Gloss D’Armani: the new gloss

Gloss D'Armani: the new gloss  The came out new gloss signed Giorgio Armani , is called Gloss D’Armani .

A simple name to sign another of its luxury and high quality cosmetics.

The great Giorgio Armani maison after the wonderful Summer 2011 Heat Collection, gives us this gloss defined by the maison “an ecstasy of color”.

As a testimonial there is nothing less than the impeccable Megan Fox, very natural in her pink lip gloss.

Gloss d’Armani It is available in 12 shades ranging from nude neutrals, very fashionable this year, to delicate pinks, to bolder reds and more cheerful fuchsia.

Rouge 400 is the incendiary pure red color, ideal for the most glamorous evenings. But the nuance must have of the collection is the Nude Beiges, the heart of color Armani . It develops in bright tones that drape the lips in a thin and delicate film.

Gloss D'Armani: the new gloss

Gloss d’Armani is a high-definition concentrate of colors that blend brilliance, comfort and durability. This lip gloss adds volume and defines the contours of the lips instantly and makes the use pleasant and easy, thanks to the flexible velvet applicator.

The silicone oil contained in the formula makes the texture smooth as silk, while the Color Blonde Polymer revives the pigments and makes them pearly. The new Color-Fil Shine technology is equipped with a translucent base that traps the pigments and pearlescent particles for a hydration and a delicate sensation, without stickiness. The color is like a second skin that stays faithful for eight hours without fading or changing its tone.

Gloss D'Armani: the new gloss

You can buy Gloss D’Armani in the best perfumeries and authorized dealers. The price is definitely good, around 25.00 euros.


Gloss D'Armani: the new gloss

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