Estrosa Tropical Miami, summer 2017 enamels

For the summer of 2017, the Estrosa Persistance, semi-permanent 3 in 1 and Estrosa Estremo nail polish, long-lasting enamel, let themselves be conquered by the four new colors of the capsule collection Tropical Miami .


A special tribute to 1950s tones , reproposed by the main creative world, both in clothing and accessories: bracelets, bags, shoes sparkling with color.

A blaze of joy and celebration that will keep us company during the summer season, decorating the nails of hands and feet with funny and original nuances !

We dream of the warm and enveloping atmosphere of the tropics with the four colors of enamels Estrosa summer 2017 available for both Estremo enamel and Persistance enamel!


The Estrosa nuance Hibiscus It is a beautiful shade of dark fuchsia that recalls the warm and romantic tropical sunsets, where the sky and the sea meet.

hibiscus whimsical tropical collection miami

Sun Beach it is instead a coral red enamel, a perfect summer must have for every occasion and on any complexion. Try it now!

whimsical glaze sun beach

A wonderful Tiffany green could not be missing in the wonderful collection of Estrosa Tropical Miami. The Polish Florida It is perfect to combine with refined multicolor nail art or delicate pastel french.

florid whimsical enamel

Blue sea, bright, bright, eccentric: Estrosa enamel Paradise It is suitable for those who want to dare with a manicure, without giving up a touch of class.

enamel paradise whimsical summer 2017


The four new shades of the special collection Estrosa Tropical Miami they will be available in both the version Persistance gel polish 3in1, which ensures one perfect duration for 2 weeks, both in the version Extreme long lasting nail polish , For a week of stainless brilliance.

Specifically, the innovative ones Persistance 3in1 semi-permanent glazes they combine base, color and polish in just one product, guaranteeing perfect nails for over 2 weeks, extreme brilliance and ease of use, in half the application time. The range of semi-permanent gel glazes Persistance includes a selection of more than 67 super glam and brilliant colors, all to be discovered.

The line of Professional nail polish Extreme instead, it ensures a perfect long-lasting finish without using a UV lamp or LED. Thanks to the special professional formulation and the extra glossy top coat, Estremo nail polishes allow to create an impeccable manicure, which is fortified with the exposure to sunlight . Also in this case the collection includes 67 shades, the same ones present in the Persistance 3in1 line.

New arrivals, i Estrosa Estremo enamel 6ml they offer a brand new mini format that, thanks to its smaller size, is also close to the spending needs of an increasingly important slice of the young market.


The new line of glazes Tropical Miami It is already available at ESTROSA e retailers e-shop of the brand. Persistance semi-permanent glazes are priced at 19,52 euro , while Estremo enamels cost 12.20 euros for the 12 ml format e 6.10 euros for the 6ml one.

What do you think? Would you like to try the Estrosa Tropical Miami nail polishes?


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