Enamel that changes color? Ruby Wing!

Ruby Wing Smalti Look for one enamel that changes color? The answer is Ruby Wing , i enamels that, made unique by the exclusive formula SolarActive , they change color in the sunlight.

Available for some time in Italy, we had talked about it in a preview our article , and today we can finally present you the full range of Ruby Wing for all the fans of the nail varnish that change colour ! We were able to admire all the nuances available at the Cosmoprof of Bologna 2013 .

If like us you are among those who would love to change nail varnish many times during the day according to your mood, you will surely appreciate them Ruby Wing glazes , Announcements made in New York part of the cosmetic house Forsythe Cosmetics , already producer of the very successful brand Color Club , of which we have already spoken in our article.

The Ruby Wing glazes boast an immense selection of beautiful fashion shades with very different finishes: cream, pearly, metallic or ultra glitter and holographic effect, but also, incredible news for the spring 2013 , perfumed !

For this i Ruby Wing glazes represent the new frontier of the nail varnish, a sort of “fetish” for true connoisseurs, lovers of particular colors and always looking for high quality standards.

On the exhibitor and also on the card attached to the enamels you can see two colored dots that represent the two shades of color of the enamel : the one on the left is the starting color, the one on the right is the result obtained under the rays of the sun.

cosmoprof enamels 2013



The nail varnish that change colour Ruby Wing is inspired and dedicated to free-spirited girls, who like to party like walking in nature, who love to be fashionable and constantly change their mind, of the products that make the ” colored freedom “His own secret weapon.

Here are the photos of the beautiful stand for you Ruby Wing at Cosmoprof of Bologna 2013 .
Ruby Wingcosmoprof Smalti 2013

“enamels that they change color : every Ruby Wing polish it turns into a new color under the rays of the sun “. We show you the new ones Ruby Wing glazes for the spring 2013 : in addition to editing color, once dry, these wonderful enamels give off delicious floral and fruity scents . A real dream in a bottle!
Ruby Wing Smalti
Ruby Wing

Here is the permanent collection of the Ruby Wing glazes : 18 colors that they change color and surprise at every ray of sunshine!

Ruby Wing cosmoprof 2013
Ruby Wing Smalti
Ruby Wing Smalti

Delicate pastel colors dedicated to the most romantic girls signed Ruby Wing :
ruby wing glazes

And more colors pop , for the most sparkling:
glazes that change color
ruby wing enamel cosmoprof 2013

ruby wing cosmoprof 2013
ruby wing glazes

And here is the spectacular effect of the Ruby Wing “Al naturale” and after a few seconds under a UV lamp: do not you find that this effect is fantastic? In the following photos you can see the variations Mystic , Sand Dune , is Horizon compared in the “indoor” and “outdoor” versions. Notice how the enamel changes color:
ruby wing glazes
glazes that change color

enamel that changes color
ruby wing glazes

Formulated and “bottled” in New York, each Ruby Wing nail polish it’s completely non-toxic is sure for the environment, besides being Vegan , is not tested on animals (cruelty free) .

Would you like to buy them? At the moment they are available at La Rinascente of Milan Duomo in the wonderful Champagne Nail Bar at the price of about 15 euros each, but Color Club Italia it could soon make us a surprise by putting them on sale! Fingers crossed!

You like the beautiful glazes Ruby Wing that change color? What are your favorite colors? We fell in love with it, and it’s useless to tell you that al Cosmoprof we have bought several!
We invite you to also discover all the Color Club enamel collections!

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