Costumes Zara 2018: entire Fashion Sea Catalog


colors , prints fashionable and trendy models: this is the perfect mix that characterizes the Zara sea fashion line to feel sensual and comfortable under the sun of the hottest season.

Let’s find out together the new collection Zara costumes 2018 with photos and prices of the new catalog!

Zara Costumes 2018
Costumes Zara 2018, full polka dots (29.95 euros)
Zara Costumes 2018
Zara Costumes 2018, handbag (€ 29.95)
Zara swimwear 2018
Zara one-piece swimsuit Beachwear collection
Zara whole costumes 2018
Zara swimsuits, models with wide V-neck (price € 29.95)
women's costumes 2018 Zara
Zara women’s costumes
Zara swimwear 2018
Zara swimwear 2018, bikini top (17,95 €)


The swimsuits for women of the Spanish brand are characterized by floral prints is vichy , with classic briefs with laces or or high-waisted briefs according to 50s mood .

Who prefers one more essential style will fall in love with the Zara costume with structured V-neck . Solid color, but with a décolleté detail that makes the difference.


The flagship model of the collection? The Zara bikini with applications multicolor pon pon, not to go unnoticed on the water’s edge.

zara bikini 2018
Zara bikini top pompom (price € 17.95) and briefs (€ 15.95)
zara bikini 2018
Floral print bikini top (17,95 €) and floral print briefs (17,95 €)
zara black costume
Bikini top with V-neck structure (17.95 euros) and structure briefs (cost 15.95 €)
zara bikini
Flower texture bikini tops (17,95 €) and briefs (17,95 €)
Zara checkered bikini
Checked V-neck bikini top (17,95 €) and checked briefs (price € 15.95)
zara costume two pieces 2018
Zara two-piece swimsuit, halter bikini top (17,95 €) and ribbons panties (cost € 15.95)


Zara’s entire costumes stand out for elegance and sensuality . The necklines in V they are deep and the curve of the back is enhanced by laces and weaves .

Tropical fantasies and s polka dot tampons make the Zara swimsuit a trendy garment. Metal details is applied flowers make the monokini the model to have absolutely in your suitcase.

Zara whole costumes 2018
Zara swimsuits, multicolor print pareo (cost € 17.95)
zara yellow one-piece swimsuit 2018
Costume with metallic eyelets (cost € 29.95)
costume with zara flowers
Flowers halter costume (cost € 39.95)
zara white swimsuit
Textured costume (€ 29.95)
summer zara costumes 2018
Striped contrast costume (€ 29.95)
zara costume with polka dots
Polka dot costume (29.95 euros)
zara whole costume
Polka dot jacquard costume (€ 29.95)
zara fantasy swimsuit
Bow printed costume (cost € 29.95)
zara swimsuit whole
Two-color knit swimsuit (39,95 €)
zara black one-piece swimsuit 2018
Ribbed halter costume (price € 29.95)


Straw hat, pareo with geometric prints or turban band they are indispensable during walks by the sea. We will have an elegant and classy allure like the dive of other times .

The must have of the Zara beachwear collection? There minaudiere in the shape of a fish with metal chain and snap closure, inevitable in the wardrobe of a fashion lover!

Zadar sea fashion
Zadar sea fashion
Zara hair turban
Zara hair turban
Pareo Zara
Pareo Zara
zara Straw hat
Wide-brimmed straw hat (€ 25.95)
zara pareo 2018
Geometric printed foulard (17,95 €)
zara sea bags 2018
Fish minaudiere (price € 29.95)


The Zara 2018 collection of beachwear and accessories is available in the brand’s online shop and in the shops of the Spanish brand present throughout Italy. By choosing to buy on the site the products will arrive comfortably in your home or in the Zara store nearest you.

Also discover the whole collection Zara clothing for summer!

What do you think of the beachwear line by Zara? Write it to us in the comments!




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