Estrosa Persistance: semi-permanent glazes three in one

Base, color is polishing in one product, which remains wonderfully brilliant for over two weeks: here are the spectacular glazes Estrosa Persistance 3 in 1 , one Revolution in the nail world!


Estrosa is an Italian brand that boasts a wide range of products Made in Italy for the beauty of the nails and for the Nail Art characterized by simplicity of use combined with professional performances and high quality. State-of-the-art formulations, constant research, innovation and care for every detail have always characterized the Estrosa products that are dedicated both to the professionals of the nails sector as well as to those who are approached for the first time in this world.

The choice is vast, Estrosa proposes nail reconstruction products with semi permanent gels and nail polishes and also offers perfect professional tools to take care of your nails in a way impeccable , giving them an air glamorous !

semipermanent oily glazes


Among the many products of the Made in Italy brand we are pleased to present you one absolute innovation : The beautiful semi-permanent glazes Estrosa Persistance 3 in 1 .

Persistance Estrosa is an innovative line of glazes three in one , defined by the “all in one” brand because it combines the functionalities of a single product in a single product basis for nails, nail varnish is top coat protective and polishing. I’m very easy not only to apply , but also to be removed.

The advantage that derives from the use of this type of enamel is certainly the application speed , which allows save a lot of time , about half compared to traditional procedures. It also allows you to have perfect nails for over two weeks : brilliant and without chips.

The Estrosa Persistance enamels can be used on natural nails as well as on reconstructed nails. The product is catalyzed in 36 WATT UV lamp for 180 seconds or in LED lamp 40 WATT for 60 seconds.

Not only is the application very simple, but also the removal is, thanks to the specific solvent Estrosa : here are the indications for a ‘ application it’s a perfect removal!

enamel persistance


How does Estrosa Persistance apply? As already anticipated this operation is very simple is fast , follow the steps!

  • STEP ONE : cleanse your hands and work tools with Antisept Nails;
  • STEP DUE : apply the Cuticle Remover to soften the cuticles;
  • STEP TRE : push the cuticles with the Removal Tool;
  • STEP FOUR : remove the residues of the Cuticle Remover with the Cleanser Magic degreaser using the Nails Sponges;
  • STEP FIVE : define the shape of the nail with the crescent-shaped zebra file;
  • STEP SEI : opacifying the nails with the smooth crescent buffer;

application of enamel persistance

  • STEP SETTE : dust carefully with a nail brush;
  • STEP EIGHT : apply a thin layer of colored Persistance;
  • STEP NOVE : polymerize in a 40 Watt LED lamp for 60 seconds or a 36 Watt UV lamp for 180 seconds or a 36 W CCFL LED lamp for 30 seconds;
  • STEP DIECI : apply a second layer of colored Persistance;
  • STEP UNDICI : polymerize again respecting the previously mentioned times;
  • STEP DODICI : here is the complete and beautiful Estrosa Persistance manicure!

how to apply extractive glaze persistance


Also there super easy removal is one of the great strengths of semi-permanent glazes Estrosa Persistance. We offer you the step by step guide for a removal simple and fast!

  • STEP ONE : remove the Persistance surface layer with the crescent-shaped file;
  • STEP DUE : soak the cotton of the Remover Wraps;
  • STEP TRE : wrap the foil on the finger;
  • STEP FOUR : leave for 15 minutes;
  • STEP FIVE : remove the Persistance layer with the Removal Tool;
  • STEP SEI : remove any residues with the smoothing crescent buffer.

Extract glaze persistance removal


The colors are so many! Well 50 shades able to please the lovers of the classic manicure and also those who are always looking for gaudy and particular nuances . The finishes available are of great trend and include glazes lacquered, pastel, glitter, metal is fluo.

colors gleaming estrose persistance

Glaze Extrosa Persistance


Naturally, the combinations of Estrosa enamels are endless! It is indeed possible to realize totally personalized manicures creating beautiful Nail Art with the Persistance range, combining glazes with glitter a finish glossed or cream , without forgetting the effects pearly and those metalized !

whimsical glaze persistance nail art ideas

Here indeed a pretty one Nail Art with decoration that recalls the majestic peacock feathers combining a delicious peacock blue enamel in shades like taupe, purple, blue, green and black.

nail art peacock glaze with persistent perspiration

Nail art inspired by peacocks can also be created on different bases, such as lilac , dark violet or color marsala .

nail art peacock glaze with persistent perspiration


Where can you buy Estrosa Persistance enamels? It is possible to buy them in the best suppliers of professional products as well as in the official online store Beautician Shop . How much do they cost? Their price is of € 19.52 each . THE shipping cost start at € 5.98, while delivery is lauded from the brand for orders equal to or greater than 75 euros!

three glazes in a whimsical persistance

They inspire you Extrosa glaze three persistance in one ? Let us know which color would you like to try leaving us a comment!

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