Essence online shop: all the websites where to buy

Essence figure among the low cost brands certainly more appreciated by all of us beauty addict for the variety of products offered in the permanent line and for the many trend edition launched during the year.

But perhaps many of you do not know it’s possible buy Essence online : we offer you an overview of reliable sites where to buy your favorite products in total safety at the best prices !

Essence shop online


Essence it’s a low cost brand that makes young girls particularly crazy, for the excellent value for money . Although in Italy there are physical points of sale where to buy Essence , it is often more convenient to carry out Online shopping .

Since there is not one official Essence online shop , we must rely on authorized Italian dealers and not, often going a bit “lucky” in terms of reliability and safety. It is not uncommon to see limited edition from the inflated price and not in line with the standards proposed by the brand.

To avoid this kind of rip-off, unfortunately rare, we have decided to tell you all about it sites that sell Essence , showing you the most reliable ones and those to avoid.


  • Website address:
  • State: Germany.
  • Payment method: Paypal, Postepay, Bank transfer or credit card.
  • Shipping costs: for Europe excluding Germany, they amount to € 8.90 by courier.
  • Delivery times: 5/7 working days.
  • Pros and cons: it’s definitely the best seller both as regards prices that for the quantity of products offered. It is indeed possible to find the entire permanent line, e all the trend edition also passed with unobtainable products. They are also present Trend Edition unpublished in Italy launched only in Germany. The site is in German but you can change the language through the menu by choosing the language English . Shipping costs are not cheap but if you make an order together with a friend you can split the costs! There is a fantastic section with sales and offers . In our opinion it is the best site to shop Essence online.

Kosmetik4less shop Essence


  • Website address:
  • State: Italy.
  • Payment method: credit card, Paypal.
  • Shipping costs: free for orders over 50.00 €, less than 5.00 € with shipping by courier.
  • Delivery times: within 5 working days from the order date.
  • Pros and cons: it is an Italian site and i prices are perfectly in line with those proposed by the brand . The catalog of permanent references offered is quite extensive, however the launch of Trend Edition is Announcements it never happens in a short time.

Lillapois sale Essence products

Tigotà ‘

  • Website address:
  • State: Italy.
  • Payment method: Bank transfer, Paypal, Credit Card, Postepay or Gift Card.
  • Shipping costs: € 5.00 for orders less than € 50.00, free if higher.
  • Delivery times: if the order is placed within 17.30, delivery is expected within 72 hours. Pick-up at the store is also possible.
  • Pros and cons: with Tigotà we have among the advantages that of buying directly from Italy with the possibility of withdrawing the order directly in the point of sale closer to us. However, on the other hand, the range of products available is rather limited there are no Trend Edition. Prices are perfectly in line with the canonical ones of the brand.

Tigotà Essence dealer


  • Website address:
  • State: Spain.
  • Payment method: Paypal, bank transfer and credit card.
  • Shipment: Standard 4.99 €, free above 50.00 €.
  • Delivery times: 5/10 working days.
  • Pros and cons: excellent dealer, offers most of the products present in the Essence permanent line and numerous Trend Edition with prices that are perfectly consistent with those imposed by the brand . Often the presence of gifts and promotions it makes shopping even more enjoyable. Delivery times can be a bit ‘long.

Maquillalia Sale Essence


  • Website address:
  • State: Italy.
  • Payment method: Paypal, Postepay or credit card, cash on delivery.
  • Shipping costs: € 4.99 for orders less than € 50.00, free if higher. Supplement of one euro for cash on delivery.
  • Delivery times: 5/7 working days
  • Pros and cons: it is an Italian site with Quick Delivery and prices in line with those dictated by the brand. However, although the catalog of permanent products is quite large, they tend to be scarce Trend Edition . The site offers frequently discounts and promotions .

Pink Panda Essence online sales


  • Website address:
  • State: Switzerland.
  • Payment method: Paypal, Postepay, Bank transfer or credit card.
  • Shipping costs: delivery costs to 9.90 CHF for orders of less than 100 CHF, if free above.
  • Delivery times: 1/2 working days.
  • Pros and cons: valid with a disadvantage: despite the site reporting the Italian language, prices are quoted in Swiss francs , even if in line with those proposed by the brand. Wide range of permanent references , unfortunately there are few Trend Edition and shipping costs are not cheap.

Manor e-commerce Essence


Although they are valid and reliable e-commerce offering a vast catalog of products of all kinds, we advise against it to buy Essence on Ebay or Amazon .

The reasons are rather simple: i prices , especially regarding the Trend Edition are often inflated too much risking to pay for a product that normally costs a few euros, dizzying figures.

Essence treats low cost products and unfortunately many “private” and unauthorized sellers , tend to speculate on prices: in this way you risk noise scams!

Notwithstanding that for other types of products it is e-commerce however extremely reliable and safe as well as convenient, as regards Essence, it is better to opt for the specialized stores .


Between Essence authorized dealers we also report OVS is Shoes & Boots .

However, despite both possess an e-commerce where to buy online, among others beauty products at the moment Essence does not figure and is only available in the physical points of sale .

We hope this guide on Essence online shops has been helpful. Have you ever bought Essence online? Tell us about yours opinions is your experience !


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