Crochet costumes 2018: the most beautiful models

THE crochet costumes we have worn them in the past, but this year trend costumes that tastes sweetly vintage It definitely seems to be back in vogue.

Among the great must have to pack and take on vacation there are also them crochet costumes . We show you the most beautiful!


In the last years i tricot costumes they have never been very successful. This year, on the other hand – the hippy and boss fashion boom is complicit vintage – it will not be difficult to find a crochet costume that you like or are comfortable with.

The models are the most disparate, ranging from the classic crochet bikini with a balconette bra to the triangle costume, passing through the sporty models with brassiere .

Crochet costumes
Crochet bikin Asos top (24.99 Euro) and crochet mix & match bikini briefs with a high waistline (24.99 Euro)
Costumes two embroidered pieces
Asos bikini with high collar with crochet (27.99 Euro) and slip with side laces (16.99 Euro)
Crochet costumes summer 2017
Asos crochet top bikini brassiere (price 20.99 Euro) and low waist briefs (price 13.49 Euro)
Crochet costumes 2017
Oysho crochet white bikini top (29.99 Euro) and crochet briefs (19.99 Euro)
Crochet swimwear
Mango costume with crochet brassiere (cost € 35.99) and crochet slip (cost € 29.99)
2017 Crochet Swimwear
Accessorize crochet bikini (19,90 Euro)


The crochet bra always has a double face. On the one hand that refined romance which makes it a beach cape bon ton on the other hand, a bold transparency for one I see-I-see effect .

Always, however, the bikini with crochet bra It has an almost charismatic charm. This year in particular – thanks to this passion for the retro fashion – there is nothing to spoil for choosing between classic bras, push up costumes , the traditional triangles and the costumes with brassiere which are the rediscovery of the sporty trend also for the beach.

Crochet bra costume
Mango crochet swimsuit (35.99 Euro)
Sporty swimsuit
Roxy Sea Lovers crochet swimsuit (50.00 euros on Zalando)
Crochet triangle costume
Caribbean Kool crochet afolly triangle costume (110.00 Euro on Zalando or Amazon)
Lace costume
Costume with sporty lace Hunkemoller Midnight Gloss (price 25.00 Euro on Zalando)
Low cost crochet costumes
H & M crochet bra lined (price 17.99 Euro)
Bikini with crochet decoration
H & M bikini top with crochet decoration on the back (cost 19.99 Euro)
Black crochet costumes
H & M black crochet bikini top (17.99 Euro)
Black crochet costumes
H & M bikini top with ruffles (cost € 14.99)
Crochet swimwear
H & M bikini with crochet brassiere (cost 24.99 euros)
Triangle crochet bikini
H & M multicolor crocheted bikini top (cost 19.99 Euro)
Embroidered swimwear
H & M top bikini embroidered brassiere (17.99 Euro)
Embroidered swimsuit
Oysho costume with crochet bra (29.99 Euro)


The tricot style fits any model, so you can simply wear the bra that better enhances your forms and combine it with a slip that can bring out your curves in the same way, without giving up on that boho chic style that has always characterized the swimwear with embroidery.

Also the crochet briefs you can find it in a variety of models that fit perfectly with your silhouette: someone will definitely focus on Micro-slip with laces, others on high-waisted briefs , but there are also the classic panties not too high at the waist nor too high.

Bikini with crochet slip
Seafolly crochet slip Australia Gypsy Summer (on Zalando 80.00 Euro)
Crochet costumes with a high waist
Costume with high-waisted briefs Somedays Lovin Tigress (price 54.99 Euro on Zalando)
Costume with crochet briefs
Costume with embroidered slip Freya Sundance (cost 32.99 euros on Amazon or Zalando)


The triangle costume is always a great classic. The crochet technique, or also called crochet, is a very special but at the same time versatile work that makes even a common swimsuit with a triangle bra irresistible. These costumes – including lace, romance and sensuality – will conquer all of them.

Next to the mini triangles there are models with preformed cups or in a sporty style, with oversized triangles that resemble brassiere , in a wide range of colors between the nude and the coolest pastel shades of the summer.

