Face primer: what is it and what are the best

You would like to have a skin free from imperfections it’s a trick that lasts throughout the day? Use a face primer.

Let’s see how the face primer works, how to find the right one for your skin and which ones are the best on the market.


The face primer is a make-up product that has 2 functions main:

  1. to hide the imperfections of the skin;
  2. make it last the trick is longer.

The primer applies after the moisturizer and before the foundation. Generally it is transparent , has a gel or creamy consistency.

It can be based on silicone or without silicones but in both cases it contains a mix of ingredients that are used for smooth the skin deleting dilated pores, wrinkles and signs of expression .

This product is able to make make-up last long because it ‘grabs’ foundation to perfection, keeping its appearance unaltered throughout the day.

face primer
Result that can be obtained using the face primer

In the past, the make-up primer was a viscous gel composed exclusively of silicones and often too heavy for everyday use. Thanks to the cosmetic research and to the improvement of formulations today the face primer is a product increasingly used by women, together with the primer eyes and the primer lips.


To respond to different needs cutaneous , the cosmetics industry has created specific primer for every type of skin and complexion.

There are primers for dry, mixed, greasy, dull, young skin, with acne, with scars, with spots, mature skins passing through those ultra nutrients with an oil base to those that are spray or even curative.

Face primer
The face primer is usually transparent

Let’s find out through the various categories of face primers , those more modern and effective , which are the best face primers on the market.


It is the category of face primer more classic and known , the one that allows perfecting the complexion is maximize the seal of the make up . Generally based on extremely silicon, these products have a gel texture that ‘smoothes’ the skin. They perform the function of wrinkle filler primer , Sign of expression and dilated pore.

Those best and even more famous in the world there are three:

  1. SMASHBOX Face Primer Photo Finish Foundation Primer (price € 32.50), a real ‘photoshop’ for the skin, is among the best sellers;
  2. The PoreFessional BENEFIT (primer price from 13.50 euros), primer to hide enlarged pores, really effective;
  3. Make Up For Ever Step 1 Smoothing Skin Equalizer (price 16.00 euros), optically smoothed every wrinkle, pore and sign of expression.

Face primer


For years they have been a mirage, a veritable chimera in the world of make-up. Fortunately brands always listen to the needs and desires of their consumers and for this reason they decided to make us beautiful without using silicones. In fact, it has been possible for some time to buy primers without silicones, which they do not clog the pores and they’re perfect for one daily use.

Of course, their effect is absolutely not ‘photoshop-like’ like the classic primers, but we can assure you that these are products very valid whose effect is really amazing!

The first face primer without silicones best never created is that of the Greek brand Korres , with vitamin E and pomegranate extracts . From the heart of Europe has conquered the USA where it became an absolute best seller, often unobtainable, today it is available (for us Italian) only online .

Primer Korres without silicones

Obviously the Korres primer is not the only one, now different brands made in Italy have created excellent face primers without silicones and bio primers:

  • The Erbolario primer without silicones (price 20 euros), available in two variants: primer for mixed and oily skin and primer for normal to dry skin.
  • Neve Cosmetics Bio Primer (price 12 euros), available in variant illuminating or matting , and is based on completely natural ingredients.
  • Purobio Cosmetics face primer (price 14.49 Euro), ideal for oily skin, has a matt effect, is vegan and nickel tested.
  • Face primer without silicones Too Faced Hangover Primer (costs € 31.50) based on coconut water (has a great perfume!) that acts on the skin like a ‘Refreshing cocktail’ that erases the signs of fatigue, making the complexion healthier and more homogeneous.

face primer without silicones

The natural face primers and bio face primers are Recommended especially for those with one problematic skin . In fact, they are also proposed as primers for acne (acne skin, with pimples, comedones) or for sensitive, sensitive, reactive skin.


Leather that tends to shine? Does make-up tend to slip away from the skin creating an unpleasant effect? The opaque face primers are what it takes for oily skin ! From the ‘normalizing’ effect (not curative), opacifying primers keep the production of sebum at bay, giving the skin a matte finish.

What are the best opaque face primers?

