Gift boxes Christmas 2014 Benefit

Colorful, original, unique and with the unmistakable vintage vein that distinguishes them, we talk about the Benefit caskets Christmas 2014.

Someone is waiting for the Christmas season to buy the magnificent Coralist blush , and finds himself even better with a palette of 6 blushes at the price of one; or who wants to try the famous Benetint and find a kit that also contains all the remaining colors. This is what happens when Christmas arrives, le gift ideas they are often transformed into real objects of desire, thanks to the mastery of a brand that can give a touch to all its makeup creations.

Many proposals among the Christmas 2014 gift boxes signed by Benefit Cosmetics, let’s discover them all!


This year comes a magic box that contains all the blush must have of the brand , a fantastic opportunity to have the perfect blush palette, after this you will not need anything else, contains (price $ 36):
Hoola, opaque earth;
Coralista, light shimmer coral;
Beautiful Bamba 3D, intense coral;
Rockateur, golden rose;
Dandelion, pale pink;
Sugarbomb, mix of light pink, dark pink, lilac and orange;
Watt’s Up! , illuminating. Christmas blush palette benefits 2014


The sweetest and most Christmas idea that cosmetic companies can bring to light is the advent Calendar , which we have already seen last year with Benefit itself, and which we also find in the proposal for Christmas 2014 Tarte . The new advent calendar contains all 24 boxes that precede Christmas, each with a mini size product or a nice gadget of the house (price $ 99):
That gal , face primer;
POREfessional, primer to minimize pores;
Benetint, dyed face and red lips;
High beam , liquid illuminant;
Chachatint, face color and mango-colored lips;
Posietint, face color and bright pink lips;
Stay flawless , foundation primer;
They’re real !, mascara;
– Ultra plush lip gloss Dandelion , nude fished;
– Ultra plush lip gloss A-lister , nude pink;
– Ultra plush lip gloss Fauxmance , dark pink;
BADgal lash, mascara;
Stay do not stray , corrector;
Fakeup, illuminating corrector;
It’s potent !, eye contour cream;
Total moisture , face cream;
Ooh the lift , eye contour cream;
Watt’s up! , illuminating;
Post it for beauty notes;
block for notes;
bow for polka dot hair;
Elastic for hair;
bow for metal hair.

Advent calendar Christmas benefit 2014 Advent calendar Christmas benefit 2014


Another original idea of ​​the company of San Francisco it’s the set of sets, it’s not a word game. In this 2014 Christmas Benefit box there are 3 different kit of dyes and lip balms that we can maybe buy and share among our friends (cost $ 42):
Benebalm lip balm, red;
Benetint dyed face and lips, red;
Posiebalm lip balm, bright pink;
Posietint dyed face and lips, bright pink;
Lollibalm lip balm, lilac pink;
Lollitint dyed face and lips, lilac pink. 3 scoop or sexy benefit Christmas 2014 3 scoop or sexy benefit Christmas 2014


The binomial blush is gloss It is an assured success for Benefit that in this Christmas set includes 2 blushes and 2 glosses to make contouring and give color (price 15 $):
Hoola, opaque earth;
Dandelion, light pink;
– Ultra Plush Lip Gloss Dandelion , light pink;
– Ultra Plush Hoola Lip Gloss , bronze. bonze n dandy benefit natal 2014


The rock animes light up with this make-up chest in which the Rockateur blush masters and its complementary products are a side dish (price $ 28):
Benetint, dyed face and red lips;
High Beam , liquid illuminant;
Rockateur Ultra Plush Gloss, intense pink;
Rockateur Blush , intense pink shimmer. rocktude Christmas benefit 2014


It’s not over yet because the collection of Christmas boxes never ceases to amaze. The next box contains 6 products that embrace both eye and face and lip makeup (price $ 27):

The POREfessional , primer that minimizes pores;
BADgal lash, mascara;
– Ultra plush lip gloss , light pink;
Dandelion, light pink blush;
Benetint, dyed face and red lips;
Girl meets pearl , illuminating. sizzlin benefit Christmas 2014


Dedicated entirely to eye makeup is this cute kit 3 long-lasting pencils with colors: Extra Black , black, Expressed, brown and Charcoal, dark gray (price $ 26). Christmas benefit pencils kit 2014


An original name and a pagkaging that is even more, to hold 2 pairs of dye and lip balm (price 26 $). This make up box includes:
Benebalm lip balm, red;
Benetint dyed face and lips, red;
Lollibalm lip balm, lilac pink;
Lollitint dyed face and lips, lilac pink. sweet tintations benefit natal 2014


We find the only traces of this Christmas made eye shadow in Benefit palette with 4 colors in shades of brown which is accompanied by a primer eyes and a mini size of mascara They’re Real ! (price 25 $). goodies at gogo benefit natal 2014 goodies at gogo benefit natal 2014

The race to grab the Benefit caskets 2015 will start very soon, naturally at the Sephora perfumeries . Christmas 2014 gift boxes
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