Guess costumes summer collection 2017


Particular, scratchy and perfectly in line with the new trends of the sea ​​fashion , we are talking about the new collection of Guess swimwear.

Between a triangle bikini and push up costumes, Guess presents the new line of costumes, a versatile catalog designed for a demanding woman who likes to stand out in free time, in summer and on the beach wearing sea ​​garments of great character.


Irreverent prints, animal graphics , bandeau bikini and high-waisted briefs. Nothing new is missing from the new Guess 2017 sea catalog, not even the classic one-piece swimsuit or the trikini, both to combine with many beachwear to wear poolside or to show off on the water’s edge.

Ready for the holidays? Not before having looked at the new arrivals beachwear Guess summer 2017.

Guess summer costumes 2017
Women’s Beachwear, Desert Vybes Animal Print Bra (price 55.00 Euro)
Guess collection summer costumes 2017
Guess collection summer costumes 2017
Guess high-waisted costumes
Guess bikini with a high waist
Guess summer 2017 costumes
Guess swimwear, Basic curl bra (cost 45.00 Euro)
Bikini Guess
Desert Vybes bra print (55.00 Euro)
Guess sporty costume
Top tile motif American style (price 45.00 Euro)


The classic bikini with push-up bra in recent years it has been definitely underestimated, thanks to the triumph of the band with underwire and padding that has also allowed those who have a generous breast to wear a swimsuit without straps.

Despite everything Guess this summer decided to re-evaluate this great classic with floral patterns , prints denim and new graphics to make the traditional push up more contemporary and safer than ever.

Guess two-piece costumes 2017
Guess bikini, Tropical Foliage print flower bra (55.00 Euro)
Bikini Guess summer 2017
Coachess Guess bra, Cashmere print bra (59.00 Euro)
Guess push up costumes 2017
Jeans print costume, Desert Dream bra push-up embroidery (59.00 Euro)


Our small foray into the new Guess costumes continues with another great classic. The costume with triangle bra This year, too, it is a perfect backer for the bands and is ideal for those who do not like strapless costumes


It is therefore no coincidence that Guess, hanging from the coolest fashion trends of the moment, has tried to reinterpret this cult of beachwear to make it more current than ever: fringed , tropical prints and the classic plain costume, also the triangle becomes the protagonist of the new beachwear line of the brand.

Costumes with fringes
1st class bra with fringe (39.00 Euro)
Guess triangle swimwear
Triangle costume, bikini bra to daisies print day (49.00 Euro)
Guess 2017 triangle bikini
Yoruba Tropical print Blend bra with ruffles (55.00 Euro)
Guess 2017 triangle costume
Triangle Guess, bra Yoruba Blend print nature (49.00 Euro)
Two triangle pieces Guess 2017
Tropical Foliage print flower bra (55.00 Euro)
Black bikini summer 2017
Guess black bikini, Triangle Girl bra with chain and charm (cost 49,00 Euro)
Denim swimsuits
Desert Dream embroidery bra, denim costume (45.00 Euro)
Guess 2017 black swimwear
Guess black costumes, Triangle Metallic Glam bra (49,00 Euro)
Costume with high-waisted briefs Guess 2017
Desert Vybes Triangle Bra (39.00 Euro)


Despite the versatility of the new Guess sea line, the bandeau costume is certainly a cult model that the brand offers us in a wide range of variants, colors, prints, shades and patterns.

All the bands of the new 2017 costume collection are mostly padded and have one semi-rigid structure , which allows everyone, even those with a prosperous breast, to wear a bandeau costume. Very beautiful i crossover bras with double print, but also i oversized top that match perfectly to the colored microslip, and obviously could not miss the animalier swimsuit , a classic of Guess.

Guess summer band costumes 2017
Guess bandeau costume, 1st class bandeau bra (39.00 Euro)
Colored Guess Bikinis 2017
Guess bandeau swimsuit, Bikini with oversize top
Guess band summer 2017
Bandeau bra Yoruba Blend double motif (price 55.00 Euro)
Guess bandeau swimwear
Tropical Foliage double motif bra (65.00 Euro)
Guess bandeau swimwear 2017
Guess leopard costume, bandeau bra Animal Pink (45.00 Euro)
Guess bandeau swimsuit 2017
Guess black bandeau bikini, Casual Luxe model bandeau bra (49,00 Euro)
Guess bandeau bikini 2017
Metallic Glam bra corset style detail (59.00 Euro)


Among the bikinis, there are also some of the most beautiful swimwear in the new Guess beachwear line. More classic and plain models swimwear cut out from irreverent prints to matched with colored briefs with lacing or the classic low-waist briefs.

Paradise bandeau bra flounce (49,00 Euro)
python band costume
Python bandeau costume, Desert Kingsnake bra with tassels (49.00 Euro)
Denim bandeau bikini
Denim bandeau bikini, Desert Dream bra front embroidery (49.00 Euro)
Guess spotted bikini
Spotted bikini Guess, Desert Vybes bra animal print (45.00 Euro)
Guess Animal band
Animalier band, Desert Vybes bandeau bra (55,00 Euro)
Guess Orange bikini
Orange bikini, Desert Vybes bra bandeau model (39.00 Euro)


Guess tries to meet the needs of every woman with a variety of costumes so versatile to combine with the bands and push-up bras microslip , slip with laces but also culotte e costumes with a very high waist , all available in an incredible variety of colors and prints. Also beautiful are the cut-out costumes that extend up to the navel.

