Costumes for curvy women 2018: the most beautiful models!

The perfect curvy swimsuit should not mark the hips and belly, must make it look thinner and must highlight the strengths of women shapely like the breast.

Let’s find out what’s new sea ​​fashion comfortable designed for those with a soft body and prosperous forms , with a selection of the most beautiful plus size swimsuits in the summer!


The bikini is not to be excluded if you have a curvy silhouette, but the swimsuit whole it is definitely the one that best shapes the silhouette.

A buttery body will be even more sexy with whole costumes from deep necklines , which shape life but also highlight décolleté. Drapes , cut out details, lace and details animal make the whole costume modeling and provocative at the same time.

Costumes for curvy women 2017
Asos curvy swimsuit with mesh insert (81.99 Euro)
Curvy summer sea 2017 fashion
Asos black curvy swimsuit with deep neckline (27.99 Euro)
Plus size swimsuits 2017 summer
Asos swimsuit with a deep neckline (51.99 Euro)
2017 summer curvy swimsuits
Asos curvy swimsuit with deep neckline and lace (price 51.99 Euro)
Curvy 2017 swimwear
Asoso full-bodied costume with a leopard texture (43.99 Euro)
Plus size swimwear 2017
Fiorella Rubino one-piece swimsuit black (price 69.95 Euro)
Plus size swimsuits 2017
Fiorella Rubino swimsuit boho chic style (cost 79.95 Euro)
Plus size swimsuits 2017 summer
Violeta by Mango plus size swimsuit (79.99 Euro)


Who said that a busty woman can not wear a bikini or who should always focus on black and dark colors to slim the silhouette? Just choose the right model that can enhance one abundant decolleté to combine with one briefs comfortable, soft and High-waisted that is able to enhance the hips and waist.

Among the new collections of curvy swimwear there are lots of bikinis – in the band, with preformed cups or underwire – in pastel shades and even fancy, with a preference for floral themes and for the tropical style , one of the most popular season trends.

Curvy patterned bikini
Asos bikini for curvy flowers with top tied at the neck bra (28.99 Euro) and briefs (34.99 Euro)
Curvy bikini with tropical fantasy
Tropical fantasy bikini with triangle bra (16.99 Euro) and high waist briefs (13.99 Euro)
Plus size bikini
Asos two-piece costume for curvy, striped with bra tied at the neck (price 28.99 Euro)
Curvy patterned bikini 2017
Fiorella Ruby in boho chic style bikini (69.95 Euro)
Two-piece swimsuit plus size
Marina Rinaldi printed bikini bra (85.00 Euro)
Bikini for curvy
Marina Rinaldi reversible briefs with a high waist (59.00 Euro)
Bikini with high-waisted briefs
Marina Rinaldi reversible briefs with a high waist (cost 59.00 Euro)
Curvy bikini with high-waisted briefs
Marina Rinaldi printed bikini bra (price 85.00 Euro)
Plus size bikini
Elena Mirò costumes for curvy, bikinis with bi-color print (cost € 119.00)
Plus Size Bikinis Summer 2017
Violeta by Mango printed bikini bra (49.99 Euro) and briefs (19.99 Euro)
Fantasy bikini for curvy
Violeta by Mango paisley bikini bra (49.99 Euro) and briefs (19.99 Euro)


Abundant shapes is hourglass they are the hallmarks of prosperous women. Tankini and whole costumes follow the feminine curves softly supporting the bursting breasts of the buttery women and highlighting the waistline.

Monochrome, prints a flowers or geometric, bicolor or with costumes fringed . The options on the market are many, it is just to choose what will be the swimsuit that will make us feel new Ashley Graham !

Full size plus costumes
Asos floral swimsuit (46.99 Euro)
Whole costumes plus sizes 2017
Asos swimsuit color block (price 44.99 Euro)
Solid color curvy one-piece swimsuit
Asos swimsuit for curvy with lacing on the front (40.99 Euro)
Black tankini for curvy women
Asos tankini with bands and inserts in mesh fabric (cost 32.99 Euro)
Black costume for curvy
Asos swimsuit tied at the neck with fringes (cost 140.00 Euro)
Full-length swimsuit
Asos Curve line containment swimsuit with mesh inserts (35.99 Euro)
Tankini plus sizes
Asos tankini with black bra (cost 27.99 euros) and briefs (cost 18.99 euros)
Modeling swimsuit
Asos swimsuit color block (price 41.99 Euro)
Swimsuits whole plus sizes 2017
Fiorella Rubino one-piece swimsuit with ruffles (price 79.95 Euro)
Full size patterned swimsuit
Marina Rinaldi printed swimsuit (139.00 Euro)
Curvy costume with flowers
Marina Rinaldi tropical style printed swimsuit (139.00 Euro)
Modeling whole swimsuit
Marina Rinaldi printed swimsuit (cost € 195.00)
Curvy modeling swimsuit
Marina Rinaldi fantasy swimsuit (185.00 Euro)


Shell cups , sweetheart neckline or the classic model in the band which does not even give up with an abundant breast. The costumes have one push up fit on the décolleté e modeling on hips and buttocks.

