Estrosa DIVINITY extreme and persistance (3 in 1)

For this winter Mood launch one capsule collection inspired by the most decisive women of character, to the Goddesses who have left their mark in history.

Discover the new with us Divinity Collection, declined in the lines Extreme is Persistance (3 in 1), that is ready to give an absolutely “divine” manicure!

Estrosa DIVINITY extreme and persistance (3 in 1)


Mood colors the winter season with a collection of enamels and semi-permanent, lively, lively and characterful. Inspired by the Goddesses , which have always embodied the ideal of strength, character and determination, the new Estrosa collection he is preparing to leave his mark.

There Divinity Collection Estrosa sees the protagonist as the protagonist fuchsia , declined in 5 shades that take the names of the most famous goddesses evoking their personality.

The most feminine shade of all time combines with magenta, white and red to give life to one bright manicure , versatile, decisive and a long duration !

You are ready to meet all shades that characterize the Divinity Estrosa collection ?

Estrosa DIVINITY extreme and persistance (3 in 1)


The new Divinity Estrosa collection includes the Extreme long lasting gel glazes and i semi-permanent Persistance (3 in 1) .

Both types of nail products have distinguished themselves since the beginning for the ease of application and for the treatment yield which allows in both cases to have one impeccable manicure for a long time .

Extreme Estrosa it’s lo gel polish which does not require polymerization and which gives the manicure a shiny and luminous appearance. It is applied as one conventional glaze and once dry it provides for the application of the respective Extreme Top Coat which seals the color keeping it unchanged over time.

Estrosa Persistance (3 in 1) instead, it is lo semi-permanent polish which combines 3 products in 1, characterized by the rapid and simple application. Necessity of polymerization in Led / UV lamp but it does not require the use of multiple products to be combined with the color, as the particular formula combines a base, color and the final sealant.

It is applied as a glaze and once cured, it determines one perfect manicure for 3 weeks .

There Removal of Extreme provides the aid of a classic solvent or the specific one proposed by the brand, while for what concerns Persistance (3 in 1) , the specific must be used Extrover Remover .

All the Estrosa enamels they are safe for our nails, they do not damage them and being Acid-Free they are extremely delicate.

There Divinity Collection allows you to choose the type of glaze that best suits our needs offering in both cases, a professional quality treatment and perfectly in line with the most current trends .

Estrosa DIVINITY extreme and persistance (3 in 1)


Estrosa, for his new Divinity capsule offers 5 bright colors , lively and ultra bright where the common thread is fuchsia, feminine and glam shades. In detail they are:

Aurora: bright purple, full of character and personality.

Estrosa DIVINITY extreme and persistance (3 in 1)

Athena: warm and enveloping fuchsia mixed with a bit of magenta.

Estrosa DIVINITY extreme and persistance (3 in 1)

Diana: Pastel wisteria, born from the fusion of violet and white, delicate and chic.

Estrosa DIVINITY extreme and persistance (3 in 1)

Phaedra: fuchsia / flamingo red, passionate and seductive.

Estrosa DIVINITY extreme and persistance (3 in 1)

Gea: milky white elegant and austere, but decidedly versatile.

Estrosa DIVINITY extreme and persistance (3 in 1)


The new collection Estrosa Divinity It is already available at retailers authorized Estrosa , you can locate the nearest store by consulting the official site of the brand .

The price of each semi-permanent Persistance glaze (3 in 1) is from 19.50 € for the 8 ml format while i Extreme enamels are available al price of 12.00 € for the 12ml format.

The line can also be purchased on the online shop Mood.

You like the new one Estrosa collection ? Which shade do you prefer among those proposed?


Estrosa DIVINITY extreme and persistance (3 in 1)

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