Experience with Groupon: opinions and review of a hair offer in Naples

Groupon Offer Naples Hair Package With the arrival of summer, a change of look hair that’s what it takes!

After seeing a offer really tempting appearance a few days ago in the beauty section of Groupon , for the city of Naples I thought to take advantage of it and now I’ll tell you mine experience , mine opinions and the review of the service.

The package was dedicated to hair and included, at a price of 39 euros instead of 175 euros:
– shampoo;
– haircut;
– color;
– streaks or highlights;
– restructuring treatment;
– scalp massage;
– fold;
– capillary botox, which deeply reconstructs the hair fiber thanks to the action of hyaluronic acid and white clay.

A discount coupon which saves 139 euros from the hairdresser, it’s not bad, right? The discounts Groupon they must however be taken off because they are available for a limited time. Once purchased, there are usually 6 months to use the voucher.

This package hair has been proposed through Groupon from the salon Vivea Hairdressers which is located at Naples in the Vomero area.

The neighborhood is very busy, so it is better to go on the metro to be more relaxed and avoid spending high amounts on paid parking!

In my case, the very competent hairdresser, Vincenzo Esposito, advised me to do it Chatouche instead of the meches, because of my previous experience with the meches that have changed color after some time, as will be seen in the photos. Groupon Offer Naples Hair Package

The reception was friendly, and the professional staff. The salon is small, but receives only by appointment, so you do not risk waiting for interminable times! Groupon Offer Naples Hair Package

After agreeing together that it Chatouche it was the best solution, I chose the color that I liked best between their selection of colors Tigi . Groupon Offer Naples Hair Package Groupon Offer Naples Hair Package

The coloring of the hair it was made with the aid of a large flowered hat, called sombrero, which is used to distribute the locks in order to obtain the typical shading effect of the Chatouche . The locks have been colored only on the lengths avoiding the root to obtain a color that does not need to be touched on growth. The result also reminds the Ombre Hair that is so fashionable! Groupon Offer Naples Hair Package

After having made a very long shampoo with a very pleasant massage attached, the hairdresser applied it on mine hair the products necessary for capillary botox.

The Botox Capillary it is a treatment of the Cadiveu Professional that fills the cuticles of the hair leading to a maximum restructuring, to get up to the hair fiber and make it resistant to fracture.

This product is first applied, remains in place for 5 minutes on wet hair, and then is “fixed” with a plate! Groupon Offer Naples Hair Package

At the end of this long treatment, the hairdresser cut my hair acting only on the tips to adjust the lengths. Groupon Offer Naples Hair Package

A fold to make the i perfectly smooth hair has completed the work! The end result you can judge it yourself, looking at the pictures! I wait for yours opinions !

Groupon Offer Naples Hair Package

My experience with Groupon was positive and I strongly recommend the Vivea Parrucchieri salon to the girls of Naples because I’m really happy with the result!
Groupon Offer Naples Hair Package

On Groupon they are all interesting days offers , in the main Italian cities. Groupon allows you to make purchases and save up to 70% on restaurants, travel, gyms, shopping, beauty services, SPA and much more. Just do not miss the deal!

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