Gama Piastra Microfrisè: review and opinions

Voluminous hair is elegant hairstyles with the effect frisé , as the rules of winter fashion dictate. Introducing the Microfrisé Gama Professional hair straightener!

Let’s find out how to use it, which hair styles to make and the effect on the hair with test is photo .

Gamma Microfrisè Plate


Born in 1969, Gama Professional realizes professional products for hair care and styling. Hair dryer, plates, curling irons, but also beard trimmer and hair clipper for men. From the Italian market, the brand has expanded internationally and is now located in beauty salons beyond 50 countries in the world .

Frize hair plate


The professional Microfrisé Gama plate is characterized by ultrastrette ceramic dies that create small almost imperceptible waves volumizzando the hair uniformly.

The dies are coated in ceramic, therefore they do not damage the hair but protect it by keeping it healthy and avoiding frizz.

Microfrisè Hair plate

Microfrisè Hair straightener

The professional plate is equipped with a 360 ° rotating cable which allows you to handle it easily even remotely from the power outlet. The cable long 10 foot allows greater freedom of movement and therefore we will have greater ease in making the desired hairstyle.

Thanks to technology Quick Heat you can make a hairstyle in a short time, in fact, the plate immediately reaches the temperature of 220 ° and just a few seconds of laying to create the frisé effect on the hair.

Frisee hair

Plate for hair frisé


Which hairstyle can they be made with the MicroFrisé Gama plate? The options are many, from afro hairstyles to elegant hairstyles for special occasions or just a voluminous hair look. Let’s see some examples:

  • afro hairstyle : pass the plate on the strand and then lightly cotton it by passing the comb or brush from the tips towards the roots;
  • voluminous hair : pass this frisé plate on all the hair, from the root to the ends, and if necessary make a light cotonatura only on the innermost strands;
  • crop or seeds collected : make the frisé only on some locks interspersed with smooth locks and then collect the hair into the desired hairstyle, using the volume from the tiled locks;
  • cottony look : use the plate to chen the hair more quickly and easily than with the normal brush procedure.

Plate to make frisè

Ceramic plate for frisé


I tried the Microfrisé plate because I was very curious to see what effect could be obtained. I expected the result of the classic frisé plates that were so fashionable in the ’80s -‘ 90s, then wide and very defined waves. Instead I immediately noticed that the Microfrisé Gama plate allows you to create small waves , with a effect very soft and especially, modular depending on the shutter speed.

For a voluminous hair look but with a light frisé we have to press the plate on the lock for about 3 seconds . On the contrary, if we prefer one hairstyle stronger and with a more effect evident , just increase the pose up to 6/8 seconds .

How to proceed? Single strands of hair are taken and the plate is passed over the first section close to the skin, holding for a few seconds. Then you move further down by pressing again and so on for the full length of the lock. The procedure can be repeated on all the hair or only on some locks according to one’s own taste.

I find this plate ideal for girls with straight hair and is perfect for those with fine hair, because give volume is body to the crown. In addition it allows you to create combs with vintage references, but perfectly in line with the trend of the moment , as we see from the winter season catwalks.

In the picture you can see the result created on the hair.


Hair with frisé

The frisé effect can be very light and just mentioned holding the plate for only a few seconds.

Frisé Hair

If you prefer instead a more marked effect, just leave it in place for 7/8 seconds and you will get small well-defined waves .

Frisè Hair Effect


The Microfrisè Gama Professional plate is already available on the official website of the brand at the price of € 69.90 . Buying online the Shipping fees they will be free for all orders over 50 euros.

What do you think of the Gama Microfisè plate? Do you like the result on your hair?

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