Estee Lauder Violet Underground: make up fall 2012

Estee Lauder Violet Underground Among the previews of the collections for the next Autumn there is the beautiful Violet Underground of Estee Lauder , an intense collection both in colors and in packaging.

In Violet Underground , as evidenced by the name of the collection, it dominates the violet in all its nuances, from plum to dark violet, to fuchsia.

In many of the other collections make up of Estee Lauder , as well as in Capri this summer, the representative product of the line is always a precious palette; in Violet Undergound do not miss this wonderful casket, composed of 5 beautiful colors.

PURE COLOR FIVE COLOR EYESHADOW PALETTE (price $ 42), palette consisting of 5 eye shadows: black, fuchsia, plum, blue and antique pink; to be used with the two functional brushes included, both sponge, classic and pointed, or brush. Estee Lauder Violet Underground
PURE COLOR QUICK-THICK EYELINER (price $ 21.50), Estee Lauder pen eyeliner is very practical to put on, present in the collection make up for the autumn 2012 in the color Puker Black, an intense and brilliant black. Estee Lauder Violet Underground fall 2012

SUMPTUOUS EXTREME MASCARA (price $ 25), the make up collection Violet Underground Estee Lauder provides a volumizing mascara, also present in the permanent line.
Estee Lauder Violet Undertgorund
PURE COLOR VELVET LIPSTICK (price 25 $), long-lasting lipsticks with colors perfectly in theme with the collection make up dedicated to autumn 2012 , both lipsticks have a matte, opaque and long-lasting finish. The colors are:
– BLACK LASSIS, a dark brownish prunga;
– VIOLET CRUSH, an intense violet.

PURE COLOR GLOSS (price 22.50 $), like many collections coming out in the last period, have agreed on lipsticks and gloss, and also Estee Lauder he did it in this collection for the next one autumn, combining the following colors :
– CHAOTIC CURRANT, an almost brown dark plum;
– REBELLIOUS VIOLETt, a viola. Estee Lauder Violet Underground fall 2012

PURE COLOR NAIL LAQUER (price 20 $), to complete the collection for the Autumn 2012 of Estee Lauder , could not miss a glaze of a beautiful intense violet in the color Black Iris.
Estee Lauder Violet Undertgorund
The make up collection Violet Underground of Estee Lauder for the autumn 2012 will be available in the best perfumeries from August 2012.
Estee Lauder Violet Underground fall 2012

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