Dark & ​​Blue evening makeup

black blue evening makeup Often for a special evening we think it would be nice to do one makeup particular, perhaps more intense than the one you bring every day.

I propose this to you dark & ​​blue evening makeup tutorial , simple to make that can be changed very easily by changing the colors to your liking and ideal for all types of eyes.

What is needed for this makeup in the evening is:
– Gradient brush;
– Eyeliner brush;
– Pen brush;
– Matt black eyeshadow;
– Emerald green / blue satin eyeshadow or shimmer;
– Light blue or white light shadow;
– Black eyeliner;
– Blue or white pencil;
– Eye primer.
black blue evening makeup
We begin the realization of the makeup for dark & ​​blue eyes spreading a primer eyes on both the mobile eyelid and the fixed eyelid.

With a Pencil for eyes we color the central part, in this case it can be used the same color of the eye shadow that we will apply, or a neutral white; will serve to intensify the color of the eyeshadow that we will use soon after.

With the’ eyeshadow blue we go to cover the part of the pencil, blending it roughly, so we come back later.

Let’s go to apply in the first part of eye the black eyeshadow, better if opaque, so the color part will stand out more and the overall make-up will have an excellent texture balance.

We spread the black also in the other part forming a V in the outer part, maybe helping us with an angled eyeliner brush, and we also cover the fold of the eye , as you can see in the picture.

With the shading brush, let’s take a little blue and let’s blend the upper part of the black to make the separation less clear, and make the nuance between the central blue and the black on the sides more homogeneous.

The evening makeup dark & ​​blue it’s almost done. With a eyeshadow lighter, light blue or even pearly white, let’s illuminate the eyebrow arch, fading even with the rest of the makeup.
black blue evening makeup
We draw a thin line of eyeliner, being careful to cover the lash line without leaving spaces.
black blue evening makeup
To further intensify the Dark & ​​blue evening make-up apply the eyeliner or a kajal in the upper inner rhyme, in case your eyeliner does not write inside; and at the lower lash we draw a line of blue.
black blue evening makeup
Let’s go with the black even in the lower rhyme and slightly fade the black with the blue.
black blue evening makeup
We apply a lot mascara and the dark & ​​blue evening makeup it’s over!
black blue evening makeup

This is the final result, which can be completed with a gloss or a nude lipstick and a touch of blush, remaining read because the eye makeup it’s already quite marked!

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