Essence Vampire’s Love: vampire make-up

Trick or treat? The Halloween party is getting closer and closer Essence launched the collection of the moment, the trend edition Vampire’s Love . How can we not let ourselves be dragged into the dark and mysterious world of this new make-up line?

Essence Vampire's Love

The collection plays a lot on the combination of pale and bright colors as opposed to the blood red of the lips. Vampire’s Love is inspired by Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Dampire Diaries recalling the figure of the vampire .

It is time to plunge into the mystery to find out what the collection has to offer Vampire’s Love .

Let’s immediately analyze the eye shadow palette in this collection Essence . These are six different colors that are used singly or blended with each other giving magic and mystery to the eyes. They are perfect to draw attention to the look! The palette is available in the 01 Love at first Bite version. Price: 4.23 €

Essence Vampire's Love

If you want to catch your eye vampire preferred solution is the volumizing lash that applied with the appropriate brush gives sensuality and charm to your look. Available in version 01 eye need You. Price: 3.49 €

In the Trend Edition Vampire’s Love could not miss the lip gloss. As we all know, the characterizing element of the vampires, beyond the teeth, are the red, luminous and seductive lips. Essence offers two colors, both with a creamy texture with a covering effect to give a perfect vampire look: 01 Bloody Mary and 02 True Love. They are on sale at the price of 2.49 euros.

To make the face radiant there is the Face Blush gel, suitable for all skin types. Its special texture blends with the rosy color of the face. So the vampire look will be bright throughout the night. Available in version 01 Bloody Mary at a price of 2.99 Euro.

The enamels of the collection Vampire’s Love of Essence they are an absolute must have for all women who hide a soul from vampire . Their long-lasting formula and extraordinary color effects will please everyone. The colors go from pearly gold, to brown off, to gray blue. The enamels are all designed to be combined with eye shadows. So if you love the harmonious combinations you can create an irresistible look full of sensuality and mystery. Available in colors: 01 Old Gold buffy, 02 Into the dark, 03 true love, 04 The dawn is broken, 05 hunt if you can. Their cost is 1.99 euros.

Essence Vampire's Love

How to recall Edward’s skin when exposed to the sun? Here is the illuminating powder that gives a radiant appearance reflecting the light of the sun. It is available in Version 01 Lil ‘Vampire at a cost of 3.49 Euro.

The last touch to your look? It serves the irresistible scent of this particular collection. It is a fragrance that in the rosy and dull colors of the packaging, very reminiscent of the world of mystery and its perfumes. Price: 7.49 euros.

Essence Vampire's Love
If you choose the products in the collection Vampire’s Love of Essence do not complain if someone will be attracted to you, from your look and your scent …

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