Eyeglasses collection Chanel 2017

For over a century now, the brand created by Coco Chanel in Paris it is one of the most important in the fashion world and is a symbol of innovation, elegance and refinement.

The new collection of glasses contains all the essential values ​​of the brand and declines the symbols, the colors and the Chanel attitude in a series of fantastic proposals eyewear . Let’s find out together!


The Chanel vision models of the Emblema line are characterized by large volumes and from large lenses , are ideal for those who love to amaze and want to expose their personality and sense of style through glasses.

The materials used for this line are acetate, nylon fiber and metal, while the colors vary from the proposals solid color , such as burgundy, to those fantasy turtle or shaded. The model is not missing bicolor in the nuances symbol of the brand, that is black is beige .

Chanel eyeglasses

Chanel glasses 2017

Chanel colored glasses

Chanel eyeglasses

Chanel glasses novelty 2017

Blue Chanel glasses

Chanel eyeglasses 2017

Chanel 2017 eyewear collection

Chanel bicolor sunglasses

Chanel square glasses

Chanel optical frame


The voluminous black frame of the new Chanel eyewear suits very well for women dark hair and with the olive skin , the sharp, strong and cold colors in fact enhance the faces with these colors.

What makes Chanel’s new proposals so special? The temples are decorated with precious bright inserts or they are bicolor, always marked by the iconic double C mark.

Chanel jewel glasses

Chanel black glasses

Chanel jewel glasses

Black Chanel eyeglasses

2017 Chanel eyewear collection

Chanel woman glasses

Chanel square glasses

Chanel woman glasses

Chanel gradient eyeglasses

Green Chanel glasses 2017

Chanel large women's glasses

Chanel glasses 2017


Only for real dive : the jewel glasses of the new Chanel collection are born to become the protagonists of your look and make you feel like real stars.

The models range from the most sexy, shaped cat-eye to those square or pantos , always in acetate and with le jewel temples decorated with flowers in metal or precious stones.

Chanel bijou glasses

Cat eye Chanel eyeglasses

Chanel silver decorated glasses

Chanel petroleum eyeglasses

Chanel frames new

New Chanel glasses 2017

Chanel jewel glasses

Chanel jewel glasses 2017

Chanel jewel frames 2017

Chanel glasses with brilliant stones

Chanel Frames 2017

Chanel glasses with stones


The eyeglasses of the Matelassé line are undoubtedly original and very elegant. The fantasies range from classic combinations black gold , passing through the models in transparent acetate in the colors light blue is pink , up to the mottled frames in the bright colors of the blue he was born in red .

The peculiarity of these glasses is contained in the fantastic decorated auctions with the classic Chanel “quilted” motif and in the special materials. The auctions may indeed be in skin , rubber or also denim , for extreme comfort and originality.

Chanel pink eyeglasses

Chanel thick frame

Chanel matelasse glasses

Vintage Chanel eyeglasses

Chanel vintage frame

Chanel vintage frame 2017

Chanel black frame

Chanel shiny black eyeglasses

Chanel eyeglasses soft rods

Cat eye pink frame

Transparent pink eyeglasses

Chanel novelty glasses 2017

Chanel rubber frame

Spotted Chanel eyeglass frame

Chanel black blue eyeglasses

Chanel red black eyeglasses

View model pantos Chanel

Chanel denim acetate glasses


Very large volumes and precious temples, these are the characteristics of the eyeglasses line Perle of the new Chanel Catalog eyeglasses.

These shape models cat-eye or butterfly they are refined and mischievous, while the color palette is neutral, characterized almost exclusively by cold colors declined in shiny acetate and metal.

Chanel butterfly model

Chanel green glasses

Chanel green metal model

Chanel butterfly frame 2017

Black butterfly pattern glasses

Chanel big eyeglasses

Chanel blue eyeglasses

Chanel 2017 vision model cat eye

Chanel patterned eyeglasses

Chanel square sight model

Chanel burgundy eyeglasses

Chanel pearly eyeglasses


There chain , one of the iconic symbols of the Chanel brand, decorates the temples of the new eyeglasses. All models are characterized by metal inserts and, alongside the more classic patterns, there are also models with tweed fantasy , another fundamental trait of the French label.

Chanel chain glasses

Chanel chain eyeglasses

Chanel metal leather frame

Chanel gray model

Glasses with Chanel chain

Chanel chain glasses

Model cat eye view Chanel

Chanel brown eyeglasses

Chanel chain 2017 glasses

Chanel pantos eyeglasses

Chanel chain glasses

Chanel gold black eyeglasses


The round glasses they are the latest fashion and Chanel makes them chic with his proposal Black with bridge gold and delicate gold chain on the temples, or with metal and fantasy chain blue tweed .

The round eyewear, in addition to being the 2017 trend, is also a perfect model for short-sighted, presby and astigmatic because of the wide lens that offers a full view.

Chanel round glasses

Pantel Chanel 2017 glasses

Chanel leather metal eyeglasses

Chanel blue eyeglasses

Chanel fantasy glasses

Chanel novelty glasses


Chanel eyeglasses are on sale in the brand boutiques and retail stores. You can find the one closest to you with the site’s store locator www.chanel.com .

Do you like Chanel glasses 2017? Which would you wear? Let us know with a comment!


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