Elisabetta Franchi Fall Winter 2015 2016: Photo

It tastes decidedly Oriental the new clothing collection Elisabetta Franchi for the autumn winter 2015 2016, if we want to go down in detail the notes that distinguish it are related to the world of Japan. But do not be fooled, nothing extreme or purely artistic: the Italian brand plays with the atmosphere of the Rising Sun in a delicate and completely portable .

Elisabetta Franchi is a fashion brand Italian led by the homonymous designer, founded in 1998 in Bologna, where it is still based. Among the representatives of the excellence of our country, the company offers garments urban chic it’s a lot female , extremely elegant and completely cruelty free .


The atmospheres are the chaotic and worldly ones of the Japanese capital , but the references to the past and to the Japanese culture they are many and are not limited to a single approach. The prints of the autumn winter collection follow the typical style of what for us is to be considered ‘oriental’, but they are above all the forms and i details to recall that world.

THE samurai and the design of their estates, as well as i kimono , are at the center of many of the creations of the line, if you are curious to discover it follow us on this journey! With photo , prices and details, here is the new autumn winter 2015 collection by Elisabetta Franchi.

Elisabetta Franchi Fall Winter 2015 2016: Photo


The style that we have anticipated is immediately more than evident from the first dress we show you. The gray dress with winter print it has a bag design with puffed sleeves, refined and unique, in satin duchesse (cost of 262,00 Euro).

Also the blue dress Elisabetta Franchi recalls the east a lot, because of the color and laces in bustier style, two elements that are found in kendo uniforms, a Japanese martial art. Sweetheart neckline and tight silhouette give the final feminine touch (cost of € 362.00).

The fuchsia dress it is more classic, with a pleated georgette blouse and an amphora skirt with an important waistband (on sale at € 331.00). The powder pink mini dress it is very special in its vintage cut with a criss-cross top and a very flared skirt with a longer back (available at € 373.00).

Elisabetta Franchi Fall Winter 2015 2016: Photo

It is in synthetic leather the beige dress on the left, with top and skirt draped with different movements, and back in smooth technical fabric (cost of 171.00 euros). The same technical stretch fabric also for the black dress Elisabetta Franchi, with satin stitching and lace inserts on the neckline (on sale at 414.00 Euro). The longuette skirt has a small slit on the bottom.

Very original the pink dress with corset-style laces on the top and on the sides, a style also recalled by the contrasting lines that bring to mind the bustier ribs (price of 357.00 Euros). Austere design and sensual details!

It is more frivolous and fanciful dressed with fringes pink and red, embellished and illuminated by the golden chain belt (price 393,00 Euro).

Elisabetta Franchi Fall Winter 2015 2016: Photo

A model a kimono to return to talk about the east: the blue dress and black It is absolutely iconic, in satin, with a crossover neckline, wide three-quarter sleeves and a short skirt (cost 202.00 euros). Perfect to wear with high boots for an aggressive look.

A different world for the pale pink dress , a vintage sixties dress, with white collar and sleeve bottom, comfortable and short cut (on sale at € 346.00).

THE’ fuchsia dress has a provocative V-neck very deep, stopped by a band with buttons that open two side folds that do not continue on the back (price 273.00 Euro).

A similar model but developed in a more complex way, the blue and black dress It consists of a criss-cross top with three-quarter sleeves, a faux satin belt with a high waist with shaped inserts and long tassels, and a classic black skirt (available at € 302.00). Also in this case, the reference to the kimono is evident.

Elisabetta Franchi Fall Winter 2015 2016: Photo

Unfailing, here are the suits Elisabetta Franchi winter 2015, elegant and refined! Let’s start from red suit , actually a business suit with belt that simulates the effect. The crop top has three-quarter sleeves and the boat neckline, the back is crossed and leaves the final part of the back uncovered. The satin band separates the shirt from the palace trousers, classic, in crepe (cost of € 283.00).

Beautiful and once again with an oriental flavor, the pink and black jumpsuit , with heart bustier, satin band with appliqués and soft trousers (cost € 336.00).

Silhouette super adherent for the blue suit Elisabetta Franchi catalog, with light and pleated top, shiny satin waistband and calf skinny trousers (on sale at 378.00 Euro). It is instead more convenient white suit with a tufted top, with satin band and lapels (available at € 320.00).

Elisabetta Franchi Fall Winter 2015 2016: Photo


Let’s find out a few suggestions about the tops, starting with the hottest ones. The black cardigan is very particular, classic in the upper part in wool, hyper feminine and original on the bottom of worked lace (available at € 276.00).

