Garnier Fructis Regenerates Strength for Fragile Hair

THE weak hair that break are your concern? Garnier has created an innovative range of treatments for fragile hair , is called Fructis “Regenerate Force”.

The new Rigenera Forza shampoos and treatments are in fact useful to cleanse and treat hair that tends to break, which are devoid of light and energy.

With the new range, Garnier Fructis invites not only to donate an energy boost to the hair, but also to one’s own life, making choices that are sometimes daring, sometimes simpler, able to completely change it, for the better!


Let’s find out this line for a burst of energy that starts from the hair and spreads for a feeling of general well-being!

garnier fructis regenerates strength


For renewed hair from roots to tips Fructis proposes a new formula enriched with Reinforced Ceramide is Active Concentrate of Fruits .

According to the instrumental tests of Garnier, performed after an application of shampoo and mask against cleansing with a classic shampoo, the hair is immediately more resistant, up to 10 times more, as well as brighter, healthy looking and appear as regenerated.

garnier fortifying shampoo

As already mentioned this new range has been formulated for act from roots to ends, to rebuild the hair from inside.

The shampoo improves the substance, strength and shine of the hair, while the balm makes them soft, shiny is easily combable without weighing it down.

garnier regenerates strength


The selected ingredients from Garnier for the Fructis Rigenera Force line are:

– Ceramide : a powerful molecule known for restore the lipids lost by weak hair.

– Active Concentrate of Fruits : the fortifying heart of Fructis, emblem of the brand, included in all its formulations, for stronger and more resistant hair.

regenerate fructis force


For an extra treatment that goes to nourish the hair fiber in depth , Fructis also offers the Fortifying Regenerating Force Mask, with a rich texture and a pleasant scent, ideal for a intense treatment.

mask fortifying hair fructis


How to use? The mask is applied to damp and yes hair evenly distributes on the crown emulsifying the product slightly. Unlike the classic masks, which require long shutter speeds, the Fructis mask acts in just one minute , and this is perfect for those who have little time to devote to treatments, but want a effective result.

The mask easily rinses and is formulated to make i soft and full-bodied hair, like regenerated.

fructis hair mask regenerates strength


To further complete the range, the star product among the Fructis proposals: the Lotion Regenerate Strength . This hair lotion contains shampoo, conditioner and mask Reinforced Ceramide , Active Concentrate of Fruits for the first time in a Garnier treatment 5% of Stemoxydine, a particular active useful to stimulate the capillary renewal , increasing, according to Garnier, in 90 days the number of hairs per cm 2.

Also the Fructis Lotion was created by Garnier for improve the quality of the fibers is redensify the hair.

fructis redensifying lotion regenerates strength


How to apply? To achieve excellent results for one more dense, healthy and shiny hair , Garnier recommends applying the lotion every day, in the morning or evening, on dry or wet hair.

Better results are obtained by applying Lotion Regenerate Strength with zig-zag movements, distributing evenly over the entire scalp.

Following gently massage the scalp with your fingertips to properly absorb the lotion. Then you can comb your hair as usual. It is important to report that after application it is not necessary to rinse.

The recommended daily amount is 6ml for one 3 month period . To apply an adequate amount you can use the lines on the package, useful to adjust on the amount from use every day.

fructis lotion


To show us the strength of this new line of treatments, Garnier has thought of a funny and explanatory video which shows us how important it is to free ours interior strenght ‘Imposing ourselves’ in everyday situations to feel better about ourselves and be more beautiful and smiling.


The range Garnier Fructis Regenera Forz a can be bought in supermarkets and in the specialized shops in the care of the person. Prices are around € 3.50 for shampoo and conditioner , while the indicative price of the moisturizing mask for hair about 5 euros.

The line inspires you Regenerate Froza Fructis ? We advise you to feel more beautiful and safe than you starting from the hair! Let us know your opinions!


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