping bag with floral motifs is large and capacious, perfect for those who like to insert everything in the bag, but everything !;
  • Small Gold Bow Ties Shopper Bag (price 51.79 €): of rectangular and geometric shape, it is refined and unique thanks to the striped motifs that see protagonists elegant extremely feminine bows.

Harrods Christmas Bags 2017


The wallet it is an absolutely essential accessory for each of us. Harrods allows us to choose among many trendy proposals at affordable prices both to give as gifts or to give us!

Ready to discover the most interesting Harrods wallet for this Christmas 2017?

  • Christie Wallet (price € 28.77): delicate and feminine, it is proposed in pastel pink, with a finely quilted weave and gold detail with Harrods logo, practical zip and wide dimensions;
  • Niki Wallet (price € 23.03): very elegant, rectangular and rather large, has a front flap that features the automatic button closure. Beautiful silver detail placed on the same closure with the Harrods logo;
  • Debossed Wallet (price € 17.26): proposed in festive red, it is a large and large glossy paint wallet printed with small Harrods logos repeated as a refined pattern;
  • Eaton Wallet (price € 17.26): serious and sober, m almost austere, is proposed in black faux leather with floral pattern printed in relief.

Harrods wallets Christmas 2017


The most original gift ideas? Definitely the Harrods cups , all to give away or to collect, real objects to show on pride in our living rooms placed in precious showcases.

Harrods offers a wide selection in the end English porcelain ! Do you want to know our favorite Christmas cups 2017?

  • London Mug (price € 17.26): elegant porcelain cup that resembles the decoration, a typical London glimpse where the famous Harrods windows on blue base with details in red and white appear;
  • Illustrated Building Mug (price € 13.81): refined English porcelain finely decorated with London palaces;
  • Christmas in London Mug (price € 13.81): the typical Christmas in London, accompanied by a lively and joyful atmosphere, impressed on fine porcelain;
  • Glamorous Girls Christmas Travel Mug (price € 8.06): made of plastic, this travel mug with airtight lid allows us to sip our favorite drinks even outside the home.

Harrods Mugs Christmas 2017


All the decorations and Christmas gift ideas 2017 proposals from Harrods they are on sale at the department store located in London.

Alternatively we can comfortably buy online without customs risk directly from Harrods official website, that also sends to Italy, in this page.

Do you like these gift ideas offered by Harrods? Which do you prefer among the various proposals?


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