Deborah Milano Christmas 2017: makeup palette and La Rosa

Deborah Milan , for this Christmas 2017 launches many makeup palette complete and perfect for making any type of make up, from the most classic to the most original. In addition, “La Rosa” comes out, a beautiful makeup bag!

We show them in detail, certain that they will be a useful overview of last minute gift ideas suitable to meet your needs!

Deborah Milano Palette makeup Christmas 2017


If you love them makeup palette , you will surely appreciate all of them Deborah Milan news proposals for this Christmas 2017 .

The brand launches in fact the La Rosa make-up kit , cute perfect gift ideas for young friends or sisters who approach the world of makeup and want a complete, versatile and functional product.

For those who want more complex makeup palettes, even more complete and designed to encourage the creation of every kind of eye, face and lips make-up, the brand launches the Color Symphony range suitable to respond to any kind of need.

Compact, versatile and lively, all the proposals Debora Milan for these upcoming holidays, they are ready to give original color variations suitable for those who approach make-up, and those who live it in a professional manner.

Distinguished by the indisputable quality that characterizes the brand, the Deborah Milano makeup palette , represent a unique and surely appreciated gift idea: the dream of any beauty addict!

You are ready to meet all the news Deborah Milano Christmas 2017 ?

Christmas makeup palette 2017 Deborah Milano


There Deborah Milan news certainly more original for this Christmas 2017, it is the Trousse La Rosa .

Characterized by a original and modern design to represent an elegant rosebud , each trousse contains everything necessary to make an impeccable make-up.

Every La Rosa casket It contains:

  • 6 compact eye shadows;
  • illuminant powder;
  • tanning ground;
  • blush;
  • face powder;
  • 2 gloss,
  • 2 applicators.

Available in three different colors:

  • White Rose: cold tones:

Deborah Milano Milano 2017 makeup palette

Deborah Milano pink Christmas makeup kit 2017

  • Pink Fuchsia: dark and intense tones.

Deborah Milano La Rosa Christmas makeup kit 2017


The palette Color Symphony Book Deborah Milan , among the proposals for this Christmas 2017, represents a gift idea perfect for all those who like to have always at hand the necessary to achieve a complete makeup always different.

The reclosable box , with a compact and minimal design, it contains a large interior color selection of 48 eye shadows differentiated by finish and even gloss, bronzer, blush and illuminating, complemented by mascara and accessories and a large mirror.

The perfect gift for those who want to have always with them, even on the stock exchange, everything they need for possible tweaks .

Deborah Milano Color Symphony Christmas 2017


Compact dimensions and a wide choice of possibilities, make up the Color Symphony Medium makeup palette .

Deborah Milan in fact, it offers a small and compact box, but once the countless little drawers have been opened, in this case it also hides everything necessary to realize our party make-up .

Lipsticks, gloss, face powder, bronzer, blush and one huge selection of eye shadows diversified by finish, with which we can have fun and play with color, unleashing our imagination!

Deborah Milano Christmas gift box set 2017


The Color Symphony Xlarge box set it is the dream proposed by Deborah Mila no, suitable both for those looking for a complete palette to use in everyday life, both for professionals.

The compact design reminiscent of a precious casket, once opened exhibits one wide overview of products useful for making a complete make-up.

From blushes to bronzes, from lands to highlighter , drawers reveal 50 compact eye shadows lively and pigmented and still correctors, gloss and one wide selection of rossett the.

We are spoiled for choice for this Christmas 2017 !

Deborah Milano gift boxes Christmas 2017


The new makeup palette Color Symphony Large Deborah Milano it is the perfect compromise between quality and freedom of choice.

Once again, the compact and minimal design contains one vast selection of eye shadows and lipsticks , both diversified by finish, alternated with face and essential accessories to make a perfect makeup!

an i unique and complete gift goddess , perfect for those who are beginners but want to have the ” must have “For makeup in one convenient solution!

Deborah Milano makeup palette Christmas 2017


Concludes the overview of proposals Deborah Milan for this Christmas 2017, Color Symphony Makeup Bag , a box set of the most complete and versatile with a compact and refined design.

Also very compact in this case, take the form of a “jewelry box” consisting of drawers and small compartments.

Inside, they are enclosed well 48 eye shadows diversified by finish and shades ranging from classic tones to the brightest ones, 16 cast lipsticks and still powders, bronzer, blush, illuminating correctors and a series of accessories that make this unique box.

A real one beauty complete with everything , extremely versatile and that lends itself to being transported comfortably even on the move to always have a real life at hand briefcase trucc or to envy a make-up artist !

Deborah Milan Christmas gift ideas 2017


All the Deborah Milan news for this Christmas 2017, the makeup kits The Rose and the Color Symphony makeup palette , as well as all the references proposed by the brand, can be found at dealership perfumeries and in corner Deborah Milano .

You can also buy online directly through the Deborah Milan official website in This Page , with free shipping for orders over € 25 .

And do you like these makeup palettes? Tell us which one you prefer and you would like to buy!


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