  • Primer Benefit the PoreFessional Matte Rescue (price € 30.50), opaque transparent gel with diamond powder .
  • Primer Nars Base Multi-Protection SPF 30 (costs 34 euros), opacifies the face and protects it from sunlight, stress and pollution.
  • Primer Bare Minerals Prime Time Oil Control (price € 27.90), has a water-based satin formula enriched with chamomile, aloe vera and calcium silicate extracts, which helps absorb excess sebum.
  • Estee Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer (37.95 euros), oil-free and enriched with soothing green tea and rebalancing and perfection vitamin E, suitable for normal to mixed and oily skin.

mattifying face primer


Who need moisturizing face primers? Surely to those who have the dry and dehydrated skin , which tends to appear off and with highlighted skin. This kind of primer is among the most suitable for the mature skin because they play a kind of ‘Treatment-make up’ which helps the skin not only to look better, but to feel better.

What are the best moisturizing face primers ever? We signal you without a doubt:

  • Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer (price 36 euros), free of oils and very light, helps to fill wrinkles and pores thanks to Hydraplex , an extract derived from desert plants, also ideal on skin spots.
  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Hydrating (price around 38 euros), has a non-comedogenic formula (which makes the skin breathe avoiding the onset of imperfections) enriched by vitamins A, C and E which retains water in the skin giving it a fresh look throughout the day.

dry skin primer

  • MUFE Primer Step 1 moisturizing (price € 37.50), excellent product for mature skin, anti age.
  • Yves Saint Laurent Top Secrets Hydratant Éclat Instantané (price € 54.50), an improving and moisturizing treatment that ‘quenches’ the skin for 72 hours continuously, revealing a radiant and healthy complexion.

primer for dry skin


here are the corrective face primer . This particular type of makeup primer not only smoothes the skin and maintains makeup for a long time, but acts like a real one skin complexion, going to normalize the color of the skin.

In fact, according to color theory, we can play with contrasting shades to be able to create the perfect (and natural!) shade for our skin. The green corrective primers are suitable for skins that tend to redden, those orange for skins with discolorations and skin spots, while rosy ones tend to light up the clear faces and those tending to purple contrast the grayish and off-flesh complexion, typical of he lives in the city.

The most interesting and valid colored face primers are:

  • Primer Make up For Ever Step 1 Corrective base of redness (price from € 18.90), is a green primer to counter reddening;
  • Primer Clinique Superprimer Face (price € 29.50) face primer for redness;

Face primer

  • Superprimer Face Primers Clinique fishing (€ 29.50), primer for dark spots and discoloration;
  • Clinique Superprimer Face Primer lavender (€ 29.50), purple primer that corrects the color tending to yellow;
  • Primer Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Light Correcting (price about 43 euros), beige primer that neutralizes light;
  • Algenist Reveal Correcting Drop (price about 40 euros) pink primer to correct the lack of brightness.

corrective colored face primer


Those who have their skin off and feel the need to revive the complexion certainly can not do without illuminating face primers, a category of product that often scares but that can reserve great surprises!

The illuminating primers are pearlescent makeup bases or with reflecting particles able to capture the light and refract it giving the face a radiant appearance. Of course, a product of this kind has a somewhat particular appearance at first sight, but we assure you that in case of tired or particularly off face an illuminating primer can do magic.

Here are the illuminating face primers that we recommend:

  • Givenchy Les Saisons Mister Radiant Primer (price € 34.90), a transparent gel with small pink-beige pearls that blend on the face, sublimating and illuminating it.
  • Guerlain L’Or (price € 55.90), sublimating base with real 24 carat gold leaves, for a perfect skin that shines with divine light.
  • L’Oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light face primer (price € 13.50) with brightness and glow effect.

illuminating face primer


As explained in the beginning, the old and heavy formulas of the completely silicon primers that occlude the pores are now a memory. In fact there are several alternative primers on the market that can give a gift impeccable make-up effect combined with practicality , technology and tailor-made effects.

Three gods more original primers that we invite you to try are signed Smashbox , the top brand for the face bases.

  • More Than a Primer Smashbox (price 36 euros), is part of the Photo Finish family and is ‘much more than a primer’. It is an anti-imperfection face primer with aloe and honey extracts and 2% salicylic acid which ensures, according to the brand, a purer and cleaner skin in just two weeks of continuous use.
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil (price 36 euros), unmissable, is the first face primer based on oil . Among its precious ingredients we find a mixture of 15 different plant extracts for a result of maximum hydration, light and smoothness.
  • Smashbox knows one more than the devil, so he also proposes a water-based liquid primer , without silicones, alcohol and oils: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water (costs 28 euros), and vaporises on the face to create a perfect canvas. This spray product can be used not only as a base before application of foundation but also as a fixative solution with finished makeup or as a refresher and hydration boost during the day.

smashbox primer

  • Also Urban Decay she loves quality make-up with original properties, that’s why she proposes it B6 Face Preparation Spray with Vitamins (price 34 euros), ideal for normal, mixed and dry skin. The Urban Decay spray primer contains the first stabilized form of vitamin B6, useful for absorbing sebum, minimizing pores and reducing redness on the face.

primer urban decay


Maybe you will not believe it, but the face primers are often combined with the foundation, to give a base to the base perfect finish in one gesture. Who are the fontotinta primer for? To people who love using few products but want one impeccable look everyday.

