Flat Perfection Foundation Neve Cosmetics: opinions, review

Flat Perfection Neve Cosmetics THE Flat Perfection Foundation Neve Cosmetics I’m the version compact of the mineral funds that the well-known Italian brand wanted to offer as an alternative to free powder foundations.

Today we will present our review with detailed features, opinions, photos, swatches and usage tips.


Flat Perfection Neve Cosmetics is composed of one very light pressed powder , It does not contain silicones, petrolatums, or parabens , not to stress the skin and the environment. It follows obviously the philosophy of Neve Cosmetics that offers only products completely natural and not tested on animals (cruelty free). In fact, its formula is free of animal ingredients and is also suitable for vegetarians is vegans . These funds are for use wet & dry , lip safe and have a velvety finish opaque .


Inci: Talc, Mica, Silica, Titanium Dioxide [Titanium Dioxide], Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate, Lauroyl Lysine, Zinc Stearate, Cetearyl Ethylhexanoate, Caprylyl Glycol, Aluminum Hydroxide, Retinyl Palmitate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Ci 77491 [Iron Oxide], Ci 77492 [ Iron Oxide], Ci 77499 [Iron Oxide].

flat perfection foundation

foundations snow cosmetics flat perfection


The packaging of the Flat Perfection Foundation Neve Cosmetics, with simple and essential lines, is inspired by the polished stones of the Zen gardens . It is presented as a practical compact powder case mirror containing 8 grams of product in 58 mm diameter wafer. The packaging of compact foundations Neve Cosmetics and the pressed powder contained, unlike funds in free powder, it is much more comfortable to carry around and to keep in the bag. It is ideal for touch-ups during the day, it allows us to avoid losing dust in our make-up bag.


Flat Perfection Foundation Neve Cosmetics is available in a range of 8 shades suitable for different complexions and skin tones: Fair Neutral, Light Rose, Light Neutral, Light Warm, Medium Neutral, Medium Warm, Tan Neutral, Tan Warm.


Those who already use the foundations Neve will notice that the colors are the same available in the collection of free powder foundation, this will simplify color choice for those who already use Neve products. Find the perfect color of foundation it’s never simple and often even seeing photos and swatches do not get the ideal tone. Neve Cosmetics comes to meet us offering detailed information on the type of complexion for which each foundation is indicated and also makes available the mini formats of the funds that allow to carry out a test by purchasing the 0.7 g pack in 10g jar with sifter at the price of 3.90 euros moon.

Not only that, to choose the right foundation Snow allows you to buy 4 mini packs for € 13.90 instead of 15,58 Euros (now in promotion) divided between:
– MINI SET High Coverage Chiaro foundation, 4 different foundation in mini format for hides of shades from light to very clear.
– MINI SET High Medium Coverage foundation, 4 different mini-format foundations for medium-toned leathers.
– MINI SET High Dark Coverage foundation, 4 different mini-foundation foundations for medium to dark hides.
These mini packs are however available only in free powder format . If you want to discover them go to the page of the Snow website dedicated to mini formats .

Neve Cosmetics also offers some tips for choosing color specifying the type of complexion for which each shade is suitable. Below we give you all this information by showing you also photo is swatches of the whole range of new foundations Flat Perfection Neve Cosmetics .


Fair Neutral, a very light shade (absolutely the clearest in the Neve Cosmetics range) with a neutral undertone. Ideal for natural blondes that never tans, lovers of the Gothic look or the very pale Nordics.

fair neutral snow foundation Flat Perfection fair neutral swatches snow cosmetics fair neutral


Light Neutral, light shade with neutral undertone. For light skin with a natural color, which does not tend to yellow or pink. Light Neutral is the famous foundation to feel good almost at all, especially in the winter months. If you are of Caucasian origin (hair between blond and brown), with light skin that is struggling to get a tan, this is probably your color.

light neutral snow foundation light neutral foundation snow foundation light neutral


Light Rose, light shade with pink undertone. Naturalissima on rosy and light Nordic complexions, ideal for natural blondes and reds. If almost all the foundations on your skin are too yellow, the ideal background is probably Light Rose.

light rose snow foundation light rose foundation snow foundation cosmetics light rose


