False Eyelashes Kiko: all models and prices

Kiko has created three lines of Fake eyelashes to satisfy every taste, from the simplest, ideal for any situation to the most extravagant and colorful, perfect for special evenings and carnival parties.

It is possible to choose among the Natural False Eyelashes, available in three variations, the Sophisticated False Eyelashes, also these in three types and the Extravagant False Eyelashes available in two versions, both perfect for creating an imaginative look.

The false eyelashes Kiko in addition to being beautiful and of simple application, they are also purchasable to good price ! Have we already intrigued you? There is still a lot to discover about new ones false eyelashes Kiko


For those who want to have eyelashes voluminous and extra long while maintaining a natural look, Kiko proposes the Natural False Eyelashes.

I’m Fake eyelashes made of synthetic fibers with a light consistency, easy to apply and reusable, which add intensity to the look. The Natural False Eyelashes are available 3 variants:

  • 01 Classic: false eyelashes classic bands , they are the simplest and give hyperfeminine volume and length to the eyes.
  • 02 Classic: false eyelashes side bands , serve to lengthen the design of the eye and give an intriguing “cat-like” look.
  • 03 Classic: false eyelashes individual in sets of 60 tufts of 3 different lengths to be applied with glue; this type of false eyelashes are extremely versatile, they allow you to thicken the lashes according to your needs and your tastes, with a natural result suitable for any occasion.
    You find them for sale at an excellent price price , only 7.90 euros.

false eyelashes Kiko natural


To amaze without exceeding you can choose the Fake eyelashes Ribbon Sophisticated False Eyelashes of Kiko that are simple to apply and comfortable but allow you to create a sophisticated and bewitching look thanks to points of light and special details.

They are perfect for embellishing a burlesque style make up. They create an extremely seductive look, to be shown on the most exclusive evenings. The beautiful Sophisticated False Eyelashes of Kiko 3 variants are available:

  • 01 Sophisticated: false eyelashes with double-length tufts , decorated with a rhinestone studded edge for an ultra-chic effect.
  • 02 Sophisticated: refined false eyelashes interweaving plot embellished with bright black mini-rhinestones.
  • 03 Sophisticated: Fake eyelashes with side feathers that adorn the eye with a winking touch.
    They can be purchased for 9.90 euros. We remind you that you can reuse it several times.

Kiko Sophisticated fake eyelashes


When you want to adopt an eccentric and unusual look, the Fake eyelashes Extravagant False of Kiko they are the perfect accessory. Also ideal for amaze and create a Carnival trick : with these eyelashes you will not go unnoticed! In this case, art meets make-up to make every sight a unique and unrepeatable spectacle. Extravagant False Eyelashes are available 2 variants:

  • 01 extravagant: Fake eyelashes with double row of electric blue feathers for an imaginative look.
  • 02 extravagant: Fake eyelashes with black feathers for a perfect fusion of elegance and eccentricity.
    Theirs price It is 9.90 euros.

Kiko false eyelashes


The beautiful kiko false eyelashes in their different forms, they are distinguished between those with tape application and those with individual application (the latter are in tufts). To carry out the application, both types need a special dermatologically and oftamologically tested glue – included in the package – which ensures an excellent seal.


Before you can make up your eyelids with your favorite make up and apply a light veil of mascara trying to curl the eyelashes as high as possible. Then detach with a gentle gesture Fake eyelashes of Kiko from their support by stopping them with your finger and gently bringing them down.

Before using the glue we advise you to make a test by placing the false eyelashes on the eyes: if they are too long, you can cut them. Then go to the writing of the glue along the line of the Fake eyelashes using the stick applicator integrated into the cap.

Wait about a minute, until the glue has become almost transparent. At this point you can proceed by positioning the Fake eyelashes at the touch of natural lashes and gently pressing with small touches from the outside to the inside of the eye. To complete the make up and to hide any glue attachments you can pull a thin line with the eyeliner.


As in the previous case first of all you can make up your eyelids with your favorite make-up and apply a light veil of mascara trying to curl the eyelashes as high as possible. In this case to remove the Fake eyelashes of Kiko from their support it is good to use tweezers and, once grasped, dip the root into the glue.

Then wait about a minute, until the glue has become almost transparent. At this point, always with the help of the tweezers, place the tufts directly at the attachment eyelashes natural from the outside of the eye and continuing inward depending on the areas you want to intensify.

To get a more natural make-up, you have to apply the longer tufts on the outside of the eye and the shorter ones on the inside. Also in this case the make up can be completed with an eyeliner passage to hide the glue sticking.


Kiko eyelashes are on sale in all the stores of the brand e in this page of the official Kiko website.

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