What are the most effective foundation and primer together?

  • Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation (costs about 18 euros) performs a 3-in-1 function of foundation, primer and concealer.
  • Foundation + Primer Collistar (costs 32 euros), with the most voluptuous formula that ensures a long life.
  • It is lighter and ideal for those looking for a softer coverage BB Cream + Primer (price around € 15), the Pupa Milano face primer, which moisturizes the skin, coloring it and making it uniform. Ideal for the summer.

foundation + primer


Do you want to spend a little money? There are also economic primers, of famous low-cost brands. The best is the Essence primer, as an alternative is that of Kiko.

  • Essence face primer all about matt (price around 3 Euro), a long-lasting opaque face base. Avoid clarity and refine pores.
  • Kiko face matte face primer (price 9.95), it is a face primer for oily / mixed skin that makes the skin dull and uniform.

Essence and Kiko face primer


How is the make up primer applied? It is good to apply the primer only after applying a moisturizing cream suitable for our skin type. In fact, the primer has no moisturizing power (except for the specific moisturizing face primers, which however can never replace a good face cream) and creates a sort of ‘ sheath ‘On our incarnate that often, unfortunately, together with the perfectioning effect tends to occlude the pores.

For this reason it is very important to hydrate properly Skin when you want to apply a silicon makeup base (and not!). When the cream is perfectly dry and absorbed by our skin we can proceed with the application of the primer.

face primer

The primer can be applied with i fingertips with a makeup brush , as well as with one sponge . It is important to remember that it is not necessary to exceed the quantities: because the primer functions properly it must be spread in very thin layers. In this way it prevents the skin from rejecting it, creating an unsightly effect that no one would ever want to see on their skin.

For a perfect application it is fine dab the product on the face with light touches, rubbing it in fact we could go to take away the moisturizing cream previously applied creating unpleasant messes.

Furthermore, when applying the primer it is rigorous to keep in mind what the desired effect is for us. For example, if our goal is to make long lasting make-up on all the face we can spread it homogeneously on each area (always avoiding the application in the eye area, too delicate for this type of product). Instead, if we wish to have an opaque effect in the T-zone of our face we can concentrate on this area, just as, if we want to hide the pores dilated on the cheeks, we can circumscribe the application only in this area.

After spreading the primer we will notice how the skin it will appear immediately more opaque , bright , hydrated or smooth , depending on the type chosen. When the product is completely dry (generally only a few seconds are enough for the primer to be ‘setti’, or fixed on the face) we can proceed with the application of our favorite foundation. Also in this case it is important to apply the foundation with light hand e staking the product, to have a spectacular effect that will leave you speechless, with a very long duration!


When is it necessary to apply a primer? When we are not satisfied with the grain of our skin, when we want to get a look ‘Photoshop effect’ extra perfect or when we need one extreme hold of makeup.

In particular we can use this base for makeup when we have pores very dilated and we want to disguise its appearance when we are particularly tired and we want to revive the complexion , as well as when we go to meet a very important event, such as a ceremony, a wedding or a party and we wish the makeup remains perfect is unchanged all day (or night!) despite sweat, stress, heat, cold and so on. The face primer is usually not used every day, but nothing prevents it.

Make-up artists make extensive use of them movie sets is television (this is the reason why face primers were created in the beginning, in the ’80s) to make up brides weddings or for models at fashion shows. Let’s not forget that there are also the primer eyes and i lip primer for a super-durable complete makeup.


The face primer can hurt your skin if we have allergies or intolerances towards them ingredients content. What could happen? The skin can redden or dry out, they can appear pimples and blackheads and can give itching and irritation .

Who has a particularly sensitive and reactive skin, with couperose, rosacea or acne, should avoid primers with silicones and parabens , better bet right away on the completely natural organic primers (bio, green) and on primer with good inci . If in doubt, you can do a test by applying the product only on a small area of ​​the face and check the reactions after some time.

Have you found the primer indicated for your needs? Let us know if this article was useful to you leaving us a comment with your opinions and if you have doubts do not forget to undergo them: we will be happy to advise in the choice of perfect face primer!


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