Young and easy, the gray sweater has a crop top cut, is in wool blend, with crew neck and ribbed bottom (price 262.00 Euro). In tricot also the white cardigan long, with short sleeves and zip closure (cost of 354.00 euros).

Elisabetta Franchi Fall Winter 2015 2016: Photo

The short cut continues to be a trend even in the cold season, in fact after the gray sweater we show you also the white t-shirt with print, with turned up short sleeves (cost € 100.00), and the white top stretch with black ruffle in removable duchesse (price € 215.00).

Two more classic proposals: the black top Elisabetta Franchi fall 2015 in jersey is simple in the lines, but is enriched by the side frill in georgette that creates movement (available at € 84.00). Also there White shirt with bow is rich in movement, draped and soft, with a tight collar and cuffs (on sale at 262.00 Euro).

Elisabetta Franchi Fall Winter 2015 2016: Photo

Similar cut but different realization for the pink powder top and for the black top , the two power plants. There pink blouse it is in fluid crepe with contrasting lining, a deep cross-cut neckline and straps with rouches that recall the asymmetric and draped bottom (cost of 257.00 Euro). Also there black blouse It is a crossover and contrasting interior, but is enriched by the side bow that marks it at the waist (on sale at 210.00 Euro).

At the two ends, we show you the blue body and the white body . The first has a deep V-shaped neckline in satin and covered by the gathered band (price € 207.00), the second is soft and crossed with satin lapels, much more classic (on sale at € 210.00).

Elisabetta Franchi Fall Winter 2015 2016: Photo


Ready for Elisabetta Franchi jackets? A classic, the black leather jacket , is revisited according to a super feminine style, once again with a short cut and with important ruffles along the closure (available at 426.00 Euro).

Return to the oriental world with the blue leather jacket , with a flattened cut and a particular V-neckline, with a decorative double knot at the waist (price € 748.00). Similar design, but more smooth and clean, for the red jacket with contrasting shiny satin band (cost of 289.00 euros).

It combines the bielastic nylon fabric and the tassel black jacket on the right, with a shaped and flared cut, with a round neck and a zip closure (on sale at € 289.00).

Elisabetta Franchi Fall Winter 2015 2016: Photo

If you prefer the warm furs, here you are content! The lover is very precious eco pink fur , with cloth top profiled with a golden jewel chain, and wide and soft sleeves and bottom (price of 409.00 Euro). Oversized effect for the eco black fur Elisabetta Franchi, short and minimal, excellent for the day and for the evening (cost of € 459.00).

Detail the faux fur beige with checked pattern, high and wide collar and wide kimono sleeves. Once again the cut is short (price € 373.00).

Elisabetta Franchi Fall Winter 2015 2016: Photo


Here we are at the skirts, we see some models of the autumn winter collection, they are all very different from each other. There denim skirt has a voluminous and wide wheel cut, the length is at the knee and the waist is high, marked by the band with oriental knot to decorate (price of 276.00 €).

There beige skirt , also with a high waist, has a more vintage taste and is very simple in design, but very special because in horizontal rib knits (price € 299.00).

Even more particular the next two proposals: the pink skirt takes up the style of the dress we saw at the beginning, with references to corsets with laces and splints. The model is longuette longuette (cost € 328.00). There black skirt it is short but again with a high waist, with a wide and structured shape. It is in Milan stitch fabric with faux leather inserts (cost of 207.00 euros).

Elisabetta Franchi Fall Winter 2015 2016: Photo

Very different styles also for Elisabetta Franchi trousers and jeans. THE blue trousers they have a design that we have already found in clothes and suits, they are in crepe with a shaped band in satin decorated with long tassels (available at 252.00 Euro). THE White trousers they are very classic and clean, in stretch crepe, with a mid-calf length and a comfortable fit (on sale at 262.00 Euro).

THE jeans in the middle they have a skinny silhouette and a rather dark wash, with tears and regular life (price 192.00 Euro). On the right we see instead of the dark jeans in the palace, with a high waist, in perfect sixties style (cost € 184.00).

Elisabetta Franchi Fall Winter 2015 2016: Photo


Have you fallen in love with the winter fashion collection? You can find it in all single-brand boutique of the brand, visit the official site to discover the store nearest you. Elisabetta Franchi it also offers you the opportunity to make purchases through the online shop !

About Made in Italy fashion clothing, you have already seen the Pinko collection ?

What do you say girls? Did you like the union between Italian quality and Japanese culture?

Elisabetta Franchi Fall Winter 2015 2016: Photo

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