Dior Diorsnow: makeup collection and skincare 2018

Dior spear Diorsnow , the new romantic makeup collection designed for those who like to show off their femininity through a light, fresh and snow-white make-up!

We show you in preview the whole make up collection of the French Maison that will come out in view of spring 2018.

Dior Diorsnow

Dior Diorsnow


The protagonists of the new seasonal makeup are the delicate pastel shades, elegant and feminine. Diorsnow it is a collection that is as refined as it is original, taking inspiration from the perfection of the snow crystals .

The pattern that characterizes the new ones Cherry Blossom Palette Dior it represents the leitmotif of the entire collection, whose references are united by extreme brightness and remarkable sparkles. The magnificent is an example 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette focused on pastel tones, and in the same way, the enveloping Dior Lipstick and the vinyls Dior Addict Lipgloss .

Diorsnow Collection
Diorsnow Collection – pic: @ doraemon1686

It is also noted the manicure , through the wonderful Dior Nail Polish with a pleasantly iridescent finish, for refined nails and all to show off.

Dior But he also thinks about the skincare and it does so through two innovations: the Lip Maximizer Collagen Activ , a lip product based on collagen and the innovative Diorsnow Essence of Light , rich face serum.

Let’s take a close look at all the products of the new Dior Diorsnow make up and skincare collection.

Diorsnow Dior skincare collection


Dior opens the Diorsnow collection with the Cherry Blossom Palette, from the wonderful packaging that sees the waffle expertly inlaid with a pattern that recalls the purity of the crystal.

There are two colors available, consisting of silky, impalpable and delicately frosted powders, to be used as natural blushes ready to revive the complexion or as illuminants for a slight glowy effect. Here they are:

  • # 002 delicate pink coral with orange gradient and warm undertone;
  • # 003 lavender mixed with violet, pastel orange, white and rosé.

Dior blush Diorsnow


The new Dior makeup collection also includes one of the best seller proposed by the brand: an iconic variation of the note 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette .

A refined eye makeup palette composed by 5 pastel shades in shades of pink and purple from the elegant metallic finish . Proposal in the exclusive variant # 847 , includes warm and cold tones perfect to be mixed, giving life to romantic, fresh and feminine looks.

Dior Palette Diorsnow eyes


The Lip Maximizer Colagen Activ , it’s the new one Dior lip treatment formulated with a significant percentage of collagen .

Characterized by a pleasant aroma of vanilla , gives the lips a pleasant sensation of freshness, moisturizes them in depth, while bringing a filler plumping effect .

The presence of collagen helps prevent aging and the formation of those small anti-aesthetic wrinkles, typical of labial mucosa .


There Diorsnow collection it also includes a new Dior Addict Lipgloss, a wraparound vinyl effect lip gloss proposed in the exclusive # 058 shade that looks like ice.

Delicately satiny, and slightly pigmented, it gives the lips a bright, luminous and sheer finish thanks to the presence of reflective micro-pearls . There creamy formula and not sticky, it also ensures comfort and hydration .



Inside the limited edition Dior Diorsnow there are two iconic shades Dior Lipstick , high-pigment creamy lipsticks.

There soft and flowing formula , saturated with pigments, offers a full and uniform color . The brilliant finish gives the lips a pleasant appearance filling effect .

Comfortable and moisturizing are available in two different shades : # 383 and # 684.


The note French Maison has also thought about the manicure with enamels characterized by an original pearly-like and iridescent finish .

There are two shades proposed for the Dior Nail Polish :

  • # 240 Moonrise;
  • # 282 Aurora.

Dior nail polishes Diorsnow


Concludes the Diorsnow collection , the new Dior Essence Of Light , a delicate face serum that enhances the natural brightness of the complexion thanks to a delicate translucent effect .

Its formula based on natural extracts and yogurt, offers a distinct anti-aging action , deeply moisturizes without greasing and helps to make the complexion radiantly radiant.

Dior Face Diorsnow Essence Of Light


The makeup collection Diorsnow proposed by Dior will be launched internationally in the months of February – March 2018 . We do not know yet if it will arrive in Italy.

We remind you that Dior products can be bought in the best perfumeries and also online for example on Sephora website in This Page .

We still have no certain information on the prices of cosmetics of the line , but as usual we will keep you updated as soon as news about it will come out!

And what do you think of this elegant Dior collection? What attracts you most?


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