Costumes Stardivarius 2018: Photos and Prices

The new Stradivarius collection lightens the costume indoor making minimal is attractive . Details vintage and features 90’s they are exploited to renew the models. While fantasies e nuance natural they blend costumes and beachwear in the nature of tropical beaches.

So let’s dive together into the atmosphere of the African beaches with the Stradivarius 2018 costumes!

Stradivarius costumes 2018
Stradivarius Costumes 2018
Stradivarius costumes 2018
Stradivarius whole costumes, black model with writing (€ 19.99)
Stradivarius swimwear 2018
Stradivarius swimwear 2018, animal model (19.99 euros) and with writing (19.99 €)
Stradivarius sea costumes 2018
Stradivarius swimwear 2018, combined costume (19.99 euros)
Stradivarius swimsuit 2018
Black one-piece swimsuit with side row (19.99 euro)


The Stradivarius 2018 costumes collection reinvents the whole swimsuit. While not missing costumes basic from the cut sports , many models show off a more sexy twist .

In fact, the costumes are characterized by large axillary openings in V that reach up to life. Also come back in strong ruck high 90s sgambature . Finally fine effect straps triangle hold up deep necklines which highlight the V-shaped or rounded décolleté.

Stradivarius swimming costumes 2018
Costume with V-neck (19.99 euros)
Stradivarius costume 2018
Full-length swimsuit
Stradivarius swimwear 2018
Striped swimsuit (19.99 euros)
Stradivarius whole swimwear
Stradivarius whole swimwear


Among the costumes a two pieces we find basic models almost sporty. Their particular top cut and their solid colors allow it to be combined with dailywear items.

The bikini Stradivarius a band possesses instead a vintage reference in the press polka dot . The bow between the cups is recalled by laces side of the briefs.

Stradivarius costume with polka dots
Stradivarius polka dot bikini
Stradivarius two-piece costumes
Stradivarius two-piece costumes
Stradivarius entire costumes 2018
V-neck costume with a multicolored stripe (cost € 19.99)
Stradivarius entire costume 2018
One-piece swimsuit with side row (€ 19.99)
Stradivarius striped whole costumes
Yellow striped V-neck ocn costume (price € 19.99)
Stradivarius striped whole costumes
Red striped V-neck costume (€ 19.99)
Stradivarius entire costumes 2018
Blue striped V-neck costume (€ 19.99)


Stradivarius entire costumes are printed with colorblock schemes and multicolored lines. While the navy style is imaged in the models a geometric lines bicolored in shades of White , red, blue and yellow.

Youths in their basic lines are the costumes with themed writings or in fantasy animal pink leopard. Side bands colored revive the most sporting models in solid color while the floral theme is taken up by afro prints is tropical .

Stradivarius black costumes 2018
Black costume with V-neck (cost € 19.99)
Stradivarius swimwear whole 2018
Pink leopard costume (€ 19.99)
Stradivarius entire costumes 2018
One-piece sports suit with vertical color blocks (€ 19.99)
Stradivarius black whole costumes 2018
Black one-piece swimsuit with writing (price € 19.99)
whole costumes with Stradivarius lettering
Pink one-piece swimsuit with writing (€ 19.99)


The Stradivarius swimwear is not lacking trikini ! These costumes are proposed in fantasies ethnic with reasons and combinations of African colors . The models associate the confort of a swimsuit to the youthful lines of the bikinis.

There belly it is blanket up to the navel to flow into a design cut out up to the bra on the hips. The cups I’m adjustable from the front lacing a bow .

Stradivarius entire costumes 2018
African combined costume (€ 19.99)
Stradivarius entire costumes 2018
Green combined costume (cost € 19.99)
Stradivarius swimwear 2018
Tropical combo costume (€ 19.99)


The true must of sea clothing are i linen clothes , cotton and macrame white lined. But also design that recall the sand and the vegetation maritime like the skirts , jumpsuits and i clothes striped in shades of mustard , of the green he was born in White .

Cropped top also in elastic fabric e shorts in denim or cotton then they complete the beachwear proposals. Buttons wood effect fronts, cut out details and necklines offshoulder with cuff valance decorate the models highlighting the summer atmosphere.

Stradivarius beach fashion 2018
Stradivarius beach fashion 2018
Stradivarius beachwear 2018
Stradivarius beachwear 2018
Stradivarius 2018 beachwear
Stradivarius beachwear


The jumpsuit , available in both long and short versions, are decorated with tropical prints bright colors on a black background. The fine braces alternate with crossings and sleeves in style kimono . In the same fantasy and always with crossed design with side lace we also find the midi dress.

Jungle prints they also decorate the body from the tribal lines and details. The model a tank top is embellished by headscarf knotted on the back. While the body pleated It features a triangle bodice with a sleeve loop open to the waist.

Stradivarius clothes 2018
Cross-straps dress with knot (price € 39.99)
Stradivarius dresses 2018
Striped flared dress (€ 19.99)
Stradivarius court suits 2018
Short kimono overalls with belt (€ 19.99)
Stradivarius short suits 2018
Short jumpsuit with straps (cost € 19.99)
Stradivarius suits 2018
Tropical longsuit with braces (€ 39.99)
Stradivarius top 2018
Swiss embroidery top (€ 19.99)
Stradivarius body 2018
Pleated and printed body with braces (price € 15.99)
body Stradivarius 2018
Body with back handkerchief (€ 19.99)


You can find the entire Stradivarius costume collection along with the beachwear line in all the single brand stores. The official online store is also available which offers free returns, free home delivery over € 50 and always at a store of your choice.

Also discover the line Stradivarius clothing for the summer 2018!

What do you think of the new Stradivarius 2018 costumes collection? Do you like the lines of the whole models? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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