Dupes Smalti Chanel Elixir, Alchemy, Mysterious

This cold season is full of fashion dictated by the Superstition collection of Chanel , with the combinations of pink and military green and in particular of the 3 glazes of the season: Elixir , alchemy is mysterious .

As always happens the Chanel nail polishes to dictate the color trends for the manicure of every season and often the glazes become unobtainable and sold out in the main perfumeries.

Just like the search for the latest Chanel trend enamel, the search for the perfect dupe , or del possible substitute characterized by a color and a finish as similar as possible. Today we show you the possible dupes of the enamels Chanel Elixir, Alchimie, Mysterious.
chanels glaze autumn 2013 Elixir is the touch of bright color of the triad of glazes Chanel autumn 2013 , a pink tending slightly to the coral that does not want to see the end of summer, very lacquered and polished.

The two Khaki are instead alchemy is mysterious, the first is a very metallized navy green, elegant and with a tendency a little rock.

The darkest of the Superstition is mysterious , vaguely reminiscent of the famous Particuliére, which veers strongly to the dark military green, totally polished without shimmer effects.
enamel chanel superstition

Impossible not to notice the extreme resemblance of alchemy with the Peace on Earth of China Glaze rather than a shimmer like version Agro , always made in China Glaze .

alchemy chanel dupe

agro china glaze

Amazonia of Dior that turns a little more green compared to mysterious he is a papre dupe for those who love color, albeit with similar costs it’s not a perfect dupe low cost .
mysterious chanel dupe

The Dating Coral of L’Oreal it might slightly resemble Elixir , but the polish of the season 2013 of Chanel veers much more to the pink compared to the economic colleague. It is probably closer to the enamel Shake Shake Shake by Faby less expensive than Chanel and in any case of remarkable quality .
elixir chanel dupe

Faby shake shake shake

Those of you have already bought the enamels from the collection Superstition ? And who will instead launch on the dupes? ^ _ ^ Let us know if you found a low-cost dupes for the polish Mysterious!

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