GlamGlow #GlitterMask face mask with glitter and stars

Glamglow , known Hollywood brand focused on skincare , offers a sparkling novelty! Is called #GlitterMask and is the new face mask with glitter and holographic stars destined to become a real trend.

We show you in preview the “galactic” Glamglow news , certain that will make your head spin too!

Glitter Mask Glamglow


Even a simple face mask can turn into something unique and original. Glamglow he knows well and launches #GlitterMask , the new peel-off mask characterized by glitter and holographic stars .

The new #GlitterMask promises the same benefits of the iconic GravityMud FirmingTreatment , but with added value: a myriad of glitter and small holographic stars of different sizes, which make this reference unique in its kind.

This peculiarity does not represent a functional aspect but purely decorative that makes this wonderful Glamglow mask , even more pleasant and fun to use as well as extremely trendy.

But the glitter once the mask is removed, remain on the skin? Absolutely not, everything is completely removed and no glitter remains on the skin or goes to occlude the pores, so do not worry!

Glitter and stars are in fact incorporated into the particular gel texture which characterizes the #GlitterMask and remain there for the duration of the treatment.

Glamglow glitter face mask

obviously #GlitterMask it also has an important functional character: it is in fact an innovative one peel-off mask from which it plays a strong one firming action and that it promises not to leave residues and does not need to be rinsed.

A constant use helps make the compact face skin , toned and luminous, thus preventing even the small signs due to skin aging .

Like all the face masks proposed by the brand, also this very bright and sparkling cuddle for the face consists of one highly performing formulation based on sludge.

So let’s analyze also the purely functional aspects that characterize the #GlitterMask Glamglow .

Glamglow Glitter face mask


The Glamglow #GlitterMask face mask it’s a firming treatment based on fangh i, formulated with active ingredients aimed at combating the typical cutaneous relaxation of the face.

The famous complex is in fact present Teaoxi based on Liquorizia and Altea leaves which provide a greater tone and firmness. The mask promises to offer all the benefits of the best seller GravityMud Firming Treatment combined with one sparkling and holographic texture .

In fact, it was born to polish, to bring tone and one greater elasticity to the fabrics, raising them up and preserving them from the oxidative stress . These benefits promise to be visible already from first applications .

In conclusion, #GlitterMask Glamglow it is destined to become a “must have”.

Glamglow Peel-off glitter mask


THE’ use of the #GlitterMask it is very similar to that foreseen for all the face masks proposed by the brand.

It is necessary to mix it with the brush before proceeding with the application to uniform the glitter and the holographic stars of which it is infused inside the gel texture.

Apply it evenly to create a fairly thick layer of product and leave it in pose for about 20/30 minutes taking care to avoid the area around the eyes and the hairline.

Once dry, being Peel-off you simply remove it by gently pulling it from the edges. Preferably you can then rinse your face to proceed with the subsequent treatments.

The recommended is use twice a week for optimal results.

Glamglow peel-off glitter mask


The new mask with glitter and holographic stars Glamglow #GlitterMask will be officially launched in the United States a December 2017 to the price of 69 $ .

We do not know when it will be officially available in Europe but at the time of launch will be available, like all Glamglow references at all Sephora perfumeries distributed throughout the country.

You can also buy it online on Sephora website in This Page .

Do you like the new Glamglow face mask? We are very curious to try this Glamglow news and you?


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