Large space for full costumes in color block or in lively fantasies, micro-pattern with a bon ton taste or exotic flowers.

Curvy fantasy one-piece swimsuit
Marina Rinaldi swimsuit with flowers (185.00 Euro)
Curvy color block costume
Marina Rinaldi swimsuit with insert (price 160.00 Euro)
Curvy black one-piece swimsuit
Marina Rinaldi costume in black and white (cost 160.00 Euro)
Curvy black swimsuit
Marina Rinaldi swimsuit with net (cost 185.00 Euro)
Whole swimwear for curvy
Elena Mirò swimsuit with tropical print (price 139.00 Euro)
Curvy ethnic print costume
Elena Mirò full ethnic print costume (139.00 Euro)
Curvy fancy whole costumes
Elena Mirò one-piece swimsuit with flowers (139.00 Euro)
Full size plus costumes
Elena Mirò full-length curvy padded costume (129.00 Euro)
Purple swimsuit
Elena Mirò purple swimsuit with rings (139.00 Euro)
Curvy swimsuit with padding
Elena Mirò one-piece swimsuit with padding (price 129.00 Euro)
One-piece swimsuit with a large size band
Violeta by Mango one-piece swimsuit (cost 79.99 Euro)
Curvy fantasy one-piece swimsuit
Violeta by Mango cross-necked costume (cost 79.99 Euro)


Not only tropical fantasies and brush strokes of pastel tones. Among the swimwear for the summer 2017 also emerges a great must have, the black swimsuit , both in the bikini version and monokini.

The costumes do not go unnoticed between the two pieces top worn brassiere nor the strategic models with very wide straps, to be combined with briefs high-waisted or draped .

Black swimsuits 2017 summer
Asos bikini sporty bra (16.99 Euro) and high slip (13.99 Euro)
Curvy black swimsuits 2017 summer
Asos bikini black bra (16.99 euros) and briefs (13.99 euros)
Tankini for curvy women
Asos bikini with bra with ruffle sleeves (29.99 Euro) and briefs (24.99 Euro)
Black plus size bikini
Asos tankini with zip, bra (price 16.49 Euro) and briefs (15.49 Euro)
Curvy black bikini
Fiorella Ruby bikini with drapery (cost 79.95 Euro)
Tankini black
Fiorella Rubino draped tankini (79.95 Euro)
Tankini summer 2017
Elena Mirò tankini black (129.00 Euro)


Our selection of plus size swimwear ends with broken costumes with a trendy mood. Bikini with fringes is high-waisted briefs that look almost like tankini, two-piece white costumes to enhance the tan during beach holidays.

Fringes, scalloped edges and jewel details make fashion unique beachwear for curvy women.

Two-colored curvy bikini
Asos two-piece two-tone with bra with scalloped edge (21.99 Euro)
Bikini with large size fringes
Asos bikini with purple fringes bra (cost 81.99 euros) and briefs (cost 51.99 euros)
Curvy cut out bikini
Asos red bikini cut out, bra (27.99 Euro) and briefs (23.99 Euro)
Red bikini for curvy
Fiorella Ruby bikini with curls (price 79.95 Euro)
Two piece costume for curvy
Fiorella Ruby green petrol bikini (69.95 Euro)
White curvy bikini
Fiorella Rubino sangallo effect bikini (59.95 Euro)
High-waisted bikini briefs
Marina Rinaldi two-color swimsuit with band (195,00 Euro)
Curvy two-piece swimsuit
Violeta by Mango ruffled bikini bra (cost 49.99 Euro) and briefs (cost 19.99 Euro)


The designer costumes Marina Rinaldi, Fiorella Rubino, Elena Mirò and Violeta by Mango they are sold in the shops of their respective brands.

Swimsuits for plus sizes of Asos they can instead be bought in This Page . Offers have already started with sales!

What do you think of these swimsuits? Let us know your opinion and also tell us what are your favorite costumes. Leave a comment below.


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