H & M costumes 2018: collection catalog (Photos and Prices)

Essential lines and neutral colors are opposed to floral patterns and metallic fabrics inside the new collection H & M costumes 2018.

We show you the new arrivals of the beachwear signed by the famous low-cost brand ! with images of the new H & M costume catalog!

H & M costumes summer 2018
H & M summer costumes 2018
H & M swimwear
H & M whole swimwear
H & M swimwear 2018
H & M swimsuit
Swimsuit H & M


The new H & M costumes catalog has a single denominator: simple lines in contrast with bucolic prints is camouflage .

Whether you choose for the sea or the pool, the H & M bikini suits every need. Top push up bikini with padded cups combined with hipster briefs , but also bras knotted at the neck and classic briefs or sports brassiere perfect to show off on the beach during a game of beach volleyball.

H & M costume, bikini top (cost 17.99 euros) and panty briefs (12.99 euros)
Push-up top (17,99 €) and tanga briefs (price 12,99 Euro)
H & M Hipster bikini costume (cost € 12.99)
Bikini swimsuit (cost 12.99 euros)
H & m bikini, Top push-up (cost 17.99 Euro) and bikini briefs (price € 9.99)
Bikini swimsuit (12,99 Euro)
Bikini briefs (cost 9.99 euros)
Bikini briefs with laces (€ 9.99)


Among the proposals H & M costumes 2018 we find the best seller model of each season: i triangle costumes.

Among the women’s swimsuits are enriched by valance on bras and briefs, lacing a crossroad under the breast and adjustable slip on the sides that are opposed to the classics triangle costumes with push up and elasticated briefs.

Triangular top (14,99 €) and panty briefs (9,99 Euro)
Fantasy bikini (cost 29.99 euros)
Triangular top (price 12.99 Euro) and briefs with laces (7.99 €)
Bikini briefs (cost 12,99 €)
Padded triangle top (14.99 Euro)
Triangle top (17,99 €) and slip-ons (cost 12,99 Euro)
Push-up triangle top (price 17.99 Euro) and bikini briefs (9.99 Euro)
Push-up triangle top (price € 14.99) and slip with laces (€ 9.99)
Push-up triangle top (14,99 €) and briefs with laces (9.99 Euro)
Padded triangle top (price € 14.99) and slip with laces (cost € 9.99)


H & M swimsuits range from basic models up to band costumes from the essential lines.

The H & M band costumes give the wearer a chic and sensual style that is emphasized by bikini with balcony . The two-piece costumes are lined with the timeless maritime style with striped patterns , sweetheart neckline and cross on the décolleté.

Balconette bikini top (14,99 €) and mid waist briefs (9,99 Euro)
Balconette bikini top (price 14.99 Euro)


The beachwear fashion of the low cost brand is not limited only to basic and bikini strapless costumes , but between they are also proposed pin-up style bikini 50s for those who suffer the charm of vintage.

So wrapping the waistline is the new trend, that’s why in the catalog we find costumes with high-waisted briefs with fantasy and stars high-waisted bikini with laces , who discover and show off the hips without being too excessive. Also discover all the other models of high-waisted costumes !

H & M costumes 2018, Bikini top (14,99 Euro) and high waist briefs (14,99 €)
Bikini top (price € 14.99) and high waist briefs (€ 14.99)
High waist bikini briefs (cost € 12.99)


So many trendy swimsuits in this new collection, especially among the monokini.

The entire H & M costumes are not traditional, but play with patterns, colors and shapes as in the case of the Brazilian whole costume with a wide sgambatura or models with laces on the sides .

Vertical lines or plain color, high-necked models or with deep necklines like the whole modeling costume . If you like these costumes, also discover our selection of full swimsuits more beautiful!

H & M swimsuit without straps (29.99 Euro)
H & M full costumes, model with side laces (29.99 Euro)
Swimsuit with vertical stripes (24.99 Euro)
Modeling swimsuit (29.99 Euro)
One-piece swimsuit (29.99 Euro)
High leg swimsuit (19.99 Euro)


H & M – Hennes & Mauritz AB – is a famous one Swedish brand of low cost clothing founded in 1947 by Erling Persson with the name of Hennes, which in Swedish means “for her”. H & M in fact, at least initially, produced only female leaders, but the turning point coming few years later, in the late ’60s when the company acquired in Stockholm a famous clothes shop for hunting and fishing.

From that moment on the famous low cost fashion tycoon began a new chapter made of clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, beauty, maternity clothing, sportswear, underwear, plus sizes that over the years have added men’s and children’s fashion and even many collaborations with the world of luxury. Today H & M is a large company that boasts over 4,000 points of sale around the world including a home line of home accessories.


All the costumes of the new H & M Summer 2018 collection are already available in the H & M stores and online shop by clicking on the official website www2.hm.com . For discounted costumes you will have to wait for the 2018 summer sales to arrive.

Do you like the new H & M costumes 2018 collection? What is the costume or bikini that you will definitely buy? Write it down below with a comment!


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