Enamel Jade Imperial by Yves Saint Laurent, review

YSL Jade Imperial nail polish After the preview of the signed spring collection YSL, today we want to present you the review and the swatches of the nail varnish # 34 Jade Imperial.

The spring of Yves Saint Laurent “Arty Stone” is rich and precious inspired by the wonderful charm of minerals.

The Jade Imperial enamel , as the name already suggests, is of the intense and magnetic green jade.

Is one nail varnish hypnotic, elegant and fashionable, masterfully captures every glance and brings to mind the charm of the Chinese empire where jade was the undisputed queen.

Jade Imperial of YSL It is not a disenchanted and cheerful green, it is a green that becomes discreet and fascinating, it is not eccentric but it is delicate and fine, a real luxury green a new way of conceiving color, a new way of dressing hands. It is a trend, it is class.

Like the whole collection Yves Saint Laurent the packaging of the Jade Imperial enamel It is a real jewel, with a golden cap in the center of the fascinating magnetic icon for every woman, a small glass bottle in transparent glass that lets you see all the beauty of color, the shape is that of the classic brick … a truly magnificent gold bar .

The cap slips off and leaves room for a second small and round non-slip cap which facilitates the grip during the application. Contains 10 ml and the recommended price is around 18 euros.
YSL enamel n 34

The brush of the YSL polish it is wide and double facilitates the drafting, with a brush stroke covers the entire nail, really convenient for the neophytes of the nail varnish and also useful for the most experienced ; the bristles are soft and comfortable, embracing the nail in a decisive and homogeneous past. The composition of the Yves Saint Laurent nail polishes it’s perfect: ideal balance between the liquid and the dense. Both durability and drying are excellent. Is one nail varnish 3-Free: does not contain formaldehyde, DBP and toluene .
YSL enamel

Before applying, I always recommend a basic layer. It is necessary to shake the bottle well to perfectly mix the pigments and to obtain a greater depth of color before proceeding with the application. The Jade Imperial enamel of Yves Saint Laurent it is very opaque already with just one pass, but I recommend two layers depending on the desired color intensity.
YSL enamel n 34 Jade Imperial

Excellent quality, excellent pigmentation, one nail varnish magnificent, it is very shiny even without top coat and the duration exceeds all expectations, up to 7 days without any problem. The green jade is a color already seen, but I guarantee that this tone is really very special.

Looking at it is a real pleasure … the only flaw? Addiction! It makes you want to have all the colors of the YSL glazes!
Jade Imperial Enamel

What do you think of Yves Saint Laurent’s Jade Imperial Smalto? I think it’s fantastic and then … I can trust you, the packaging is so nice that I would choose it a thousand times even if it was empty!

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