Deadly Manicure: Nail art with real animals (dead): here are the pictures!

From Canada one arrives nail art trend absolutely unique as it is unusual involving our manicure.

Here comes the nail art with real animals ready to arouse a sensation and curiosity . Is called ” deadly manicure “, Literally” deadly manicure “. We show you an overview of ideas as absurd as original found on the net, which will surely hit you too!

Deadly Manicure
Nail art with real animals – @deadlynails
Nail Art Real Animals Deadly Manicure
Nail art with dead butterfly wings – @deadlynails


Although it may seem a little questionable taste, the trends related to nail world they never cease to surprise through original ideas at the limit of the extreme.

From Melbourne they are ready to approve on the hands of the bravest beauty addicts, the new ones nail art that incorporate real animals (logically dead), corpses or part of them.

The idea comes from the nail artist Nicole Casati that after having experimented on the nails with the application of parts of butterfly wings , decided to introduce this type of nail art even in his Australian salon Deadly Nails .

dead animals nail art
Nails with bees and wasps
Nails with bees and wasps – @deadlynails

Surely not for weak stomachs, le nail art with dead animals born from Nicole’s passion for the taxidermy , and as she has reported in numerous interviews, for the mystery that revolves around to death .

Widely criticized for its extreme choice and let’s face it, even a little crazy, the note nail artist has specified of do not kill animals specially for his nail art.

Insects are supplied specifically by a taxidermist present in Queensland: a respectful and appreciated choice by its reckless customers!

This does not mean that this kind of manicure both suitable for extremely courageous people , original and unconventional, that love to appear without being conventional.

Fingernails with insects
Fingernails with insects – @deadlynails
Nail art with real scorpions
Nail art with real scorpions – @deadlynails

But what can be incorporated into the nail art with real animals ? The numerous images on social media, which are circulating around the world, see themselves as protagonists many types of insects .

Flies , mosquitoes , scorpions , butterfly wings , ladybugs and even tiny ippocamp which enrich the nail structure essentially made of gel or acrylic .

Dead animals nails
Deadly Nail Art – @deadlynails

The possibilities to decorate the deadly nail art , unquestionably original, no shortage. In fact, the use of reptile skin and even marijuana leaves or small pieces of seashell experimented by Nicole herself.

Dedicated to those who love to dare, the nail art with animals they are destined to surprise and to be discussed for a long time.

And you would have the courage to wear such nails with ease? From the insertion of dried flowers and glitter to that of dead animals , the step you see is short but … you need to be daring!

Not only that, it is important not to suffer from onychophagy , otherwise you would end up eating insects!

Deadly Nail Art
Nail art with real animals – @deadlynails


But how these originals are made nail art deadly ?

This type of nail art necessarily implies the use of gel and acrylic : in fact it is carried out, incorporating each element, inside the nail reconstruction .

The animals , or part of them depending on the desired nail art, come before sterilized to then be applied on nail structure and covered with gel or acrylic.

The procedure is in fact very similar to the one implemented to apply within the nail reconstruction , any kind of element, from glitter, to flakes of mother-of-pearl , until you get to the flowers to name a few examples.

This process probably recalls the structure of the Amber , natural resin that typically incorporates inside insects and plants .

The final results is certainly more trash but we can certainly not deny the originality of the nail art with real animals inside .

Nail art with real ladybird
Nail art with real ladybird – @ house0fglitter
Nails with animal gel reconstruction
Nails with animal gel reconstruction – @deadlynails

The nails with real animals , like everything that is unusual, macabre and sui generis, they represent a real trend.

They can be disgusted and turn out to be quite importable but one thing is certain: Nicole Casati she managed to make people talk about herself by teaching them to reevaluate concept of “beauty” raising it to something unique and ” deadly “.

What do you think of this type of original nail art? Would you like to show off nails like these? Let us know your opinions!


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