Costumes with culotte briefs
Desert Dream culotte briefs with denim effect (45.00 Euro)
Guess 2017 high waisted swimsuit
Slip cut out culotte (price € 35.00)
Guess costume with a high waist 2017
Brazilian high waist, maxi vichy print shorts (cost 39.00 Euro)
Guess slip costume with flowers
Desert Vybes briefs animalier flowers print (29.00 Euro)
Guess 2017 denim costume
Brazilian briefs costume in jeans (39.00 Euro)
Guess low waist costume
Basic Solid Color Briefs Costume (25.00 Euro)
Guess briefs costumes 2017
Guess briefs costumes, reversible model (price 45.00 Euro)


Unmissable among the new proposals Guess lo low waist briefs which combines perfectly with the geometric rigor of the bands in a catalog full of colors and shades. The beauty of the new Guess line is the possibility not only of buy slip and top separately, and then to combine them in a completely personal way, but also to buy them in different sizes.

Pastel colours , animalier, tropical or with geometric micropattern , to you the choice of the most beautiful and comfortable briefs.

Guess costumes with low-waisted briefs
Classic white culotte (29.00 Euro)
Guess reversible briefs summer 2017
Tropical reversible foliage briefs (45.00 Euro)
Guess crochet costume 2017
Tropicalia black lace briefs (35.00 Euro)
Animal swimwear 2017 summer
Animal Pink Slip (35.00 Euro)
Plain colored Guess costumes
Solid color costume briefs (39.00 Euro)
Guess low waist swimsuits 2017
Brazilian model briefs (39.00 euros)
Guess briefs black costume
Black low-waist briefs (cost € 35.00)
Guess fantasy costumes 2017
Coachella briefs with cashmere print (35.00 Euro)
Guess 2017 microslip costumes
Printed microslip (35.00 euros)


Between swimsuits with low-waisted briefs there are also those with side laces, soft, of various sizes and available in a wide range of shades and patterns, perfect for enhancing hips and curves. Without a doubt, among the coolest models curled briefs and those in a corset style.

Guess animal print costume 2017
Animal flower print slip (32.00 Euro)
Crochet summer costumes 2017
Briefs with lace inserts (price € 29.00)
Swimwear with laces
Swimsuit with laces (25.00 Euro)
Guess white costumes 2017
White slip with laces (price € 29.00)
Tropical print swimwear
Nature print slip (35.00 Euro)
Guess 2017 low waist swimwear
Nature print low waist briefs (price € 49.00)
Guess flowers swimwear 2017
Briefs with flower print laces (35.00 Euro)
Guess summer flower swimsuits 2017
Curled flower briefs (price 35.00 Euro)
Guess black swimsuit 2017
Slip with charm (cost 39.00 Euro)
Guess black swimsuit 2017 summer
Corset style briefs (39.00 Euro)
Guess colorful costume summer 2017
Velcro laces (39.00 Euro)
2017 summer animal costume
Python effect briefs with fringes (price € 32.00)
Denim swimsuits
Briefs with denim laces (39.00 Euro)
Guess 2017 colorful costumes
Panties model briefs (price 35.00 Euro)


Impossible not to put at least one in your suitcase. The whole costume again this year, if worn in the right moments, can literally turn out to be a seasonal cult. The brand likes to reinterpret this model by mixing together romantic prints , sporty cuts and cut-out models that look more and more like trikini.

The ideal set for an afternoon at the beach or a pool party, especially if the whole costumes match them with accessories, beach bags and flip-flops.

Guess 2017 whole costume
Vichy print checkered monokini (price 79.00 Euro)
Guess 2017 whole costumes
Red one-piece swimsuit (59.00 Euro)
Whole animal costumes
Guess animal monokini (cost 69.00 Euro)
Guess tropical one-piece swimsuit
Tropical print swimsuit (99.00 Euro)
Guess trikini summer 2017
Trikini floral print (79.00 Euro)
Guess full costumes summer 2017
Corset style black swimsuit (price 99.00 Euro)
Whole cut out costumes
Denim effect one-piece swimsuit (cost 79.00 Euro)
Guess costumes cut out summer 2017
Monokini one-shoulder cut out (cost 79.00 €)


The same identical trendy mood we find it also in the new line of clothing for the sea of ​​Guess that accompanies us on vacation with garments to wear in the pool, on the beach, but also in the city if you are in a seaside resort.

From the classic sheath dress with flowers a lace effect overalls , passing through the caftan and the classic sunbathing , the brand new beachwear catalog is a line of comfortable clothes, soft and oversized to easily match any costume of the new 2017 summer collection.

Guess beach fashion 2017
Sea dress in lace (89.00 Euro)
Guess fashion sea summer 2017
Animal print longsuit (price 89.00 Euro)
Guess fashion line sea summer 2017
Sea animal print dress (cost 49.00 Euro)
Guess black dress
Guess beach cover (59.00 Euro)
Guess caftani 2017
Sea kaftan with lace inserts (89.00 Euro)
Guess summer sea clothes 2017
Sea dress in lace (59.00 Euro)
Guess beach clothes 2017
Black viscose dress (49.00 Euro)
Guess beachwear 2017
Flowered sea dress (69.00 Euro)
Guess 2017 cover
Sea dress with fringe (cost 59.00 Euro)
Guess beachwear 2017
Coachella top lace at the bottom (price € 49.00)
Guess sea trousers
Coachella print wide trousers with cashmere print (79.00 Euro)


The Guess swimwear 2017 and the swimwear line are on sale in all Guess boutique, and in the brand’s retail stores.

It is also possible to buy online on the official website , where the other fashion collections are also found.

If you want to discover other Guess news, we invite you to browse the line of Guess bags !

In the meantime let us know what you think of the new line of Guess costumes. What is your favorite model? And what are the beach items you’d like to pack?



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