Hair Trends Summer 2012, colored tips

colored hair tips At the end of the 90s tips of hair come on shocking colors they were a real mania and now, after more than ten years, they make their triumphant return hair trends for the summer 2012 !

The most well-known trendsetters have already anticipated what will be true hair fashion for the next summer and the next winter 2012 , and even Hollywood stars have ventured this trend by flapping their hair with pink, blue, purple and blue tips.

There trend of the tips of colored hair It is ideal for those who like to change their look often and always want to try something new, it is also particularly suitable for a special evening or just to give a little pepper to the daily look.

Let’s see the looks chosen by the stars and how to create DIY them tips of colored hair , the true hair trend for the summer 2012 !

colored hair tips

Dakota Fanning is Kate Bosworth they were among the first to relaunch the trends of the tips of hair come on shocking colors , Dakota chose a very cheery pinky pink while Kate a decidedly more eccentric green blue.

colored hair tips

Katy Perry instead, the pop star, queen of the stravanga, has stretched the curtain and has chosen a total peach pink look and a total blue look.

colored hair tips

If you like this new trend you just have to choose the color and go to the hairdresser who can make a permanent shade or use a coloring shampoo (there are both those that are eliminated with a wash and those that last longer).

If the idea of colored hair tips it excites you but you are not convinced, you can try to create it do-it-yourself , you only need colors with crumbly pastel and one Brush .
Let’s see the procedure:
– roll the ends of a few strands of hair onto themselves;
– pass over the colored chalk several times;
– brush the lock to remove the excess color, et voila!

colored hair tips

colored hair tips

Some important precautions to follow:
– use only crumbly, non-oily or oil-filled pastels, otherwise it would be difficult to wash away the color;
– if you are blonde do not wet your hair before applying the colored chalk, it would turn into a real color;
– apply water only if you have very dark hair;
– wear dark clothes while doing the operation or a garment that you do not want to dirty;
– to remove the color of the chalks brush the colored locks well before shampooing and apply a moisturizing mask on the hair after washing.

What do you think of these hair trends for the summer 2012 ? You like them colored hair tips ?
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