Foundations of Chanel Le Teint Ultra: new 2018

Chanel spear Le Teint Ultra , the new hybrid foundation designed to adapt to any type of need and complexion.

We show you in preview the innovative fluid foundation coming from the famous French Maison, sure to arouse your interest.

Chanel Le Teint Ultra


Is the foundation one of your definitely essential products? You will be pleasantly affected by the news that has in store Chanel for the Spring 2018 . We are talking about Le Teint Ultra , the new foundation proposed by Maison in two different textures , ready to surprise for the peculiarities that make it unique.

Defined as a hybrid multi-tasking foundation promises to uniformize the complexion flawlessly, maintaining an extraordinarily natural look.

Thanks to its particular easily constructable texture , ensures an impeccable result from morning to evening offering a bright but perfectly opaque finish.

Chanel proposes its new foundation in two different variants : a fluid version, more suitable for dry skin that needs hydration and a compact to ensure maximum coverage.

Le Teint Ultra Chanel , like the previous version ” Mild ” , will be available in 16 different shades perfect to support every type of complexion.

You are curious to know all the peculiarity of the new foundations of Chanel LeTeint Ultra ? Let’s find out together!

Chanel Foundation Le Teint Ultra


What makes the new foundation unique Chanel le Teint Ultra ? The particular hybrid formula, fresh and light that promises long seal it’s a optimal coverage of imperfections and discolouring.

It is in fact characterized by a innovative technology developed by Chanel research and development team .

Is called Perfect Light Diffusion Complex and is a patented complex that incorporates into the formulation, two types of powders. The hemispherical powders they capture, spread and reflect light, contributing to increase the natural brightness complexion. The soft focus powders instead, they help to check the lucidity minimizing any enlarged pores.

There advanced formula of the foundation Le Teint Ultra represents the perfect balance between brightness and correction as it determines a light weight “Blur effect “Useful for smoothing the complexion.

THE’ opacifying action of the absorbent powders is also accentuated by one mixture of zinc powders and polysaccharides . This combination creates on the skin a protective film , velvety to the touch and which ensures a optimal comfort all day long.

Modern and functional, the new Chanel foundation ensures professional services suitable for all women who want a luminous and impeccable skin but from natural and radiant appearance .

Teint Ultra Chanel Foundation


Chanel proposes the new Le Teint Ultra foundation in two variants that differ in format and texture, designed to meet the needs of every woman:

  • Chanel Le Teint Ultra Fluid Foundation: characterized by a light fluid texture, it is suitable for dry and asphyxiated skin, it is easily modulated and is enriched by an SPF 15;
  • Chanel Le Teint Ultra Compact Foundation: it is instead the compact and creamy variant, which ensures maximum coverage of imperfections and discolouring, resulting stratifiable but always natural.


We have no certain news about the shades proposals from Chanel for its foundation Le Teint Tenue Ultra .

We assume that they will be launched 16 shades exactly as for the previous variant Le Teint Tenue , ready to satisfy each one shades of complexion is undertone , from the lightest to the color one.

Foundation Teint Ultra Chanel compact


The new Teint Ultra Chanel foundation will debut in Spring 2018 and it will be available at the best perfume shops of the brand present on the national territory.

The price will be in line with foundation Le Teint Tenue : 60.00 $, approximately € 55.00 .

We have no news or certain dates about an official launch date in Italy but as soon as we receive news, we will update you!

And what do you think of the new foundation of Chanel? We await your opinions on this new Chanel 2018!


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