Triangle costumes with embroidery
Triangle costume with Lost Ink lace (19.99 Euro on Zalando)
Triangle crochet costumes
Triangle crochet Lost Ink bra (on Zalando cost 22.00 Euro and slip cost 18.00 Euro)
Triangle crochet costumes
Seafolly Gypsy Summer costume with triangle bra (on Amazon 80.00 Euro and 110.00 Euro slip)
White crochet bikini
Bikini Asos top mix & match in crochet triangle (16.99 Euro)
crochet swimsuit
Pretty Little Thing Asos bikini with triangle bra (price 17.99 Euro) and briefs (price 15.99 Euro)
Triangle padded costumes
Asos New Look preformed triangle bikini top (17.99 Euro) and slip with laces (13.49 Euro)
blue crochet costume
H & M triangle bra with preformed cups (cost € 14.99) and slip with side laces (cost € 9.99)
Boho chic costumes
Goldenpoint costume with embroidered bra
Crochet costumes with triangle bra
Goldenpoint costume crochet triangle bra
Crochet costume
Oysho triangle bra (price 22.99 euros) and brazilian (price 16.99 euros)
Light green crochet costume
Mango triangle bra (35.99 Euro) and briefs (29.99 Euro)
Military green crochet costume
Accessorize crochet bikini with triangle bra (29.90 Euro) and briefs (22.90 Euro)


The bandeau costume still remains the most popular model. A model that goes perfectly with this crochet trend that has conquered the entire wardrobe a bit.

On one side there are the bandeau costumes with embroidery simple and soft, on the other those with structured cups or preformed padding .

Bandeau-made crochet costumes
Bandeau costume For Love & Lemons Alicante (on Amazon 140.00 Euro)
Crochet bandeau costume
Asos bandeau costume with cups (24.99 euros) and Brazilian micro (14.99 euros)


A classic choice. We are talking about the black bikini which this year is particularly sought after and exclusive.

On the one hand there are the simplest models, the banded ones, the triangle ones or the balcony dresses. On the other hand, there are the cut out costumes and the sporty ones with an accented bra, all enhanced by the embroidery and from crochet processing very special.

crochet black costume
Costume For Love & Lemons Samba with bra cut out (on Zalando 180.00 Euro and briefs 169.00 Euro)
Embroidered black bikini
Asos New Look bikini with crochet borders, bra (20.99 Euro) and briefs (13.49 Euro)
Two-piece black costumes
Goldenpoint bikini with bra and crochet briefs
Black crochet triangle bikini
Mango bikini with triangle (cost 19.99 euros) and briefs (price 15.99 euros)
Embroidered tankini crochet
Accessorize black tankini with embroidery (29.90 Euro)


It is not said that the crochet costume should be solid color, among the sea collections there are also many fancy models with a predilection for the geometric patterns , multicolor lines and ethnic fantasies .

Crocheted sporty costumes
Ralph Lauren Ricky Bikini with sporty bra (on Zalando 90.00 Euro and 89.99 Euro slip)
Fancy crochet costumes
Costume Seafolly Havana Action bra (on Zalando cost 70.00 Euro and slip cost 70.00 Euro)
Crochet costume for girl
Gabriela Boutique multicolor bikini (price 49.69 euros on Amazon)
Simple crochet costume
Mango fantasy bra (29.99 Euro) and briefs (29.99 Euro)


Finally, the appeal could not be missing swimsuit, a cult to show off at the beach and in the pool but possibly during the afternoon hours, just to avoid the risk of ruining the tan.

In this case the crochet processing serves to make it even more sensual an already sinuous model. Volant , transparencies , metal applications make the whole fashion costume, following the seasonal trends.

Whole crochet costumes
Asos one-piece crochet costume (37.99 Euro)
Whole crochet costumes
Asos crochet swimsuit with fringes and deep neckline (cost € 37.99)
Crochet one-piece swimsuit
Asos New Look crochet swimsuit (33.99 Euro)
Whole crochet costumes
Dobreva one-piece swimsuit (cost 19.99 euros on Amazon)
Trikini crochet
Gabriela Boutique crochet swimsuit (price 32.65 euros on Amazon)
White whole costumes
Oysho white swimsuit (55.99 Euro)
Black crochet costume
Tezenis crochet swimsuit (price 22,90 Euro)
Black one-piece swimsuit
Accessorize one-piece black crochet costume (39.90 Euro)
Crochet costume
Accessorize one-piece crochet costume (37.90 Euro)


The crochet costumes can be bought sy Asos in This Page , on Amazon in this page come on Zalando in This Page .

The costumes of all the other brands (Mango, Accessorize, Goldenpoint, H & M, Tezenis, Oysho) can be purchased in the many outlets of the respective brands distributed throughout the country.

Do you like crochet swimsuits? Which model attracts you most?


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