Light Warm, light shade with warm undertones. The foundation for light but not cold skin: unlike the Light Neutral, it has an amber undertone that makes it ideal for pale Mediterranean skin. If almost all the light foundations on your skin are too rosy, the Light Warm is probably the ideal solution.

light warm snow foundation

light warm snow foundation snow cosmetics light warm foundation


Medium tone with neutral undertone, for medium-colored skin, neither pale nor dark. This nuance of snow foundation is perfect for the tan that tans without efforts but that do not have a too Mediterranean complexion. If the color of your skin can be defined as “normal” (neither pale nor tanned, nor rosy nor olive) the Medium Neutral will be the ideal color.

medium neutral snow foundation medium neutral snow foundation medium neutral snow foundation


Medium Warm, medium shade with warm and Mediterranean undertones. For medium-toned skins (neither pale nor dark) that brown easily. Perfect for the Mediterranean with slightly olive undertone.

medium warm snow foundation

medium warm foundation snow foundation cosmetics medium warm


Tan neutral, dark shade with neutral undertone. The natural color for tanned or dark skin that does not have golden or Mediterranean undertones.

snow cosmetics tan neutral foundation tan neutral foundation snow cosmetics tan neutral foundation


Tan Warm, dark shade with warm and Mediterranean undertones. The ideal foundation color for tanned, dark skin with a warm, olive undertone.
tan neutral snow foundation

tan neutral foundation snow cosmetics tan neutral foundation


For a natural result and to spread the foundation evenly on the face, just withdraw little product with a synthetic bristle brush and apply the foundation with circular movements on the face. To obtain a more covering and corrective texture, Neve Cosmetics recommends spraying water or fixing mist onto the bristles after taking the product.

Which makeup brush to use? To apply the “Flat Perfection” Neve Cosmetics foundation, you need to use brushes kabuki Snow offers especially the practical Flatbuki brush (price 11,90 Euro) from very soft, compact and synthetic bristles. The classic Kabuki or the mini size that is really comfortable to carry a handbag may also be fine. The more indicated for the compact foundation is the Flatbuki Brush because it does not have the bristles that end with a rounded shape but it is dish , ideal to limit the dispersion of the product and to retain the right amount of foundation.

snow brush


Like the other mineral snow funds, i Flat Perfection they have the great advantages related to them formulation , completely mineral and natural, free of any substance harmful to our skin, without silicones, petrolatum or parabens as already anticipated at the beginning. They are perfect for those with one mixed or oily skin, skin with acne, problematic, tending to lucidity, because the dust is slight , matting and does not close the pores. I do not recommend them to anyone who has one dry skin and needs a lot of hydration, especially in the cold season. In my opinion, however, they can be used by those who have normal skin – dry during the summer, for example when you tend to sweat more because of the hot temperatures and on the face you create the unsightly shiny effect. These foundations make the skin opaque and have a very natural finish.

The powder of the foundations Flat Perfection Neve Cosmetics it is almost impalpable, easily conforms to the complexion of the face and creates a “I can not see” makeup effect the trick is there but you can not see it ! The skin remains very soft with a velvety touch effect. The foundations Flat Perfection they have one average coverage , and as a result they are very reminiscent of the first version of the Neve mineral funds, which were on the market before the launch of the high coverage range.

It is possible to use these foundations even when wet, but in my opinion the best result is obtained from dry, because it preserves the natural effect that characterizes these products.

Flat Perfection Neve Cosmetics is a foundation Valid alternative free powder snow foundation, for those who want to have a more practical packaging in use and to take with you during the day. The powder in format compact do not disperse and the mirror in the package is very convenient for touch-ups. Remember though that they are less opaque than those in free high coverage dust.

snow cosmetics foundation compact foundation snow cosmetics foundations snow cosmetics flat perfection

flat perfection compact foundation foundations snow cosmetics flat perfection foundations snow cosmetics flat perfection

THE Compact snow foundation are available online on www.nevecosmetics.it
The price it is € 14.90 a piece. Keep in mind that the mineral foundations Snow powder free cost € 13.90.

What do you think of them? Flat Perfection Foundation Neve Cosmetics ? Have you already tried them? Let us know your opinions.

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