Glitter glaze Pupa Diamond Dust: review, swatches

They love or hate each other and certainly they do not go unnoticed ; there are those who use it only for Christmas, who in summer and who, like me, throughout the year: we talk about glittery glazes !

Whether they are the undisputed protagonists on the ten fingers or just shyly shown in an accent manicure, the glazes with glitter they are cheerful, lively and extravagant .

They represent the glam element of breaking which in my opinion should never be missing, if used well they are able to immediately transform any look.

glitter pupa glitter pupa

Pupa knows this and has created for us the Diamond Dust collection, a line all glitter and sparkles, let’s discover it in detail.


001 white with a light holographic effect with multicolor glitter. white diamond dust pupa

002 very delicate peach color with multicolor glitter. pupa diamond dust fishing

003 strawberry rose bright and almost fuchsia, silver and purple glitter. pink diamond pupa strawberry dust

004 intense blue, looks like the color of the ocean, blue, silver, green and purple glitter. blue diamond pupa dust

005 emerald green, an enchanting color with multi-reflection glitter and iridescent gold, green, silver and blue, the effect is almost 3D.

pupa diamond dust green

006 iridescent purple rich in shades and reflections, it looks like a bright and iridescent galaxy, glitter multicolor 3D effect with infinite variation of color. purple diamond dust pupa


Diamond Dust Pupa are special effect enamels with a multicolored glitter finish. glaze pupa diamond dust

How do they use them? They must be applied with a base and with a top coat (I recommend the Pupa gel top coat for a longer duration and shine).

The packaging it is unchanged, the usual unmistakable Pupa bottle with a mirrored cap. The brush is the same as the Pupa gel effect , large and with a round cut very comfortable for a quick application, in fact covers the nail in one pass. Pupa Diamond Dust


I love this Pupa collection, the colors are all very beautiful, the glazes have excellent durability and they are already covering in two drafts , very rare for this type of finish.

The number 004 is definitely my favorite, its reflections create a three-dimensional effect, I love the changing shades … it’s really amazing, but the others are very beautiful especially the blue and green.

The glazes with glitter Pupa are perfect to combine with each other or even overlapped. For example, in the photo below you see one simple nail art idea . I spread the purple on all the nails and then on the index I applied the pink, on the medium green, on the ring finger the blue and on the little finger the white … the effects are really endless!

glitter nail art enamels


How are these glazes removed? As with all glitter glazes, it will take a little more time for these to be removed, but by keeping the cotton pad soaked in solvent for 5 minutes on the nail, you will not have problems removing it. If you have doubts about the procedure, follow our guide on how to remove glittery enamel .

Have you tried any glaze of this beautiful collection?

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